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For your own good dont ignore.

We are starting to get more foolish members who think they are being clever by creating aliases to by pass bans in Forum and chat room.
Reason is why im calling them foolish is we will always have the upperhand ,we only used to keep banning these accounts and lengthining their main banned one which we now consider to soft .
SM will now start taking action against these members with in game punishment which some banned members are now finding out and not to happy.
SM will decide what type of action they deem appropriate which can be loss of manager rep so could result in you getting slung out of certain set ups .
Now hopefully with this announcement it may stop having to take this action because we dont want to see anyone losing rep /teams etc .

This link above if members had cared to read on rule board tells you how to go about appealing against any sort of punishment you occur .
Will find one for chat users on there as well .

So keep to it because if you think your being a clever clogs to get around a ban which at most lasts one day or a week ,is it worth getting kicked out of GM because of Rep and loosing favourite team that you love the most ,if your not a GM the same risks apply .

Choice is yours to make freely without pressure .
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SM Filter system ( Rule 18 .)

Due to the complaints from members saying they get infractioned for starred out words and some members do not so SM Supervisors/Moderators need to be on the same wave length,to them its got to be one ruling only so confusion is not caused ,also with complaints recieved from members that some deem its ok to insult them with starred out words because there not actually shown,all these complaints have been taken into consideration and it has been decided that seems the filter removed these unwanted words ,then the poster will re edit and change words if not wanting infraction ,also dont play word games to beat the system,
its sucking fhit. The people who make these rules are cunning stunts.

Also these.
We are not stupid as well as the members that do these,there no accident they are in place of what are not allowed
I am sure there are many more correct allowed words that can take the place of these ,plus it keeps posts looking more neat and tidy .

From now Mods will give you a warning without loss of points ,if do it again you will lose points ,from Ist March you will not get a warning just loss of points ,only members we will look at to overturn are them that join in March to give them the same chance you members are being given to get your own house in order.

because from 1st March all starred words will recieve infraction .Please check rule 18.
Thank you .
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New Forum/Chat Rules and Violation procedures.

It is in all members interest who use Forum/chat to check the new additions on ,
SM Forum / Chat rules/regulations / Violation procedures and Supervisor announcements.

There are updates on Rules and a great guide on what procedures happens to you if you violate any of rules for both rooms .


Can all SM Moderators please check on the Moderators board the new procedures theirselves if they already have not .
Thank you .
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Grievance with Moderators .

All members that have any problems/issues with Moderators closing / editing / deleting threads that they have posted etc or infractions given to them by Moderators then do not throw tantrums on the board itself via another thread or through PM system to the Moderator,it will not help your case if you want to have it re-looked at by SM Supervisors ,because Moderators are only doing what they have been instructed to do ,yes a thread may not have needed to be closed etc ,but closed /deleted threads can always be re-opened ,infractions can always be overturned ,so if your not happy with any of the above by SM Moderator ,i suggest you check all Forum rules /Guidelines and all rules for Rep system because these rule breakages also can result in infractions ,if you have not broken any of these then send your complaint through PM System to a SM Supervisor because we are your next port of call .
Please do not take it to the boards for any discussions on the rights or wrongs .
We will decide if we need to overturn any decision a Mod makes and that is through private consultation .
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Infraction System

From Saturday 20/9/08 the SM Moderators will begin having the use of the Infraction system which up to now as only been used by SM Supervisors.
The way the infraction system works is you will get punished on type of post / rule breakage etc ,this is what you can be punished for .

Warning for Rule Violation
Spammed Advertisements
Insulted Other Member(s)
Signature Rule Violation
Inappropriate Language
Instant Ban 10pts

I would also highly recommend members take a look at
" Forum reputation system thread"
so you learn how to use the Reputation system properly because any of these rules violated will also incur infraction penalty.

How infractions work.
There is a certain set ammount of point depending on which one so please be aware they are not just 1.
Also if you accumalate 10 then you will be auto banned ,each time you are given an infraction that point/points lasts for 10dys .
Also a SM Supervisor/Moderator may deem to give person/persons a instant 10pt ban if they think they need a cooling period for heating threads or out of control arguments ,again this can last from 1 hour up to a day then it will be removed.
Please realise this starts from Saturday 20/9/08 so no good complaining if someone got away with it before that date for the same reason you may have recieved one from this.
This forwarns you all so there is no excuse,ive shown you above what warrents a breakage of the system.

