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  1. Uruguayan League

    Well... Ramon Arias should have risen due to a very consistent tournament (Mostly in Clausura) where he was key part of Peñarols defense that brought the championship. Uruguayan league always had a rating cap of 85-86, Ramon is 83. He should have risen to 84 at least however it stood there. My advice to get moneymakers in Uruguay is to get all the 70-75 rated starters that played all the tournament as regular starters. Otherwise are not worth it, unless the player is some sort of future star. Regards,
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I love you Raulito! I barely comment here but i read you. So keep up the good job!
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Sorry. Just came to say i lol'ed at this. Thats how immature i am.
  4. Uruguayan League

    Havent really paid atention to him. He havent played a lot so for a 17 years old is hard to judge
  5. Uruguayan League

    The kid from Liverpool? (Uruguayan Liverpool)
  6. Uruguayan League

    Hey Ste!! Long time no talk to you buddy! Everything is just fine! Long since we dont have those heated Suarez debates in the Reds thread huh? (debates that i won, clearly hahah)
  7. Uruguayan League

    Guruceaga got relegated to the bench after a sum of bad performances. Saracchi is indeed showing talent playing regularly for River. Arambarri is indeed quiet a susprise. He was Nahitan Nandez midfield "smash brother" in the U20 team, left Uruguay with a high profile and did not played in France. Now is a regular at Getafe, and playing good football. Diego Rossi, well... we know he is a fast small striker with an incredible scent to score. Right now, hes playing out of position (RM/RW instead of FW) to take advantage of his speed on the wing however he looks uncomfortable there but well, he is a good talent playing in league right now. Along with Rossi we have Carneiro, Pablo Lopez (not in the DB yet), Ayrton Cougo, Rodrigo Aguirre (back from Europe still young and showing why he left so young).
  8. Uruguayan League

    So many cracks didnt happen... Nicolás Lopez, Guillermo Varela, Diego Rolan, Felipe Avenatti, etc... The best examples of late bloomers are Suarez and Cavani. Left Uruguay with a quiet a low profile, signed for mid/low table teams and worked hard to make their talent shine. Right now cant think of other current remarkable late bloomer than Matias Vecino. The current jewels are indeed Gaston Pereiro at PSV, Maxi Gomez from Celta, Fede Valverde at Depor (loaned from Real Madrid), Rodrigo Bentancur at Juventus, Lucas Torreira at Sampdoria (incredible that hes not in the NT), Nahitan Nandez at Boca and Nico De La Cruz at River. Thankfully theres hopes to find partners for our star forwards. The small 3 million people country keeps the football players factory at full march! Regards,
  9. Uruguayan League

    Boca made space and signed Nandez. A bargain really and not the best place for Nandez to keep developing further but well...
  10. Uruguayan League

    Gonzalo Carneiro substitute of Maxi Gomez in Defensor with 3 goals already and regular on his team. While different type of striker, looking good so far. Rated 76...
  11. Uruguayan League

    Nothing yet from this names. The name that every newspaper contains right now is Nahitan Nandez. He has been linked to many teams and there is a struggle of his team to keep him. If he continues at this level its very hard that Peñarol keeps him.
  12. Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Kroos and Modric are the best midfielders in the world, playing for the biggest team in the world. I can understand Kroos remaining in 95 due to his recent rise in january but Modric's rise was 1 year ago and in that time he won both league and UCL playing magnificent football and orchestrating Madrid at his will and pace. Steven Gerrard was 97 doing less than Modric or Kroos.
  13. Uruguayan League

    Diego Rossi scored 5 goals in his las 4 games. Coito (Uruguay's U20 coach) decided to left him apart from the team, and Uruguay suffered from the lack of goals that this guy is providing right now to Peñarol. Fast, agile and proving deadly striker. Knows how to play the offside like if he had been playing professional football for like 10 years. MUST BUY.
  14. Uruguayan League

    The biggest U20 Uruguay surprises Santiago Mele: Amazing. José Luis Rodriguez: A Right Back with projection, good with the ball. Sometimes rush with his decissions but really pure heart. Agustin Rogel: Actually not that of a surprise. He showed great minutes in the U20 south american tournament, yet he consolidated as a great defender. Nacional has a great talent here. Agustin Canobbio: While not great, he really surprised with his stamina and heart. Showed to be a menace from both sides of the midfield. PS: Excluded Federico Valverde, Santiago Bueno and De La Cruz, we expected high from them and so they did.
  15. Uruguayan League

    The flops of the Uruguay U20 WC -Schiappacasse. Simeone wants him to do the pre-season with the main team. Really had great expectations on this guy but he scored 1 goal and appeared in 1 game only against Japan, the rest of the Cup he was missing in action. -Ardaiz: The big #9 of this team was pretty much the same than Schiappa, only that he didnt even scored... -Bentancur: He had a great game against Italy, later on he did a good job against South Africa and the rest of the games he really didnt filled the expectations. -Benavidez: We expected way more midfield control from this guy #5. I guess he did not got used to play along Valverde in his natural position.