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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Basically it is too early for Umititi. Got 91 in May 2017. Saul should be 92 at end of season, Ath Madrid poor Champions League didnt help so far this season
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Norway & Sweden. Its overdue since November
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    But he is so key for Brazil that cannot be ignored, should of been 91 in China but that wasnt going to happen. It is correct
  4. Worldwide Risers

    Yerry Mina is the number 1 target. There is a 9M euro agreement in place Stronger interest in De Ligt is now coming from Dortmund - news broke today on AjaxShowtime via BILD https://www.ajaxshowtime.com/article/bijzaken-en-geruchten/109173/geruchtenmolen-dortmund-wil-de-ligt-nog-steeds http://sportbild.bild.de/bundesliga/vereine/borussia-dortmund/aubameyang-transfer-wechsel-verbot-54165412.sport.html With Umititi injured and Mascherano considering his options, i find it highly unlikely they will buy an 18 year old to start at centre back
  5. Eder Militao will start as Sao's RB for the time being. He has done well as the trusted alternatives at the start of the season (Buffarini & Bruno) have been poor and in all Sao have had a woeful campaign, only really covered up by the rally at the end. Eder is a centre back by trade - his skillset observed above by @Ahmed , can also play DM so is versatile. A defensive player at fullback - now that is a rarity in Brazil. Next season will be interesting, Eder, Junior Taveres (if he isnt at Corinthians), Shaylon, Marquinhos Cipriano, Brenner, Araruna, Lucas Fernandes, Marcos Guilherme, all young jewels that can help rebuild a strong challenging side - who have former club icon and World Cup winning captain Rai now on the board of directors.
  6. If you look back the previous page, i have explained possibly why. Its too early point in the season to be bumping alot of 90+ rated players up *MY MISTAKE ITS ON ANOTHER THREAD They will rise, just not yet - otherwise what happens at the end of the season
  7. But he is so good for Brazil. Kinda held back from 91 again by being in China It does kind of seem if you play for Barcelona you get some kind of bonus though :-/
  8. maybe +1/2 broken toe meant he has missed most of this season so far will be backup to Garay & Gabriel
  9. Worldwide Risers

    Gouiri + Adli As they are already in Europe. But these are kids
  10. Some of the sub forums allow you to post a new topic, but you cant reply on the threads, Its a grave yard in places
  11. Its not a direct comparison of Zaha and Sisto as players. Im comparing the incremental rises of mid table clubs, as lets face it last season between 8th and 17th, there was 6 points, so Palace are a mid table club too? 41 points, Celta had 45. Ive played SM for 8 years, im only relaying back what ive seen over the years. I am well aware of his achievements to date, but the fact was Sisto was not an absolute regular last season compared to other players, only this season he is established on the team sheet. He may well get 89 at the end of season should his blistering form continue, merely stating that his teammates Mallo, and Johnny, - who are just as responsible for Celtas success - is that there have been consistent first XI players for several seasons, same with Zaha, all 3 have gone 87>88>89. Sisto was never going to go 89 this time round. Your kind of underrating the contributions of Zaha, and Pulisic. I would hardly say Pulisic has 'done nothing' he plays every week in league, champions league and internationally - rating wise there are still 15 players rated higher in game at BvB yet he is a starter, so are we saying he should get no rise or 88? 88 which would having him under Philipp, and equal to Durm/Dahoud/Rode? Its the bigger picture. and Zaha single handedly makes Palace a competitive team. He's the star man, hence he gets 89 after 'longevity of consistency' Ok, so why should Volland get 90, he was bit part last season, cant justify straight to 90 off a purple patch so far this season - and Leverkusen form has been so irratic and underwhelming. Sokratis 92 prehaps again longevity of consistency - i mean what else does a defender have to do if he plays at the highest level nationally and internationally, Reus is obvious - world class when fit goal ratio is impeccable but they cant protected him any longer it is becoming farcial, and Bernat, well how can you justify a rotation player with no look in for Spain to sustain a 91 since June 2015 when he last was a key player that season... - then again, with those i don't see your point comparing those 4 from Bundesliga with Sisto...
  12. Worldwide Risers

    Players have hit 90 in Brazil, in Neymar did, Dede, Damiao, Paulinho Its a possibility, say 30% chance. If Gremio & Luan do well in the Intercontinental Cup, it will boost his chance
  13. Worldwide Risers

    Perr Schuurs, Ajax have gone ahead and signed him. Had him at Liverpool on trial earlier this year and were very interested in signing him. Will remain at Fortuna Sittard this season. One to watch, i rate him alot. Could better than De Ligt/Wober even. Ajax have a ready replacement lined up should they cash in. Team captain at 18. Born leader, Shows maturity beyond his years. Nice project going on at Fortuna Sittard with former Ajax player & Nigeria coach Sunday Oliseh in charge. Made some big calls and favouring a youth approach, drilled a defensive unit and playing attacking flair football. Transformed the club from when he took over.
  14. will come in time, maybe not end of this season, but in 12 months. Longevity of consistency IE Zaha, and clubmates Mallo & Castro
  15. 85? he is hardly a starter. 82 is fine considering Kevin Rodrigues is a starter this season got to 83.