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  2. I have been in debt on the game before but never had a cash injection and have never had a cash injection ever like yourself. However my friend who I play a lot of leagues with has had an injection before, he got promoted with Brighton and received 20 million for getting promoted and also received 40 million from the chairman as a cash injection, that is only case where I know you get a cash injection. This makes me think the only time you can get an injection is when a new season begins. Hope that's helped you at all.
  3. C'est La Vie ...
  4. I am an experienced player of soccermanager been playing for many years but still to this day I don't understand how this works obviously the higher you finish the more prize money you receive that goes without saying just out of interest I just won a English championship well mathematically anyway how much prize money do you get for winning also is it just a random act that the chairman man do invest t the start of the season or do you need maybe to be in dedt or have very little cash available to you any help will be greatly appreciated
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  6. Lewandowski for me. I would go fro Lukaku or Kane, expect big seasons from the both again and both at a good age. Can't see Belotti progressing much especially short term is he stays at Torino and Giminez's progress seems to have grounded a little.
  7. Doubt it will be Scotland they reviewed that league a few months ago along with the championship etc. Maybe USA, its been a while since they touched that or they may do more Eastern European leagues. Lewandowski! Not many 96's in the game
  8. Lewandowski for me
  9. Help with this deal plz: Lukaku + stefan Savic or Lewandowski Thanks
  10. Any ideas what leagues are going to be reviewed next? Seems like they're finishing up the mid-major European leagues... Scotland possibly?
  11. Manager Titles David Garvock 8 Dereck Surrage 6 Gary Rowett 6 Chris MacKenzie 5 Michael Hudson 5 Craig Robertson 4 Arnab Vilas Boas 3 Dean Lord 3 Kent Ove Bang 3 Phil Clark 3 Ryan Gallagher 3 Agostino Maresca 2 David De Koninck 2 Diaconu Marian 2 Jenny Solros 2 Jim Garvock 2 Leottatta Messi 2 Mats Bergersen 2 Nuno Piteira 2 Russell Burkett 2 Scott Samuels 2 Shifty A 2 Tony Hutchinson 2 Alfredo Espada 1 Alin Majon 1 Costa Ferreira 1 Dale Piero 1 Daniele Zullo 1 Djon Frederiksen 1 Ehsan Ansari 1 James Tilbury 1 Johnny S 1 Jose Mourinho 1 Juan Ruiz 1 Mark Spoors 1 Martin Field 1 Martins Mvp Chiboy 1 Matthew Tinker 1 Meho Puzic 1 Meja Khama 1 Onur Asici 1 Robbie Milton 1 Steven Dowling 1 Stuart Tymoshyshyn 1 Xoni Sadiki 1
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  13. When are they going to review Japan?
  14. New English league set up 15.08.17. Normal set of rules, rich ecomony, everyone starts with £40m Game World ID : 367636
  15. Aurier imo only if he gets a move from PSG, he's not first choice now that Dani Alves is there. Number of clubs interested though (Juventus, Tottenham and Man Utd) I think Danilo will be used as rotation but will keep his rating. Aurier for me!
  16. Thanks for the replies. Anyone else? Now the only possible deal is Belotti+Gimenez for his Lukaku. I feel that it's not a good deal for me, but I want to listen your reasons.
  17. If anyone wants to chat football anytime, hit me up on my Twitter @rahulw_ You'll find my stream of opinions and articles there
  18. Cheers guys, won't have the time in a few months to do so and besides am trying to limit my time on SM. Good thing my interest in the forum has waned, not worth the effort IMO. Been dead for a long time now, while I'll hung around it's just not worth it. haha
  19. Game World ID 367533 looking for long term top grade managers to join now
  20. Hello, How do I know when the game world is coming out so I can keep a team?
  21. Most likely the chairman will add a random GK (a very cheap one). I've seen this happen to unmanaged sides (but not to managed sides). Best way to keep a healthy budget while (over)spending more on wages than your club can handle is to do some reeling and dealing. Sell as soon as transfer ban ends (don't get attached to names and in case of a review try to get as many risers). If you constantly make profits on player sales you can afford to lose money on wages. However I try to break even while winning as many prizes as possible. My wage bill is disgusting but I usually show a small profit without player sales (and make massive profits on player sales).
  22. The chairman will give you 2 new players, but they'll be low rated. If you're still in the red then you'll need to get someone to do a 2 for 1 player exchange with you so you have 22 players and can start selling.
  23. Yeah I would have to agree with @kylepearson came on as a sub a few times last season and will probably do the same this season if Barry is signed. As for Harper I can't see him getting a massive amount of game time he will also slip down the pecking order. If West Brom pick up a few injuries then you may see more of him. Problem is there's only 1 game gone in the premier league so it's difficult to gage who will be a permenant fixture in the team this season especially when the transfer window is still open, we should all have a better idea of how the starting 11 of each team will look after the 1st of September. After everything said above I think Sam Field is worth buying but I would hang fire on Harper. Definitely worth buying for that price, got a brilliant coach in Harry Redknapp too so wouldn't be surprised to see Birmingham doing pretty well this season. This will only help Vassell's rating if he can be a permanent fixture in the team.
  24. Gyrano Kerk. +1 Jan 2016. Played 1129 minutes fr 4 goals with Utrechcht and 1020 mins wuth 8 for Utrech 2 in 16/17 alone sicne that, and lined up again for Utrecth in opening game. Get him.
  25. Could Immobile rise this season +1?
  26. I know Field played a little bit last season but with Barry coming in not sure he will be used so much but I would probably still buy him long term
  27. These are wishes, one game been played this seaosn so for now all predictions are stay. You are fuessing potentials, a different matter
  28. Udinese manager decided to stay, but i will have Nantes up in 4 days. Kante, Azpilicueta, Zouma, Mendy and more, not the Juggernaut of Udinese but a great side. If you are still interested let me know and add Cam Lucas (username clucas1) In game, ill really run throught the rules with you and we can blood you in if youd like
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