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  1. Unmanaged Club made an offer as well

    Yes, you have to make an higher offer
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Kolasinac 90 (can rise to 91??) VS Wendell 89 (predicted to 90)
  3. Player concerns

    89 have to play (from SM help section): "approximately 30-40% of the number of Turns. ...if a player comes on as a substitute then it will count as half an appearance irrespective of what minute they entered the match. For example, in a league with 38 games (38 Turns) a 94 rated or higher player expects to play in 31 games were they lose fitness. This could be 25 league starts, 8 substitute appearances and 2 cup games. Alternatively 31 league starts (missing 1 in every 6 league games) and no cup games." Check more at Lack of games section here: http://www.soccermanager.com/help.php?action=loadarticle&aid=83
  4. If series=divisions, preferably 2 but depends of the teams number, The Committed ID: 381336 with 24 teams has 3 divisions of 8. One unique division is also ok but divisions makes it more fun with fights for promotion and relegation
  5. Anyone knows worlds with the following setup: Around 20 top teams (european): I think it's the best setup, most want top teams making easier to be almost always full and avoid unmanaged teams that get stripped of best players and no one wants to manage Concerns ON and close to 30 turns: must have, makes it realistic and competitive, not letting teams have insanely strong squads with lots of 89+ players that don't play. With 14 turns for example the players don't get concerns. The only bad thing is you can only have 1 88+ keeper Login every 14 days it's better Ideally with no buying from unmanaged but if it's full this isn't a problem, I can't find a world with no buying from unmanaged Transfer windows makes it more realistic but don't really mind if the market is always open (can be more fun) Similar worlds I've found: The Committed ID: 381336 looks great but is full. The Committed ID: 381336 just applied, it's starting season 1. Terra Earth is just 14 turns, so no concerns
  6. Lazio available with Immobile, Lamela, Kessie, Oyarzabal, Richarlison...
  7. transfers

    15 days
  8. GW - The Committed (#218753)

    Looks like a great GW, only the top clubs to keep it full, if another club gets available please let me know, or if you know another similar gameworld
  9. Chelsea is available at Euro Championship 6553, ID: 344962. It's the only club available and has Salah, Thiago Alcantara and Milinkovic-Savic. http://www.soccermanager.com/join.php?i=344962
  10. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I have Reina 90 and Pickford 88 (will get concerns), should i replace both for Anthony Lopes 90 or bet on Pickford?
  11. Sometimes my clubs don't receive a transfer offer from external clubs for many days (more than 8 days ago the latest example but it has taken more), is this normal? Shouldn't it happen more frequently? Sometimes I receive offers for several consecutive days, and sometimes it takes so many days to get one. Any reason for this? Any way to get offers in just a couple of days?
  12. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Got a Napoli team with Reina and Pickford (will get concerns soon), it's a competitive Euro champ but Anthony Lopes and Szczesny are available, which is the best 90 rated goalie or should I bet on Pickford longterm?
  13. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Reina and Albiol haven't rise lately with Napoli good form, so even if they win the scudetto they won't rise?
  14. Transfer Help

    15 days, human coach or not