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  2. Sporting Lokeren OV After 2 grey seasons Lokeren hopes to find a position near the subtop in the competition. The ambition from Lokeren is so long as possible fight for Play-Off 1. It will be very difficult for Lokeren OV, because the list of candidats for Play-Off 1 is going bigger and bigger. One thing is for sure. It will be exciting who will be in Play-Off 1. Sporting Lokeren already did most of their homework for this summer. With Samy Kehli (plays like Hans Vanaken), Luciano Slagveer (fast winger) and Robin Söder (smart, polyvalent attacker) they made their most important problem very small. Which is good of course. Wingbacks Stefano Marzo (experienced) and Tracy Mpati (athletic and quality player from 1B) and Juan Pablo Torres (defensive midfielder, huge talent (only 17 yrs old)) brings more quality in the squad from Lokeren OV. As CB Lokeren haven’t a player with a lot of experienced. If Mijat Maric falls out, it will be a defending with less experience. Joher Khadim Rassoul, Arno Monsecour and Branislav Ninaj are nice talents, but not really leaders for the defending. With the attacking transfers we can only hope there is more spectacular at Daknam (the stadion) this year. + More talent in attacking compartment - Not so much experience in the defending if Maric falls out.
  3. Royal Antwerp FC Antwerp got promoted to the first division. It’s pleasant to see them again after 13 years in second division. Antwerp has an active summer on this moment. A couple of months ago we heard that Paul Gheyssen is the manager of this ambitious football team. He is one of the richest persons in Belgium. I would say around Top 10 in Belgium. They also have a new coach and a new sportive manger. Läzslo Böloni will be head coach of Antwerp FC, Luciano D’Onofrio (known in Brazil, Portugal, Belgium, France and Italy) is the sportive manager. He was sportive manager in the years of success for Standard Luik. The 2 amazing years with players like Axel Witsel, Marouane Fellaini and Steven Defour. Meanwhile the transfers aren’t done yet. Definitely not for the moment. There are 6 players that left Antwerp FC already and also 6 players that joins Antwerp this year. For the moment there is an analyse of their squad, but the competition is close. Friday they will start against the Champion of previous season RSC Anderlecht. We suspect that Antwerp will do some good transfers, but on this moment their squad isn’t ready for first division. We think Antwerp will do well in his first year in First Division, but the beginning can be very hard. 0/18 is possible, but there will be more quality at the end of August. No first 11 for Antwerp. This team will look very different in August.
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  5. You should see Fellaini chance, that is circling social medias Lindelof needs time
  6. Anybody know much about Paulinho who scored 2 goals for VDG today? First start of the season to i believe.
  7. Semedo's move to Barca heaps even more embarrassment on Cancelo's 89 rating
  8. Demme or Wimmer? Chambers or Ruben Neves?
  9. We need a few managers to spruce up these few gameworlds, just to add to the numbers, make them competitive, and just generally chat and communicate with everyone. The following are the gameworlds, take a look and check them out, thanks: 215446 and 344834 and 344942 and 339610 and 214946 and 648 and 18667 and 355553 Cheers.
  10. 215446 and 344834 and 344942 and 339610 These are very active gameworlds
  11. I'm not sure if he would start for either of those teams.
  12. Game World ID 365411 AC Milan, Inter, Lazio, Man united, aresnal and other teams left, to apply for the club you want, just need 2 more managers to start the free gameworld, lets go!!
  13. Definitely a talented keeper who's still flying under the radar but he'll need to move to rise anymore. Your call depending on how competitive the gw is.
  14. Just seen the Lindelof 'tackle'. Awful haha
  15. 87+

    Can you plz go accept ?
  16. Lindelof needs game time under his belt, He has been good except for giving away a penalty vs Madrid but he has to learn from that, even Jones and Smalling has messed up in these friendlies. I expect Bailly and Lindelof to be CB pairing Pereira been proving a point. Martial yesterday shown his talent but he needs to find it consistency then it be hard to drop him, If he does this consistency, we wouldn't need to buy Perisic. Rashford finding his scoring boots when he gets a chance Fellaini yesterday in the 82 minute should of scored, he even could of took a touch Poor Penalties from both, I doubt them players will get another chance but maybe the heat got to them Why couldn't Ronald Mcdonald be the ref, that would of been different, prob would of been better than the English refs
  17. He isn't leaving Barca lol, and even if he did (which he won't) I think they'd move for Dybala before Coutinho.
  18. ok i will let you know when a club becomes available!
  19. Keep him or sell?
  20. 87+

    ok great, welcome!
  21. I'd rather he go to a club where he can secure first team football and work his way up Probably to 83
  22. AOC. Linked with Chelsea n City.
  23. An update for my three interlinked worlds afer seven games. KP2 - Feyenoord(Jenny Solros) - 21(+18) - 15,000 credits KP1 - Swansea City(Ben Patchett) - 19(+14) - 12,000 credits - NOT ELIGIBLE KP2 - Southampton(Ben Patchett) - 18(+15) - 10,000 credits - NOT ELIGIBLE KP2 - Dinamo Zagreb(James Graham) - 18(+14) - 8,000 credits KP1 - Lille OSC(Rasta Man) - 18(+11) - 6,000 credits KP3 - Southampton(Matthew Crossley) - 18(+10) - 5,000 credits KP3 - Feyenoord(Blue Thunder) - 17(+15) - 4,000 credits - NOT ELIGIBLE KP2 - Swansea City(Jim Garvock) - 17(+10) - 3,000 credits KP1 - Lokomotiv Moskva(James Graham) - 16(+18) - 2,000 credits KP1 - Hannover 96(Jenny Solros) - 16(+14) - 1,000 credits
  24. 87+

    I have applied mate..
  25. put me in the waiting list mate if no team is available right now
  26. Yesterday
  27. Lindelof has been absolutely terrible in the games I've followed so far - not an ounce of composure, despite that being one of his fortés. Based on that I'd expect to see Bailly and Jones to be the CB duo for the start of the season. Impressed with [Andreas] Pereira and Fosu-Mensah.
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