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  1. I've been using the new interface since its inception, without any problem until recently it's unplayable BTW the new interface is a downgrade on the old-one in so many areas, very disappointing.. some actions take up to 5 times longer on the new interface, i'm pretty sure whoever built it does not play SM to the level a lot of people do in terms of being active and managing their teams and how long is spent using the site daily. POOR BUILD
  2. Cheslea in gc-9 good active english league 4565
  3. My best 18 players on one of my teams (few other teams struggling in this regard) , 16 now have concerns yes 16 of my best 18 players all have concerns even though they play REGUALRY .............. EVERY WEEK MESSI LEVEL 3 ######FFF AMM a little bit because I wanted to play sterling marquinos gimenez these last 18 months (klnda forced too) these last 8 years yesssssssssssssssssssssss 8 years of sacrificing my first team to buy youths and pay there wages not even that, even playing weaker teams to keep the youths happy 89+? ahead of inesta messi etc now my youths request transfer and messi iniesta level 3 phuuuu i debated enuff on the issue of player caps hogging youth development gameplay etc etc etc etc etc noting more to say 6/7 years of investment in my face, nothing more to say other than obensities no respect for those managers who not only stayed with there club for 10 years, invested in youth 8/9 years ago ahead of (at the time) having the best squads in the game-world they participated don't even try to argue how much BS THIS IS these last days losing MARQUINOS VARANE STERLING and at the same timer almost losing 16 of my best 18 players even though these last 18 months often playing weaker teams at the exspense of titles etc JOKE oa ya marquinos varane sterling all went to bayern real madrid chelsea etc (even though they played alot) phuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  4. my last post ion this topic was anticipating losing my top prospects that i had signed 5/6/7 years ago even before anyone knew what changes SM would make, ta-da losing coutinho marquinos varane sterling plus more even though i bought them 16 17 year olds at the expense at the time of improving my first 11 THANKS FOR NOTHING
  5. 6083 i.d (gc10) Spurs bale ozil fabreagas abamyeang gundogan main players
  6. My Lyon are playing at their new stadium (for how long I don't know) with a few games to go in div1 and chasing the title in 2nd place the most I can get attending is 43,000 even though capacity is nearly 60000
  7. Your chairman has increased the capacity of the Stadium by 207 seats. The new capacity has now increased to 20,392
  8. i.d - 1360 GC 3 - Glasgow Celtic
  9. AFC Bournemouth with reus lewandoski bonucci plus others available in gc-19 (ID: 14110) possibly the best Bournemouth in a gc
  10. Arsenal in gc-3, sparta interested in lukaku
  11. Another Chelsea, this time in gc-14 no bids in as yet, lots of good players to work with
  12. il keep on eye out for you.
  13. Valencia in gc-16 free, messi pique mata main players
  14. PRIME example of why I longer wish to debate this issue any further, A post full of misconseptions and waffle talk.. to have the cheek to say this debate has no legs without actually giving a sufficient response to any of my posts on this issue over the last 2-3 years. WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO REPLY WITH GENUINE RESPONSE I said this yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs AGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO go back in time quote me if you feel like it!!! squad cap has absolutely no IMPACT WHATSOEVER with the decline of this game/Gold Champs... the longer those involved in any way with SM/ those here in this community that believe it so , the further deterioration you will see in gold champs by the day gold champs are being absolutely decimated and if I dient know any better i'd say on purpsose for an end goal which only SM knows I can only do so much, I don't work for SM, I can only give my opinion on a forum keep crying about squad caps, it will lead us all nowhere taking 200 players off any of my teams instantly, this secound and stopping me from buying any more SOLVES noting I find it amazingly awesome that those crying the most are those that ONLY BUY ONLY ONLY BUY 60 FKN players anyway so would not in first instance even have singed 30% of my players that never actually play in my first or anyone else's first team anyway since the last time steve posted here a couple/few days ago the likes of liverpool chelsesa dortmund with several 91+ players each have been torn apart mostly for low values, those clubs now have no players (no money after SM TAKES IT ALL when manager leaves) and no hope, the only hope any unmanaged team has is that the 1 human manager left in any particular league leaves so that all unmanaged sides have a 5% chance yes i'm well aware of my previous post; stating that I would no longer respond or even read ahead but this truly is the last statement I will make on this issue, Stevens previous post once again reverts back to the squad caps issue THIS IS NOT THE ISSUE THIS IS NOT THE ISSUE THIS IS NOT THE ISSUE sorry to be so blunt but even you have been fooled by the uniformed majority instead if listening to the few, sadly many of these "few" your most active gamers BTW had have enough and have left, gone finito I'm 100% ok if you have gone back up to 3 years ago and at least contemplated what I had to say (and others) and still fell the need to address squad sizes as being the elephant in the house, as a player of SM I will have to deal with the consequences, l as i have been over these last 6/12 months
  15. Real Zaragoza available in gc-2 (No bids on players)