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  2. anyone knows if the players added today worth a bid?
  3. With the Italian review imminent & looking at less well known Chievo & Cagliari players, what rise please for follwing if any? Inglese (+1 or 2?) Depaoli (+4 or 5?) Radovanovic (+1) Bastien (+2?) Thanks
  4. Anyone a gold manager here looking for info? Thanks
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  6. It is madness for a 16-year-old who played just 8 minutes in the first league Vinicius Junior(16) is set to complete a 45 Mio € move to Real Madrid 18/19 01.07.2018 CRF Flamengo RMCF Real Madrid - 45,00 Mio. € ¡CAMPEONES! 🏆‏Verifizierter Account @realmadrid 55 Min.vor 55 Minuten Comunicado Oficial: Vinicius Junior. …
  7. whats everyones thoughts on these players, Umtiti 90-91 25 Apps- 2133 minutes with 1 goal Digne 89-90 17 apps -1175 minutes D. Suarez 89-90 26 apps 1181 minutes with 1 goal Gomes 90-91 30 apps 1590 minutes with 3 goals Asensio 89-90 23 apps 1077 minutes with 3 goals Sarabia 88-89 34 apps 2133 minutes with 8 goals Ben yedder 89-90 31 apps 1666 minutes with 11 goals ( thinking about selling Moussa Dembele to get ths guy as he needs to move from celtic) Correa 88-89 31 apps 1213 minutes with 4 goals and Rafinha 88-89/90 18 apps 1078 minutes with 6 goals.. (tbh he has been injured since april but he was on great form) All of these minutes are based on minutes in the league and not the cups
  8. Anyone know anything about Mauro Silveira? He is a 17 y/o gk I signed as a free agent
  9. Asensio + 1? Pjanic + 1?
  10. Italian league possibly de vrij
  11. Have to agree KDB was robbed of his rise Yes thought that would be the answer Muchas Gracias
  12. Not a good season for him and Atletico compared to past seasons, think he'll stay.
  13. koke rise but de bruyne stay ? no
  14. Great - while we're talking Atletico, Koke 50/50 on another rise OR Atletico slightly down on last season ... so no???
  15. i think that rafinha +1...not for minutes but he had a lot of big performance before the injury..And Sm is very gener. with barca(despite performance of club)
  16. Lucas Digne to get a +1?
  17. possibly waiting for FA cup final to finalise chelsea, highly doubt it tho
  18. Definitely at least a +1 Both will stay
  19. Hello, any feedback about the Angel Correa (atletico Madrid) & Rafinha (barcelona)??? They will rise in this review??
  20. Angel Correa (atletico Madrid) & Rafinha (barcelona) rise???
  21. Is Lucas Hernandez at Atletico a definite +1 OR could he get +2 or nothing even??
  22. Still it was yet another season without silverware for spurs, not good enough in the CL and they were knocked out of the EL by Gent (who have a tiny budget; even in Belgium they're 5th budget-wise). OTOH Chelsea have won 2 titles with this squad in the last 3 seasons. Kante and Courtois earned individual prizes. The FA Cup Final. However both Manchester clubs are ahead of them rating-wise. It's highly likely that Costa leaves and I doubt they'll get a 94 rated player to replace him. Spurs players aren't rated considerably lower anymore, especially as the young age of those players promises more rises in the not too distant future. I shouldn't complain as I did benefit from the spurs review but it does look odd compared to Chelsea's.
  23. Sampdoria's Muriel +1?
  24. Felipe Anderson and Sandro. Maybe Ghoulam and Savic.
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