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  2. Silva
  3. Bought Inaki and also Paredes
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  5. Could I get an opinion on my squad, selling to free up cash in a GW where you can only buy under 90 rated players. Would you switch anyone from the keep (the players with positions) or the sell group? GK: Burki Cardinale Onana LB: Theo Hernandez Mendy Jorge CB: Van Dijk Tah Rugani Riedewald D. Sanchez Romagnoli Sarr RB : Bellerin Odriozola CM: N'Zonzi M. Llorente Goretzka Tolisso Lemar B. Silva Gagliardini M. Lopez Winks AM(RLC) : Sane Gelson Oyarzabal A. Silva Berradi Spinazzola ST: Martial Rashford M. Dembele Isak Sell: Karamoh Alvarez Ben Yedder A. Martin R. Hernandez J. Stephens Navarro Ontiveros Koffi Amain adou Pierre-Gabriel Thanks guys.
  6. My team is Manchester City and I have Aguero.But he scored only 1 goal in 8 matches.I'm using 4-3-3b.So Higuain or Silva who will be better at no.10 position?
  7. man...they already are in sweden a lot of players of kalmar, gif sundvall, aik... changing yersterday/today
  8. Yep, you could be right that they might do the whole of Sweden before Belgium. Which would be bloody stupid considering they did Sweden a couple of months ago.
  9. Ukraine
  10. Sweden i think
  11. Better+11 or depends what u need...a 10 or a 9... Gun to the head: Silva+11M
  12. Probably Belgium.
  13. David Silva+11 or Higuain? Thanks!
  14. Which league after Russia?
  15. Not only Battaglia...Bongani Zungu yesterday...
  16. I have created 3 new worlds which will be lnked together as Prize Worlds. These worlds are 363188(Klorway Prize World 1), 363192(Klorway Prize World 2) & 363213(Klorway Prize World 3). You must start in Division 5 in any of these worlds, you are allowed to pick a team from all 3 worlds if you wish, It cannot be the same team in all 3 worlds. All the main prizes will be in Division 1 when you reach there, however for each promotion you will receive 1,000 credits. To be eligible for any prize you must participate in 1 of my other worlds that I currently run. Once the season has started no one will be allowed to enter any of these worlds until the following season.
  17. Battaglia just transferred, hence the rise.
  18. Rodrigo Battaglia +3 (Just moved from Braga to Sporting Lisbon) Galeno 19 yo 75 (FC Porto) just borned - worth the shot Are they reparing Portuguese League to?
  19. Accepted!
  20. I'd agree - just hasn't kicked on after that debut game against Sunderland. Shame really, as he could have really been something with enough hard work and dedication.
  21. Wait for some time, he's a brave man, he'll come back, plenty of time wow, he's comparing poor Yeray's situation to Promes' rating on a game. Sad really.
  22. great fee for us
  23. Iwobi Theo
  24. Thank you for your well constructed, enlightened and informative contribution. Even though 89 is the cap for the RPL I thought that Promes might get a +1 to reflect that he has been one of the leagues best players for a couple of seasons now. Especially as Dzagoev is also rated 90 and when Smolov got his rise I was even more convinced it might happen but clearly not. I don't think we can call this the rating travesty of the season though lol!
  25. new list of70 is good.
  26. Promes is the worst player I've ever seen in a shirt of Dutch national team. Spartak is the perfect club for fat face Quincy. A team full or garbage and lunatics
  27. Yesterday
  28. I was in top half everytime, but he did not invest for 2 seasons... but now i am in top 4 so i hope he will do it on the end of this one. Really neer more then 23K visitors
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