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  • Men Behind Ball

    I know this will be an easy question for you more experienced managers but I need to know what exactly setting men behind the ball option will do.
    Does it mean all your players are behind the ball including strikers so therefore you would best utilise this by also setting counter attack and playing fast and direct for a quick counter attack ?

    I have used it in the following way especially when away from home and playing strong teams who I suspect will play an attacking style and have indeed been successful at beating much stronger teams:-

    FORMATION - 5-3-2 Sweeper

    TEAM STYLE - Tackling Style - Normal
    Mentality - Defensive
    Passing Style - Fast
    Attacking Style - Through the middle
    Tempo - Fast
    Pressing - All Over

    PLAY STYLE - √ Counter Attack
    √ Men Behind Ball
    √ Tight Marking
    X Play Offside
    X Use Play Maker
    X Use Target Man

    The actual players I used were/are as follows:-

    ----RB-------------LB --------> or left footed CB and right footed CB
    RM/RB--------------LM/LB --------> or just RM and LM
    ---------AM-AM -----------> or CM's

    I have also tried pressing Own Half and passing style long ball which also seems to work.

    So then what I need to know is what exactly does men behind ball mean and what does it do to the team and to best use this option would you need to set certain other options and if so which ?

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    Re: Men Behind Ball

    Men behind ball is a great defensive option and it helps you keep as many bodies back to defend. However, this tends to get u less shots on the opponents goal wen you attack.


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      Re: Men Behind Ball

      Shooter has it nailed,if you use Men Behind The Ball,you sacrifice some of your Attacking abilities like "shots on goal" so its your choice
      You need to play Defensive for it too work properly and i would play SHORT Passing so i have most of the possession,playing Direct is getting it up too your front men quickly but unless they are top quality or you play with 3 up front you are giving the ball away,same as Long Ball if you just hoof it up the pitch its just gonna come back again
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