If a SM Supervisor/SM Moderator gives you an infraction then you will also at the same time receive a PM why and which one you deemed to have broken so you can check yourself .
Members that are not happy please do not send PM back to the Moderator that gave you it because the only way to appeal and have it reversed is through SM Supervisor ,and our decision will be final.
The best thing you can do before appealing is check you did not break any of the above ,because you will need a very good reason to have it overturned if you did.
Thank-you for your co-operation.
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Please use the search tool before posting!!!

With the forum having been going for quite some time, many players have been discussed at least once.

As such, before creating a thread to talk about a player's rating, PLEASE first use the search facility

This will save you time and effort, repeats will just be closed or deleted.
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Daniel & Christian Maldini.

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  • Daniel & Christian Maldini.

    Daniel Maldini

    Name: Daniel Maldini
    Nationality: Italian
    Club: AC Milan
    Age: 5
    Position: Defender

    Daniel Maldini tackles Seedorf -

    Daniel Maldini is currently a part of AC Milan's youth academy and is dubbed to become a big star for the future by following in the footsteps of his Dad and Grandad.

    Christian Maldini


    Name: Christain Maldini
    Nationality: Italian
    Club: AC Milan
    Age: 12

    Maldini also has a son called Christian, who is also supposed to be a very promosing talent.

    Milan plan to retire his number 3 shirt, but it will be bequeathed to one of his sons if one makes the club's senior side. His eldest son, Christian, is twelve years old and is currently playing for the Milan youth squad.

    Neither are on the database but look out for them.
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    Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

    Almost forgot, their Dad is the legendary AC Milan defender Paulo Maldini.

    If you hadn't already guessed.

    P. Maldini's Dad was also a footballer... so maybe it runs in the family?


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      Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

      what a rediculous thread, sorry but one of them is 5 years old, how does that have any relevence to this game?

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        Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

        Just thought someone might be interested to know about them.

        I think they must have a promosing future playing for Milan at such a young age and having Maldini as their role model, I know this doesn't mean they will become big stars for the future, but it certainly helps...

        And if they do then, I mentioned them first!


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          Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

          Originally posted by mousey1 View Post
          what a rediculous thread, sorry but one of them is 5 years old, how does that have any relevence to this game?
          bad post from u , you'r lucky that the neg rep was removed


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            Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

            You're amazing ntfc.atkin . Where do you find about all these kiddies ?


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              Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

              Originally posted by ManUnited
              What do you mean bad thread its stil considered a young talent although not on DB i HEARD PPL in the older threads talking about 2yrs olds and all players below 15 and he gets praise so i think ntfc should get the praise he deserves
              He was talking to Mousey

              Anyway great thread.



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                Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

                ooops quote on wrong person anyway mousey doesnt knw what his saying .If he says that then ppl who talk about players not on DB are just as ridicilous


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                  Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

                  Paulo Maldini's was also the coach for the Italian national side from 1996-1998 so coaching is also in the family aswell as awesome footballers.


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                    Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.


                    out of all the scoutings you've done, I've loved this one!

                    Nice find and rep for you


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                      Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

                      great video.

                      a 5 yr old kid making a sliding tackle? That's entertaining

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                        Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

                        i still dont see the point in nowing about a 5 year old. but if you guys want too thts fair enough . but freedom of speach and all that. well done on finding them. i just dont see the relevance, thats all.

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                          Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

                          There will be a point if you are still playing in 15 years time.
                          But anyways it is more about a bit of fun, Dad is showing the younster how to play. The 12 year old guy is a much nearer possibility, he could play at a young age, just like John Fleck. Don't take the thread seriouslly, player talent scout is just all about it's title.
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                            Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

                            Thanks for the positive backing of the thread everyone.

                            Appreciate it.


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                              Re: Daniel &amp; Christian Maldini.

                              Originally posted by Made in Romania View Post
                              bad post from u , you'r lucky that the neg rep was removed
                              Weres your sence of humouer Hes scouted two top talents there better than all urs (Joke). Qauilty mate.
                              C.R.L. We will be back..
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