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  2. WANYAMA +1, piotr ZIELINSKI +2 , felipe malcom +3 ?
  3. More exciting talent Toprak Bernardeschi Fakir stay, Bernardeschi +1 Nope Both will stay Saint Maximin, Cerny, Serdar Nope
  4. Yes Toprak Bernardeschi Yes Yes nope nope
  5. 50/50 Bartra Cerny, Maximin, Serdar no prob thanks
  6. So i recently joined a new team PSG WC 13551. I had a GK by the name of A. Areola. He showed up twice on my list with 2 transfer dates. I was able to sell the 1st one off but the 2nd is still on my team and i cant get rid of him. I'm still paying his salary even though he is on 2 different teams. Is this a bug, and if so, how do i get him off my team list? can anyone answer this for me please!
  7. it is appreciated dude.Keep up the good work. A lot just come on here and leech off the knowledge without appreciating or contributing.
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  9. No, there is no list. Basically though the big 5 European leagues should be reviewed over the summer. Before that you can probably expect Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Greece etc. and many more.
  10. Can Roberto Soriano get +1 on summer? He get +1 in january but many goals and asissts this year
  11. 1. Bartra or smalling ? 2. Can you rank these in terms of potential and future value : Vaclav cerny Saint Maximin Suat Serdar
  12. 1. Any chance for a rise for marc bartra ? Bartra or smalling ? 2. Can you rank these in terms of potential and future value : Vaclav cerny Saint Maximin Suat Serdar
  13. 1. Any chance for a rise for marc bartra ? Bartra or smalling ? 2. Can you rank these in terms of potential and future value : Vaclav cerny Saint Maximin Suat Serdar
  14. Almost forgot about Sisto... But then again, he was up against Smalling.
  15. rabiot +1 ?
  16. But there must be a league order to be reviewed.
  17. Again that all makes sense. My reason for buying Knox was that he was attracting interest from some big PL teams earlier in the season (and might still be, I haven't checked), so if he gets a move and gets game time he could quickly rise. For only 700k it seemed like a risk worth taking. Mind you, it's for my Aberdeen team and there's no money in the Scottish league so it's still a fairly big amount for that side. But if he could possibly be mid 80s by the time he's 19 I'll probably be able to make a few million on him. You never know. I've bought Angel Gomes for a few of my teams, but like you say, it will probably be a few years before I can cash in or have a player for the starting 11 (same goes for Vincent Thill).
  18. Maybe my post wasn't relevant enough but it was meant to be helpful though. After the massive overhaul, took a big hit back then, I slowly stopped caring enough to figure the valuations out. A rough outline suffices for me. Also, I started getting rid of most minus 80 rated players, I only try to keep the very promising 80-85 rated ones and I mainly focus on 85-90 rated ones. E.g. V.Thill I bought a year ago for 30k and sold him after his Dec. rise just shy of 2m (he's now rated 75 and worth 1.4m). On others I had to take small losses but usually because they were bought/sold when I shouldn't have. Nothing close to the big hit I took during the overhaul though. I kept some 70-85 rated ones for s and giggles as it's a game (even if they aren't worth much it's fun to have them). However SM "forces" me to keep buying more expensive players as I have well over 2 billion in my account (2,147.4 is the max., anything more in my account vanishes). TBH it feels a bit like I'm Man Utd. Why care about wasting "money" when you're filthy rich. ATM I can't really help you as I haven't been tracking the valuations closely (already explained why). Isn't it still based on the player's potential? The value also going up when a review is edging closer and deflating afterwards? 700k sounds quite steep for a 70 rated player. Angel Gomes is cheaper and I'd wait, most likely years, to buy him. T.Lato only recently reemerged on my radar as he has been getting into starting line-ups. Bailly is bottom tier, can't drop below 12m (or to 7m like you said) unless his rating drops/enters a new age bracket, while in your example you could use Sane (24m) who could drop to 14m. Unlucky. I noticed Asensio recently dropped 4m, from 20m to 16m, and he's getting plenty of hype. Lucky for me as I need to blow some cash, wanted to buy him back anyway and TBH there's hardly anybody left that I can get my hands on (he probably won't rise before winter but hey-ho I'm filthy rich). Avoiding risk and buying kiddies at bottom tier values, where's the fun in that.
  19. I remember that there used to be a list, but I do not have
  20. Lovern or Toprak? Fekir or Bernadeschi? Fekir +1 to 89? Bernadeschi +2 to 90?
  21. Before I pull the trigger on this pulisic deal can I assume he is a bigger talent than locatelli? Cheers
  22. Of course hell be 87!!!
  23. Gagliardini rise?
  24. He's only 28 lol, his dip in form over the last season or so is down to Luis Enrique's change in tactics. Barcelona no longer play to Busquets strengths and the team is purely set up to accommodate the front 3. A change in management will hopefully bring out the best in Busquets next season. His best years could still be ahead of him.
  25. -1 would be fair. His best years are behind him. Barca midfield without Xavi is a disaster.
  26. I think Monolithic is a Soccerwiki user & see's edited players queing up to be sent into SM. Can't be bothered to look every day myself but credit to Monolithic letting the forum know in advance cheers M
  27. Yes this is true, but as Kev said this is NOT an age thing just SM reducing players values for their own reasons.
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