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  1. Udinese offered 3.25m for Maxi Gomez and Defensor Sporting said no, because they had better options. Seems like he will head for Europe in June/July.
  2. A couple of moneymakers Miguel Merentiel rated 70 Hernan Petrik rated 75 Maxi Perez rated 70 Juan Boselli rated 70 (called for the U20 nt) Agustin Quintana rated 75
  3. Agustin Quintana looks like became a regular starter in Peñarol. 20 yo 1.91 defender rated 75.
  4. As a Peñarol fan, i hope not. As Uruguayan... its time for Nandez to get europe experience and add skills that he cant get here in Uruguay.
  5. Nandez went to italy last year but his move didnt happened. At the level he is performing right now, possibility indicates he will depart Uruguay in June.
  6. Wow, more than 1 year without a single update... Who to take a look right now. Nahitan Nandez: Possibly the most consistent player of the league. This guy is a motor. Tireless and improved in his technique, he has been doing pretty much all for his team. 21 years old captain of Peñarol. I doubt he will remain in the club after June/July. Nicolás de la Cruz: Possibly the hottest prospect around. Agile but strong playmaker/second striker with an incredible long shot. Its hard to take the ball out of his feets without fouling him. Key part of the U20 team that won the south american tournament. Joaquin Ardaiz: Young number 9. Part of the U20 team. Needs lots of experience but showing potential. Maxi Gomez: Big number 9 box striker that knows how to move to the sides if needed and shows a very skilled set of moves. One of the best strikers in the league at the moment. Agustin Rogel: Big but fast central back. Key part of the U20 team that won the south american tournament. Not a starter, but defo a player to keep an eye on. Carlos Benavidez: Strong central midfielder, also key part of the U20 team that won the south american tournament. Tactically very good for his age. Facundo Waller: He can play in many positions. Can run for like 120' without getting tired. Key part of the U20 team that won the south american tournament. Not having exactly the best season right now, however he plays for a very minor team that also affects his individual performance.
  7. Hello there! Well its hard to say actually... Amaral has certain diet disorders and a tendency to gain weight. He had a beef in his club and thus he decided to do a separated training in order to prepare himself to the U20 world cup. This gave him no profesional competition preparation... a decission very questioned here in Uruguay. However... in the U20 he has been key player to get the u20 South American tournament, scoring VERY important goals. If he doesnt start acting like a true professional he will be one of the many "what would have been" players. I think that his manager will get him a sweet deal somewhere and he will just play and train in order to respect his contract. He does not seem to have the desire to become a top player. Regards,
  8. Came just to drop a lil update about the hottest prospects. Guruceaga: Keeps performing on a high level. Future NT goalkeeper. Nahitan Nandez: He is a rabid dog that will chase you to very hell to take the ball away from you. Needs more clarity and vision and better passing. When he breaks position and goes forward does it quiet good. Still one of the hottest prospects of Uruguay. Miguel Murillo: Peñarol brought a 22yo Colombian striker that looks quiet solid player. 3 goals in 3 games and 1 assist. Looks promising. Michael Santos: Signed a pre-deal agreement with Malaga. One of the most distinguished players of the league. Schiappacase: Solid starter with 17yo and also scoring goals. Cocky young fellow with a huge potential. Another hot prospect here. Federico Valverde: Does not get the minutes he desearves. He will join Real Madrid in June/July or January but to put it this way... If Valverde joined Barcelona instead of Madrid, he would become one of the best mixed midfielders in the world. This guy is a jewel really. Erick Cabaco: This former U20 nt started (Partner with Lemos) moved to Nacional and looks like he became a starter there too. Did some good game against Peñarol in a summer friendly and performed average on Saturday but his time in Nacional looks promising. Mauro Arambarri: Moved to Bourdeos in France. Time to spot him there and see how it goes. Kevin Ramirez: Moved to Nacional and became a starter. However... he hasnt showed so far, all the good things he did at Wanderers. Santa Ana: Nacional went for this guy that performed quiet good in the Apertura. 18yo rated 70... Diego Rossi: Barely saw some minutes in some friendlies however this kid has been the top scorer of every youth division since he was like 12yo. Rated 70.
