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    Free player offer cheating

    No no Juventus has a real manager, i tried to make an higher offer for another free agent player but i couldnt offer more than the limit, I still dont know how he did it.
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    Ah I see, cheers!
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    He is very much aware Dhruv
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    I really am grateful for your reply! Thank you so much! Cheers
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    Lucas Fiorino

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Sir you are a Crack... you know! Excellent thread. Only said to me the review calendar jeje Thanks!!!
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    Ste G

    Rahul W's rating predictions

    I'll comment on the Liverpool ones since it's the team I know better than all the rest.. Coutinho deserves to go up to a 92, he is our best player, and there is a case to make that he'd get into almost any side in the world. Wijnaldum +1 to 90, he's been great when he's played, and if we and he continue the way we've been playing, he 100% deserves a rise. Ejaria +3 to 78 Milner +1 to 91 .. 100% deserves the rise, he's been immense. I agree with all your other predictions.
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    Official Manchester United Thread

    I feel bad, you sound clueless and still have hopes.
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    Are you aware about that Chelleini and Hamsik must be sold to EXTERNAL only???!!! asking because you have mentioned about player swaps...
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    Rahul W's rating predictions

    Just like to point out that Dalbert is currently 82... But srsly, this thread is awesome! I know who I'm going to buy now
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    If you have players transfer listed they'll get bought by unmanaged clubs. Not instantly but they will as long as you've transfer listed them.