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  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    IMO he is safe, been out 6 months injured
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Depends on your GW Id keep them all, unless you play a quiet GW
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  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Howedes likely to go down?
  6. PRIZE worlds

    KLORWAY MARATHON CHALLENGE - 365380 - Season 2 - Game 19. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 5 - Monterrey(David Garvock) - Promotion - 500 credits Division 5 - Flamengo(Chris Mackenzie) - Promotion - 500 credits Division 5 - Junior FC(Deek Mills) - Promotion - 500 credits Division 5 - Tigres UANL(Harvey Taylor) - Playoff Division 5 - Atletico Mineiro(Jim Garvock) - Playoff Division 5 - Atlas(John Brownlie) - NOT ELIGIBLE Division 5 - Vasco da Gama(Graham Bush) - Playoff
  7. PRIZE worlds

    Climbing To The Summit - 363701 - Season 2 after Game 25. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Division 4 ----------------- Sagan Tosu(Al Phe) - 70(+77) - 2,000 credits Division 5 ---------------- Chicago Fire(Dean Lord) - 72(+73) - 1,000 credits
  8. PRIZE worlds

    Klorway Prize World 1,2 & 3 - 363188,363192 & 363213 - Season 2 After game 27. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Division 4 ------------------ KP2 - FC Augsburg(Rasta Man) - 76(+66) - 15,000 credits KP2 - Feyenoord(Jenny Solros) - 72(+63) - 12,000 credits Division 5 ----------------- KP1 - FC Augsburg(Deek Mills) - 79(+71) - 10,000 credits KP1 - Lille OSC(Rasta Man) - 70(+67) - 8,000 credits KP2 - Standard Liege(Deek Mills) - 69(+68) - 6,000 credits KP3 - Dynamo Moscow(Deek Mills) - 69(+44) - 5,000 credits KP3 - Swansea City(Lukas Eggen) - 68(+62) - 4,000 credits KP2 - Hannover 96(Matt Crossley) - 67(+52) - 3,000 credits KP3 - Lille OSC(Dean Lord) - 63(+57) - 2,000 credits KP1 - VfB Stuttgart(Christian Schweitz) - 63(+55) - 1,000 credits
  9. Rahul W's rating predictions

    SMS not too sure about any, should ask JMH Hakimi
  10. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Calabria or hakimi?
  11. Worldwide Risers

    i think Skriniar, Torreira, Kimpembe, Henrichs & Bailey are the only ones hitting 90 for sure.
  12. Worldwide Risers

    The real question is which players won't be world class in the future. I'm quite sure that Heinrichs, Kimpembe, De Ligt, Aouar, Foden, Sancho, Bailey, Skriniar, Torreira, Harit, Under and Arp will reach AT LEAST 90 in the future.
  13. Rahul W's rating predictions

    It depends on your squad. If you have a long squad, with good substitutes, I'd choose SMS. If you have a short squad and selling Tah would leave a hole in your defense, keep your players. However, SMS can really become a star, he looks like the new Serie A's Pogba.
  14. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Sell or keep? Mateus VITAL Murilo CERQUEIRA Lucas VERISSIMO Matheus FERNANDES Barberan MAYCON Carvalho VITINHO
  15. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Sergej milinkovic savic or tah + lorenzo pellegrini.. i have the duo and am stacked in defence and backup mids.. whats the potential rating each of them can achieve.. Many Thanks !!!
  16. Dybala or isco

    Depends on your squad needs. Go for Isco if you need an attacking midfielder with playmaking abilities, otherwise Dybala if you need a striker.
  17. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Top, top, top!
  18. Worldwide Risers

    What about this XI line up? Meret Henrichs - Kimpembe - De Ligt - Pierre Gabriel Ndombele - Frenkie de Jong Aouar - Phil Foden - Jadon Sancho Leon Bailey Bench: Onana Pavard Skriniar Lucas Torreira Harit Cengiz Under Jan Fiete Arp What players could be world top class in the future?
  19. The Best of Belgian Football (Predicted Risers !)

    Last 2 weeks Today there are still 3 games to go (for example RSC Anderlecht VS Moeskroen). But we're coming closer to the end of the regular competition. Play-off 1 Club Brugge, Charleroi, KAA Gent & RSC Anderlecht are already sure to play Play-off 1. Nr. 5 & Nr. 6 are for the moment KRC Genk & KV Kortrijk. They are still not sure of their place. Antwerp FC & Standard Luik are still close to them to come in Play-off 1. STVV & Waasland-Beveren are also candidats, but they have a little chance. It will be between KRC Genk, KV Kortrijk, Antwerp FC & Standard Luik. Degradation KV Mechelen & KAS Eupen are playing to stay in the First Division. At this moment KAS Eupen will stay in the competition. If they do they will break the club record. Eupen was never for 3 years in a row in the First Division. But we will see. Still 2 games to come. They have the same points, but Eupen made more goals for the moment. Lokeren OSV are also still not sure automatically. Play-off 2 Zulte Waregem, KV Oostende & Excel Moeskroen have nothing to play for. They are 100 % sure of Play-off 2. The following weeks we will keep you up-to-date for the last games of the regular competition. Keep in touch.
  20. The Best of Belgian Football (Predicted Risers !)

    Anthony D'Alberto made his debut in the game KV Mechelen VS Charleroi ( 1-1 ). He played 90 minutes as a right defender for Charleroi SC. He is a 23 years old Belgian played who played for RSC Anderlecht and Sporting Braga.
  21. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    kane or lukaku?
  22. A new risers thread

    They really need to do Paraguay...... got about a dozen players who need a serious re rating.... wasnt done all last season either
  23. The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread

    At the moment, not a chance. Would need alot more to happen in there career to get a 90. Ghezzal is a reserve, Rony Lopes a little more likely but Monaco are not the same as last season
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