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  2. Kroos, de Bruyne, Modric, Thiago, Koke, Vidal tough to rank
  3. Romagnoli
  4. Think so, or maybe Russia he's linked with everyone yes neither I'd get someone else Keep agreed agreed mistake hope they don't give him a rise for the goal yes, 50/50 for the other two
  5. lol Don't see how he deserves the rise, played four minutes on his debut and they give him a +5. 70 was fine for a 16 year old. And they take a whole season to rise Tuanzebe who's now rated the same.
  6. may well be, which is why I'd make him 89.
  7. Who has more chances of a rise? romagnoli 89 to 90 Or de vrij 90 to 91 Thanks !!!
  8. To be fair though, Atletico have been nothing like as strong as Real this season. And Saul isn't currently in the Spain squad... So harsh perhaps, but understandable.
  9. Yesterday
  10. problem is with Kante partnering him with matic just doesnt give us any control vs top sides, conte should have played fabregas a lot earlier, and ideally someone like nainggolan is needed bakayoko isn't the answer. a new rwb as ive said before needed, lwb too mendy or sandro ideally and batshuayi should have been on a lot earlier and not for costa but for hazard as he was no threat at all. but sanchez definitely leaves no way he stays to play europa, bayern have dropped their interest, city won't now, if were serious he is someone we should be buying depends if hes willing to push for a move as arsenal will not want to sell to direct rival. even someone like griezman we should be challenging man u for
  11. I hope so. Apropos, City were also rumoured to be going after Alexis. They also need to find a home for returning players like Bony, Nasri, etc. SMH at how many attacking players City have. Most likely Alexis accepts a very much improved contract from Arsenal or a club like Bayern swoops in. The scary thing is that Arsenal just gets toyed with in the CL (wasn't it like 10-2 on agg. against Bayern?). The way Chelsea lost against Arsenal doesn't bode well for when they have to face the likes of Bayern, Juve, Barca, PSG, Real, etc. PS did Kante play in the cup final? Didn't see him at all. He isn't great on the ball. When he doesn't run a lot, wins back the ball and passes it to someone who can do something with it, then having Kante on the pitch isn't like playing with an extra man at all. It looked like Chelsea were playing with 10 or fewer players even before Moses was sent off.
  12. hopefully the loss will act as a wake up call to the board and ensures we improve significantly in the summer, not to worried about guardiola and city signing more attacking players when they need defenders, gutted about silva but Sanchez is who we should be pushing for!
  13. Moses second yellow didn't exactly help. How about an easy pass? No a blatant dive when the ref has a clear view. Chelsea were quite mediocre today and then because of Moses, who has been making more and more mistakes, they're down to 10. +1 in this review was a mistake. He needs to drop asap. Dave needs to get a +1 and IRL he's Chelsea's best RB without a shadow of doubt. He's too short to be used as CB anyway and earlier in the season Chelsea were conceding from dead ball situations because Dave and Moses are literally midgets. Defensively, Chelsea in the cup final was a shambles. Needs to be fixed and the defence should be Conte's No.1 priority. Chelsea will need to bring in an established CB. Adding Ake/Christensen won't cut it. A shame Chelsea can't get Bonucci. Conte is playing 3 ATB because his CBs aren't that great. Last ditch tackles aren't a positive sign. Especially over the winter the cracks started showing and afterwards there was a long run of games in which Chelsea couldn't keep a clean sheet. Courtois's reaction to some of the lapses of concentration in games when he could have easily added another CS was amusing though. With this squad you don't stand a chance in the CL, Conte's reputation in cup competitions isn't great either and defending the title could get tricky when the others have a big summer. Without improving the squad Hazard will just waste his best years. It would be much easier for him to challenge for European silverware at other clubs with much MUCH better teammates. Likewise for Conte who largely depends on the quality of the material he gets to work with. About time Chelsea start to add top players instead of selling e.g. De Bruyne and by doing so telling talents how much of a chance they stand at Chelsea (except Courtois, none have come close to the ginger one). Another Djilobodji and who can blame Hazard for thinking twice about an offer from a club with real ambition. What has happened to Chelsea? Are they or aren't they a big club? Look at Pep and City. They aren't messing about. Even Sandro has been rumoured but most likely they'll get Mendy and Walker. Looking close to buying a keeper and most likely a CB as well. How did Chelsea fail to land Bernardo? I mean City already have Silva, KDB, Nolito, Sterling, Sane, Iheanacho, Jesus, Aguero, ... how will Pep fit them into a team in which Toure might still play a part and Gundogan as Fernandinho will probably take care of most of the defensive duties? PS a silver lining = Wenger probably stays for another 2 years. Also, Conte claims Chelsea will spend to improve the quality of the team.
  14. SM has become more concerned about new games and profits than quality. It's been a long time since the good ole' days.
  15. Will that make him the youngest player to get a 90🤔
  16. Angel Gomes +5. I just wanted to ask someone to change his picture but the first line will justify the thread i'm posting in (nobody would see it elsewhere). It's been Franco Lopez' face for months now lol.
  17. Well playing like that in a cup final, I can see why he wants big game players coz he done nothing
  18. All 50/50. Depends on what direction SM chooses to take when reviewing Serie A. They were harsher on the top teams in La Liga and Savic, Saul, Ter Stegen etc. didn't rise.
  19. is a good Boy
  20. and ?
  21. What are the chances for these rises: Romagnoli 89+1 to 90 Stefan De Vrij 90+1 to 91 koulibaly 91+1 to 92 Thanks !!!
  22. Juve wins 2:1 vs Bologna 2:1 Kean (17 years old ) 90+4
  23. Thought both of them would have gotten a +1 I would keep if he moves especially in a competitive gw and sell if he stays
  24. so, saul niguez no rise ? hahahaha nice sm. saul niguez 4013 mins, kovacic 2154 mins, kimmich 2092mins 91 rated !! nice sm very nice
  25. After the Bernardo Silva Transfer Manchester City before the next transfer Ederson is the goal of desire , When he moves to city is he pretty quickly 90 + rated Emil Audero GK (20) Juventus Turin in the first elven today
  26. Unless it's a competitive GW I'd sell. Won't rise for quite some time.
  27. Hirving lozano worth keeping now ? (prob going to celta, i guess rise is too far for him)
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