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  1. sad, an institution built on the best of British players and development now to become a band of mercenaries
  2. Leo Jaba & Evander are hyped players and not playing. Enough said for now. Leo Pele is a surprise, has become no1 LB after a good loan spell at Londrina in Serie B & FLU chose not to recruit a experienced player in that position after using Giovanni Palmieri & William Matheus there last season. FLU look very short of cover there so as long as his form stays good he could be a nice riser
  3. Any news on Henry Onyekuru & Jean Amani? And Eupen? Trying to follow there project for a couple years now but hard to get much news on them.. * 31/5 Arsenal 6.8M bid accepted for Onyekuru... interesting
  4. That was the Champions League final........ read...my....text....very......slowly....... then youll see i was talking about UEFA Cup Finals
  5. There are other threads on the forum for these questions....... This is for rating predictions
  6. Nice read, might be a sequel with Wolfsburg..
  7. Doesnt take much to drag you back out - yes Liverpool had not lost a UEFA cup final before 2016 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liverpool_F.C._in_European_football Hide - sorry but im barely active here and haven't been for a long time Pot 1? Why, you came in via the back door - last season Pot 1 was for the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League group stage draw is formed by the holders and the title winners from the top seven associations
  8. Bit tight with some ratings, namely Eibar i thought, albeit they play dreadful football. Lejuene has had a good campaign and already linked with moves. Pretty miffed nothing for Miguel Guerrero of Leganes, toiled as a lone striker could of warranted 85 Other players who have become starters ala Rafa Navarro, Unai Bustinza, all rated 83 and lower, which is less than clubs coming out of the English Championship... But the gulf in class in Spain is huge, the ratings have to reflect that. Seen 90 for San Jose, i expect the same for Manu Trigeuros tomorrow.
  9. It was more than just a game but fitting they won after such a tragic week.. A wins a win but god what a bore. Complete mismatch in experience and physically strength. Men v boys , Ajax were toothless, dare say , overrated. Remember this one?
  10. Your best buy is Maycon he is a future star IMO Followed by Richarlison. He was Ajax's next target if they failed to land David Neres. The rest it is too early to say this season. Clubs are heavily rotating due to continental competitions Dodo was a breakout star for Coritiba last season, was expected to lose his place for the new season as hadn't performed too great in the State Champs but has the nod over another decent young fullback Rodrigo Ramos Vizeu did well last season but due to Flamengo's progress they have strengthened up front so he is down the order. I can see Sport Club & Vasco being relegation fodder this season, so expect opportunities for young players to dry up Mosquito top flight career has pretty much come to an end, needs to build himself again. Was great as a kid but prehaps that was his peak.
  11. your unbeaten run got you from 6th to ....6th 24 points off the title winners... yet another summer of expected heavy spending to probably replace some of those young talents and probably the worst side to watch. the football is abysmal.
  12. Hang on, your going off the actual topic. Who cares about a handful of players, the point was about the quality of the league. Ligue 1 is a poorer standard than the Premier League. That is a fact. See Co-effiecients. Joey Barton and Steven Fletcher went to Ligue 1 and be came key players...says alot really odd point but Madrid and Barcelona spend MILLIONS too???? Well when they are not banned from making transfers that is... you must have a short memory span... Bale, Suarez, Neymar?? As i said, talk about the overall quality of the league, all the teams...but thats for another thread.
  13. Again, highlights the poor opposition. I rest my case. La Liga is the most corrupt league going, imagine how much better it would be if they actually shared the money around ( like the Premier League ) and made it competitive!
  14. For? Whats your case that Ligue 1 is superior to the Premier League? Monaco have scored 102 goals, kind of says something about the quality of opposition defence
  15. been a solid player - that is not a justification for a rise? If you look at Robbens history he was created with a 93 rating, and over time rose, but now is in decline. Still an exceptional player capable of deciding games on his own Javi Martinez does not possess such abilities, but a very good player in his role. But hasnt done anything of real note apart from be part of a title winning side - and failing to reach the CL final would also count against him