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  1. Not official apparently i read this morning in Uruguayan press.. a bigger offer as come in from unknown German club Plus Boca have filled their foreign quota so he cannot be registered
  2. I see. Talisca's hardly a youth player now though at 23 Hoping Barbosa ends in Sporting Lisbon and can show his worth this season, wages however could halt the move..
  3. Scotland full review from tomorrow its seems
  4. Except Bayern have a worse youth policy than Chelsea... no one comes through the ranks there, Dorsch & Benko are the first 2 in 3 seasons to be promoted, before that it was Schopf, Julian Green & Hojberg ( all left to make a career elsewhere, only Schopf tearing up trees right now ) The last successful graduate was David Alaba 8 years ago
  5. use the correct thread
  6. it was done in March so not any time soon, the season ends in December so it will be between then and March 2018
  7. I have a log of every league reviewed since 2016, the only leagues of note that haven't had a review in the past 8 months are: Australia Bolivia Bulgaria Cyprus Ecuador Hungary Israel Korea Paraguay Peru Scotland Serbia Slovenia Slovakia As you can see they are all relatively minor leagues........ i would like to think its Serbia next, possibly Slovakia, Slovenia, Bulgaria & Hungary to complete the Eastern Europe block
  8. & of course Cecilio Dominguez... in Mexico now, needs a +5 for sure
  9. no transfers to europe? I see Nicolas de la Cruz gets a big move to River Plate though
  10. USA is a waste of money buying risers, they wont be re-valuated as high as similar rated players in better leagues Id say Serbia is due soon.
  11. If anyone wants a few decent risers@Paraguay Ivan Ramirez & Antonio Bareiro - Libertad - both should be 82 now Raul Caceres - Cerro Porteno - 76- 82 guy has over 200 games under his belt and NT call ups Juan Escobar - Sporting Luqueno - 75 - 82, NT honour loads more there but held these 4 for a while now
  12. Will be interesting to see how he goes this season, Marco Silva already said he will have to adapt as a winger rather than a CF as he had been playing for FLU
  13. These videos are trash... There is a sheer gulf in class and ability in U17 South American football. Brazil are way too far out in front The kid is a super talent, but many U17 superstars are nobodies by 20/21 Shocking comment, sorry, but at his age, only Gabriel Jesus is still ahead of him at CF Yes, he has barely given a chance at Inter, but what young players do? He is still regarded as a golden boy by critics. Please, share your top 10 list
  14. Gabriel Jesus Gabriel Barbosa Malcom At this moment in time
  15. Didnt really want to make a post but oh well lost out on him in every GW Many journos rate him higher than Vincius Junior - who has so much hype based on his impending transfer to Real Madrid - and now the fact he has scored in the top flight, two superb goals as well. Looks every part in his role as a number 10 - making more headlines than other well documented talents IE Vincius Jr & Pedrinho Only 17 and has alot of development ahead of him - so many excellent Brazilians are actually at there peak at 17/18 and never go on to be much more - i noticed former centre back captain of many Brazil junior national youth teams Gerson has signed up for another season at Mumbai City, but for the moment Vasco have a new jewel