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  2. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Well Germany XI was as close as we will see to their strongest XI versus Spain! Werner started, Sane benched, Draxler wide left!
  3. Worldwide Risers

    Well its only taken 7 years but Raul Caceres rose to 82! IMO still too low aha
  4. A new risers thread

    Well its only taken 7 years but Raul Caceres rose to 82! IMO still too low aha
  5. Worldwide Risers

    This is excellent. Keep the old valuations then add the new after, so can see the difference after a rise. Buying risers for profit is a dying art
  6. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Good question this. Felipe is muted to Real Madrid, but Marcano has his admirers too, but not high calibre as Real Madrid ( i think i saw Everton & AC Milan). It is impossible to decide though, i think its first come first serve in the summer window to whoever comes in with the serious offer for either However, i cant see either rising above 88 whilst based in Portugal
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  8. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

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  10. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Looking at a squad centre back. Torn between Felipe and Marcano from Porto. Both are around 5m. I remember people mentioning marcano is linked with bigger clubs due to his contract running down. They have basically the same WhoScored rating. Felipe is 2 years younger and his TMKT value is 12m. Any opinions? Or suggestions of other similar players in the price bracket and due to rise. Cheers
  11. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Koulibaly or Umtiti or Marquinhos
  12. EC35130 - Port Vale Division 5 Challenge

    Nice thread Made me buy a prospect too
  13. League ID 2388 Due to a recent and unexpected loss of a few big names, the league needs new managers for:- Liverpool, Manchester Utd, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea. Only five teams taken so plenty of quality players in the market!
  14. Cheers will have a look at those two as well!
  15. Interesting. Question: will have only one series or two for the team?
  16. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Yes +1 only ter stegen i think
  17. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Will De Gea, Oblak & ter Stegen all get + 1 rises? I don't suppose Courtois & Navas will.
  18. Will Oblak & ter Stegen all get + 1 rises? I don't suppose Navas will.
  19. Anyone knows worlds with the following setup: Around 20 top teams (european): I think it's the best setup, most want top teams making easier to be almost always full and avoid unmanaged teams that get stripped of best players and no one wants to manage Concerns ON and close to 30 turns: must have, makes it realistic and competitive, not letting teams have insanely strong squads with lots of 89+ players that don't play. With 14 turns for example the players don't get concerns. The only bad thing is you can only have 1 88+ keeper Login every 14 days it's better Ideally with no buying from unmanaged but if it's full this isn't a problem, I can't find a world with no buying from unmanaged Transfer windows makes it more realistic but don't really mind if the market is always open (can be more fun) Similar worlds I've found: The Committed ID: 381336 looks great but is full. The Committed ID: 381336 just applied, it's starting season 1. Terra Earth is just 14 turns, so no concerns
  20. Worldwide Risers

    http://www.zerozero.pt/news.php?id=217366 Shoya first game for Japan...last minute equalizer
  21. Rahul W's rating predictions

    could be...86 for sure
  22. Worldwide Risers

    The cheaper i think yes...they are all young and any riser will increase substancialy his value. U just have to choose...u can see value, minutes and whoscored note
  23. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Django Warmerdam worth keeping or sell after his +4 ? Only a risers or good player? Matheus Pereira (Sporting on loan to Chaves) to buy? Ricardo Horta no rise with 10 goals and 5 assist?
  24. Lazio available with Immobile, Lamela, Kessie, Oyarzabal, Richarlison...
  25. Worldwide Risers

    maybe +2, but he got a +8 in Dec so prolly not
  26. Rahul W's rating predictions

    decent I think check my preds I'd do it, should rise next review check my preds Alli + someone in this case yes yes, no, maybe yes
  27. Rahul W's rating predictions

  28. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Battaglia from Sporting 85 -> 87?
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