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  2. Worldwide Risers

    Euh ? He is a good player, but nothing more.
  3. It's ambitious, but could Gabriel Jesus hit 91 in the next review? Normally this would be a bit too soon, but I think everyone can see that he has already proven he is an extraordinary player.
  4. Worldwide Risers

    Don't mean to resurrect an extinct discussion, but PROMES. 2 goals, 2 assists, man of the match and a perfect 10/10 rating on Whoscored. No easy feat, especially in the Champions League...especially against a team like Sevilla. And all of you haters said that he shouldn't get 89 > 90 last summer. SMH. What else does this guy have to do?
  5. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Donnaruma 90??
  6. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

  7. Worldwide Risers

    Champions League (17/10), final scores: Real Madrid - Tottenham Hotspurs 1-1 0-1 Varane own, 1-1 C.Ronaldo Apoel Nicosia - Dortmund 1-1 1-0 Poté, 1-1 Sokratis AS Monaco - SK Besiktas 1-2 1-0 Falcao, 1-1 Tosun, 1-2 Tosun RB Leipzig - FC Porto 3-2 1-0 Orban, 1-1 Aboubakar, 2-1 Forsberg, 3-1 Augustin, 3-2 Marcano Feyenoord - Shakthar Donetsk 1-2 1-0 Berghuis, 1-1 Bernard, 1-2 Bernard Manchester City - SSC Napoli 2-1 1-0 Sterling, 2-0 Jesus, 2-1 Diawara NK Maribor - Liverpool FC 0-7 0-1 Firmino, 0-2 Coutinho, 0-3 Salah, 0-4 Salah 0-5 Firmino, 0-6 Oxlade-Chamberlain, 0-7 Alexander-Arnold Spartak Moskou - Sevilla FC 5-1 1-0 Promes, 1-1 Kjaer, 2-1 Melgarejo, 3-1 Gloesjakov, 4-1 Luiz Adriano, 5-1 Promes
  8. Worldwide Risers

    Any idea when the MLS review will take place? Apologies if it has already been discussed? Seems like an eternity waiting on that review.
  9. Worldwide Risers

    Josh Sargeant - http://outsideoftheboot.com/2017/10/13/scout-report-josh-sargent/ Timothy Weah - http://outsideoftheboot.com/2017/10/13/scout-report-timothy-weah/
  10. ANGLO SCOTTISH LEAGUE needs managers

    Anglo Scottish Shield round 1 Main news Cardiff shock Chelsea 3-2 while Swindon upset Huddersfield by same score. Man United won 5-0 against Dundee and Spurs beat Doncaster 5-0 also Liverpool beat Barnet 4-1, Reading win at Celtic on penalties Oxford United beat QPR on penalties.
  11. Worldwide Risers

    After 45 minutes Manchester City - SSC Napoli 2-0 Real Madrid - Tottenham Hotspurs 1-1 RB Leipzig - FC Porto 3-2 AS Monaco - SK Besiktas 1-1 Feyenoord - Shakthar Donetsk 1-1 NK Maribor - Liverpool FC 0-4 Spartak Moskou - Sevilla FC 1-1 Apoel Nicosia - Borussia Dortmund 0-0
  12. Worldwide Risers

    De Bruyne again with a unbelievable assist. He is on fire for the moment. The other Belgian (Mertens) missed a penalty .
  13. Worldwide Risers

    Told you so. Hakimi in the start 11. Zidane his first choice is always the player for who the position natural is. In this case it's Hakimi and that's why he chose Hakimi above Nacho today.
  14. Worldwide Risers

    Hakimi in the start 11 vs Tottenham!
  15. The Best of Belgian Football

    Hello Martinez, Valencia player is open for Belgium. Andreas Pereira is playing really well in Valencia CF for the moment. He can chose for Brazil and Belgium. He is for the moment playing for Brazil (youth selections), but on his place Brazil and Belgium has a lot of concurrence. He said today that he wants to play for Belgium if they ask him.
  16. The Best of Belgian Football

    How is it with Ismael Azzaoui ? (19 years old, Rate: 76) 1. 7 matches from the 8 matches, 3 times as a starter and 4 times came in. 2. 310 minutes from the 720 minutes 3. 1 goal Ismael Azzaoui had a long injury previous season in Wolfsburg and was struggling to came back to the level he has. This year he is on loan to Willem II in The Netherlands. His owner is VFL Wolfsburg for the moment where 3 other Belgian players are playing. He is developping well in Willem II, but it's not that easy. He isn't yet the player who makes the difference for Willem II for the moment. I guess he need some time like 2 - 3 months to find his level. He is still working on his injury, but he can play for the moment. He is a player like Nacer Chadli. Some types like him we don't have so much. He has good technic and an excellent run ability. He gets finally his chances and he is just 19 years old. So he has the time, but the times comes slowly more and more important for him. Time to proof. Will keep you up to date.
  17. The Best of Belgian Football

    How is it with..... ? Today I start with giving opinions/situations/... about players in an analyse. I start with "How is it with... ?" and give then the name. I hope to give enough information with these new topic in my thread.
  18. Serie A Rating Predictions

    it should be already...
  19. New players added

    It's not critic, but just to help you: Keres Masangu is a midfielder.
  20. Aaron martin (espanyol barcelone)???
  21. Worldwide Risers

    I think Isco will get a +1 in the next review & if not he surely must by the end of the season. As for Mendy, if you think you can sell him without anybody else buying him then cash in now & buy back for cheaper in a couple of months. Or sell him for about 18m & buy someone like Hysaj for 16m, who may get a +1 soon...
  22. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Allan 91 it's just normal i think
  23. Worldwide Risers

    Will isco get a rise soon? And should I sell mendy or wait for him until he comes back from injury
  24. New custom Game World ID : 372356 just opened to any manager looking for a real fun challenge! 3 divisions each containing 16 select English and Scottish clubs. Every club has the same initial 300M transfer budget to help prevent hoarding and give a fairer playing field to many. No transfers from un-managed teams, but you can still buy from managed clubs and external clubs. Individual cash transfers capped at 70M maximum value to help prevent Neymar-type crazyness! 2 transfer windows (open until game wk10 and then again from wk 20 - wk25) The bottom 2 managers from each league will lose their jobs end of that season (pressure is on) We have 3 clubs relegated and 3 promoted (the 3rd promoted team will go up via playoffs) This 'Robstar's Challenge League is open to all managers, I will confirm your admittance and then you simply choose a team available and welcome to the challenge! Please spread the good word and let's fill those new custom league game world ID: 372356 vacancies!!
  25. I just have a request for the creator ... My request is to create a national team for Kosovo too because we know Kosovo is accepted in FIFA and UEFA now , and also a league with Kosovo's teams . Thank you
  26. The Best of Belgian Football

    By the way. Yeah, you're right about your critic on the title "#InYouthWeTrust", but this comment is showing someone that has always critic if there is no chances for our youth. I'm also mad about that, but you need to understand that bringing talents in the football is a difficult job. That includes a lot to give the chances to grow step by step in the youth and the first team. Apparently Sebastiaan Bornauw trained previous week with Hein Vanhaezebrouck in Anderlecht. So we will see. Bornauw got a new contract today btw. At the end it's the job of the player to make it in the football. You can help them a lot in their developpment, but if the player doesn't want to make it in the football whatever it takes. Yeah, that's their own fault. This problem Svilar - Anderlecht is created by René Weiler. So if you want to speak about someone it's him.
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