  9. Suarez, proving i was right and all of the Liverpool haters that came here to trash talk were wrong. Mocked, bullied, ridiculized when i stated Suarez was the best striker in the world behind Messi and CR7, guess what... now its just behind Messi Salty, Cheekylad68, IanMcCo, Stuart H, Magic J was a pleasure to be your teacher, i hope you learned something. November 2011... Love you all and miss you Ray, Ste G, Neller and the rest!
  10. No... Krychowiak, Keylor Navas and Casemiro rose.
  11. Busquets is really the major issue in my opinion. If it was me doing the ratings, i would have dropped his CB position and probably would have made him 96 in the last ratings and possibly 97 by now. Pique is playing as a 94, despite the titles but... i do agree he is playing above Thiago Silva who should be 93 and no more. I read some comments about Alba and yes, i do agree now that he should be 93 but well... i guess that ratings above 92-93 in the middle of a season are for those doing an outstanding season so far (again... Busquets). Looks like only scoring goals are worthy of remarkable rises.
  12. 93 to 94 is really a massive step, way more in the middle of the season. Could have happened for Koke but its understandable if they want to wait for the end of the season. Atletico's backbones is there. Godin, Koke and Griezmann are carrying the team. If they keep this form, i can see Griezmann and Koke for a 94, I believe that Atletico needs a title for Godin to get to 95, even tho he is the best central back in the world right now. Would be the first time to have a 95 rated in Atletico. Neither Aguero or Forlan made it to 95 (Forlan been a 94, scoring in the Uefa final, been the best player in the 2010 WC and a year later winning the Copa America scoring in the final) but ohh well... way of doing the ratings changed and who knows this can happen. Merry Xmas everybody!
  13. Updating. Apertura ended with Peñarol crowned as champions of this half of the season. To be fair... quiet a mediocre tournament, decided by the less crappy as the best. Nandez consistent. Possibly the hottest prospect of the league. Guruceaga consolidated. Lozano went to Mexico... time to sell him Michael Santos, still on River he has Copa Libertadores now, worths keeping it. Kevin Ramirez, appeared as a good insanely fast player. Hot prospect. Schiappacase, 16yo with good minutes in River. Defo worths to get him.
  14. To be honest... i dont. The MSN has been complete and utterly key for Barcelona's recent success. Alba had a lot of injury time giving Mathieu and Adriano some space and showing that Barcelona still goes over the rest no matter who you put on that left back. Of course you ask me "Hey but Marcelo is better than Alba?" My answer is obvious, NOT! They are either on the same level, or Alba is a little bit better, still... I dont think Alba will rise just now, but on the end of the season if Barcelona wins at least La Liga. Wouldnt be a surprise if it happened tho. About Ney... Yeah, well, he has been amazing, but Not that amazing to get a +1 rise at that level without a trophy. I might sound biased (everyone said im biased in the past anyways...) but i see Suarez a step ahead of Ney. Providing much more to Barcelona. Did not hesitated when Messi got injured and charged the weigh of the team on his back. Always providing major performances in the important games, with a temper that is hard to match. He is the best #9 in the world, and if you ask me, with my 28 yo, after Ronaldo (Brazil) he is the best #9 i ever saw playing the game. He is demanding a 96.
  15. When he reached the WC finals, and i agree that he was the most consistent player of Argentina, he was down for a drop with Barcelona, as he did quiet a bad campaign, not playing for a 93 standard. After that is true... Mascherano won everything and playing as a regular starter, however... he was far from been a 94 material. Many times hesitant, had responsability in many goals, and truth is that Mathieu could have played there and Barcelona would have won everything anyways, cant really prove this but that is the sensation that left me, been someone who watchers every single game of Barcelona. Different is with Pique, who dropped to 94 in that awfull campaign but he actually got his form back and he is closer to a 95. As you say and i agree, now with his age will be difficult for Masche to rise, but wouldnt be surprised if it happened. Still has that temper that makes him solid in the important games, together with a better consistency in his game from that end of the season in 2014.