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  2. Rise for these? Lazare Amani Kevin Danso Wout Faes Nkaka Diallo (eupen) Acolatse Ordets Odriozola Bedia, Charleroi Ocansey Helder Costa
  3. Sell He could get a +1, but can't guarantee. He plays in Europe for Roma. His short-term future obviously depends on whether Roma keep Szcezsny (ignore the spelling) or not. They also have Skorupski on their books, good keeper.
  4. agreed He'll get a +4 to 87 I reckon, and a big value boost.
  5. nah, stay
  6. I'd sell for a good deal Bakayoko, Kessie, Tielemans, Bentancur etc. Nope
  7. Today
  8. I'd keep Mor, Acuna, Mooy, Billing, Smith, Lowe, Schindler, Mee, Stankovic, Hefele. Basically any Huddersfield player.
  9. I'm playing as Huddersfield Town who is playing in the 3rd division. Here's the squad I inherited is partially uploaded in the attachments. The rest is uploaded in the next comment. I figure I will need a squad of about 87-84 to be promoted. I like to keep 22-25 players to rotate them and factor for injuries. Who do I need to sell and who should I keep?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Cyprien and tielimens for me,.. cyprien is beast but injured at the moment
  12. Bakayoko.... Big move due...guy is a beast. Zielinski good too..but international exposure for Bakayoko will be greater in long run
  13. Lucas Moura worth keeping? His hype has died off...look at where Neymar is. Moura was rated best player in Brazil followed by Damiao and Neymar... How times have changed
  14. how i do that????
  15. Who would you guys recommend as the most promising CMs in the 85-89 bracket? I've read a lot about Bakayako and Zielinski
  16. Stephan El Shaarawy +1 ? 8 goal 10 assist
  17. Yago forgotten, Ferrareis payed the International relegation.
  18. Thanks Kev.
  19. Winning the league cup doesn't qualify you for Europe in the game for some reason. However, finishing 5th should put you in the Europa League. Try reporting it as a bug and see what SM say. Top 4 will be Champion's League, yes.
  20. gabigol drop?
  21. Unfortunately they don't usual listen, it's been tried b4. Sometimes they do come back at sometime in the future b4 the next review but it's not often.
  22. What do you think about ALISSON (88)? Reserve in Roma, but first-squad in Brazil National Team
  23. They forgot to rate Fernando Yago and Gustavo Ferrareis from Brazil... is there anything I can do to remind them?
  24. Wonderkid...get HIM
  25. Pulisic seems expensive at 7m for an 83. Given I'm in need of strength in depth with my Newport team (struggling in first season in Div.1 with average of only about 88), I feel like I could spend this money on higher rated players. Combination of seeing him and the fact they already put him at 7m makes me feel like he could be a real money earner pretty quickly. Thoughts on rises?
  26. Hi, last season 16/17 season, I won the League Cup and finished fifth with Everton but I haven't been entered into the Europa League for season 17/18? I've played 19 League games of this season and the europa league is up to round of 16 but without me? Can somebody why this is please? Also if I finish top 4 this season will I qualify for the champions League or does this not happen on the game? Thanks in advance.
  27. Sell IMO...He sttoped scoring and started missing :/ Porto: 0 trophies again this year. Next season we talk again hehehe
  28. Very Good first teamer in your first year if professional player played in sulamericano for brazil sub-20 big promisse
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