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  2. you prolly getting the name wrong. Type either just the first name or the last name a check if it works.
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  4. Yeah that's true, no one will be annoyed at buying a player you suggested if he risers higher than what you predicted.
  5. Darder+Kolasinac or Illarramendi+Rojo?. They are not starters in my team. I only need the duo with the highest potential in your opinion.
  6. Yeah I kinda aimed lower with my predictions as no one will be disappointed if they go beyond my prediction but if they go below its a different story
  7. Juninho at Sport Recife should see a little rise too, played 200+ minutes only 70 rated. Played 3 minutes at U20 level too not that that matters haha Also Sander / 70k / 70 rated played 13 games (879) minutes. Long way to go before they get reviewed aswell so a lot of these players may surpass these predictions which is always a good thing 👍🏻 Good job! Might have to buy some of these for some of my lower league teams.
  8. Ca paranaense Matheus ROSSETTO mc 78 - 82/83 {700k} Fluminense Leo pele {d,dm,ml} 70-80 {300k} Guilherme pedro {f rlc} 76-80 {360k} Matheus Alessandro {am rlc} 70-75/76 only played 211 minuites but should rise Sport Recife Seabra Thallyson {dm,mc} 70-78 (100k} Costa Fabricio {dm,mc} 70-78 [240k] Botafogo Matheus Fernandes [dm,mc} 76-80 360k
  9. Can't get away (BUT must go after this post). The more I look at Flamengo the more stories there are. 75 Rated keeper Rodriguez Thiago plays every game between 11June & 23 July & then Diego Alves 90 rated has the place from 3 August til now. 75 to 80 for R Thiago surely & if he can get more gametime ... more hopefully.
  10. Not b4 my time Guys who knew very little used to "Hoover up" anybody from a number of big clubs in 1 huge go... like 36 in one go & just waited to see if they went up, with no research done at all on their part. Must go now tonight, Will try & find some interesting posts on here for you tomorrow. Specially while "Ar" is missing. Atb Socca
  11. Ok Roachy & Kierans. tho I'm really pressed for time tonight, had a quick look at V.Junior & of course we all know about Willians Arao +4 last review. But maybe I've unearthed one I missed earlier. Flamengo are doing moderately well in 5th & I see Miguel Anget Trauco (83) has almost the same minutes as W Arao (86). If he carries on like this he could get a nice rise. Probably a month or 2 be4 Brazil is looked at again, so I'll keep an eye on him. Socca
  12. yeah I think the change is for the better also the chairman value used to be reflected on importance to the team which for a smaller side a player would be far more valuable than he would for a bigger side so you could make money a lot easier
  13. That's before my time haha, I guess you could really stockpile prospects back then even with a small budget. I guess SM have made this game as real as possible lol, it's as if they seen the real life inflation of football players and applied it to there game or is that too farfetched lol
  14. I remember 70 ratings would be 10k
  15. Nice stuff Roachy! Keep it up. Yeah Vinicius Junior is meant to be the next big thing and judging by his value SM believe that too. Can remember the days when you can buy a 70 rated player for 300k no matter what the hype.
  16. thanks for that mate I don't like to put ratings down as I don't want to let anyone down I know some smaller sides budgets don't stretch to far so to get it wrong can course financial problems and yeah I noticed that the forum isn't as popular as it was before why is this
  17. Well played Roachy, it certainly does help the people left on the forum. I haven't looked at Brazil recently BUT viniciuis junior is going to be either a great player or a "Flash in the Pan". 2 goals & 1 assist in 15appearances isn't as yet "setting the world on fire" but I have him in all my GW's .... here's hoping. It's a fair start for a 70 rated forward who has pretensions of being the next Neymar. Keep it going & cheers mate, Socca is
  18. I am one that doesn't post a lot off tips on here but feel I have taken so much so would like to add some I have found maybe someone could give me feedback if these are good finds also they are from brazil I am aware there is a thread for brazil but as this is world wide risers thought it be ok any Pedro Henrique {cb} 1.0 million value currently 78 - 82/83 1490 minutes played viniciuis junior {am,f,r,l,c] 1.2 million currently 70 - 80 483 minutes played *BUY* Murilo cerqueira {cb} 300k currently 73 - 80 1188 minutes played just the 3 for now until feedback maybe I am wasting everyones time
  19. Week 21 – Back again Apologies for the break, life calls. Also I haven't really been playing much SM... Points of interest: As aforementioned, Richarlison moved to Watford and has already scored for them, good luck to the guy. Despite not posting for weeks, the top 4 of this list has barely changed. They are also the only players to have a WhoScored rating of over 7 – which doesn't really say much about the quality in this list. Talking of Paulinho, he's only played 90 mins since that ridiculous debut and his WhoScored rating has been pretty poor actually (6.59). Less than Pikachu (lol). I didn't know that our man Vinícius Júnior was on loan at Flamengo. Well, here he is scoring two goals: here and here. Money well spent? Two new faces to the list in 9th and 10th place. I wouldn't get too excited though...
  20. Do you know why when i search for a player in the player search it comes up with no found players ? And thanks for the tip
  21. true, but if you follow the worldwide thread and Rahul's player rating thread, you will be able to find some good you players who can serve you good in the future, and also players who you can buy fro cheap and sell for lots of proft.
  22. Its very tricky to find good players, And all the good players nobody wants to sell
  23. I created a portuguese game world and I need managers to join, ID:367910
  24. Hello, How do I know when the game world is coming out so I can keep a team?
  25. Yes... if you decide to use this formation stated above its good against all a weak team,even team and a stronger team it will work perfectly...out of 10 games I can assure you'll win 7 draw 2 and lose 1...try it
  26. Another follow up.... Spurs are in communication & trying to get a deal YET again. The asking price would seem to be just too BIG for ANY of the interested parties. Maybe Spurs are so frustrated with this "window" they may pay well over their own & others estimation, basically because their pockets are burning & the window closing, grows closer???
  27. Bonaventure: MUST BUY !
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