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  1. Too early to say. The appearances mostly came from Regional State Championships so they likely will not feature in the new season. Pedrinho is the hype player. Leo Jaba is getting minutes, as is Rosetto, Viachetto, Elias Curzel is a promise, several of the Sport players impessed in the State games But as i said, its too early to say
  2. Only Vizeu linked to a move, but would be a poor choice. The rest are to stay in Brazil, none are key starters
  3. sell the lot, none are to be 89 any time soon...
  4. In what context? players like Tche Tche & Arao will be 85/86 so what use are they to your team? Franca, Jailson, Douglas Augusto, Maycon, Vizeu & Clayson are become key players so will continue to rise.
  5. Predictions didnt turn out too bad!
  6. Van Gaals good work at rebuilding your club with a project using young talent is already being destroyed Pleases me United going backwards, Klopp has pretty much blooded more youth talent in his 18 months at Liverpool than Mourinho has done in his whole career Im concerned for the likes of Rashfords developement as an England player, by remaining at United with Jose in charge. He simply doesnt have the skills to develop young talent.
  7. This again lol..
  8. Absolutely not. Best player in Brazil.
  9. He wont play much, predominately a right winger but can play left side of the front 3. Ajax pick Younes & Traore. Kluivert & Neres will be reserves
  10. I'd like to hear why you think that
  11. lol i am alright with the clubs I have. Thnx for the invite though.

  12. Your english is good! From what i understand Dorival wanted him to stay and the board wanted to loan out for 1 year, started well but lost his way, ended up behind Joel too Once Kayke & Bruno Henrique are registered, they will play! plus Thiego Ribeiro is back this season!
  13. Rodrigao goes from hero to zero back to hero at Santos will now lead the line after Ricardo Oliveiras illness and Kayke, Bruno Henrique not registering in time! Was strongly tipped to leave Santos due to lack of playing time and the boards lack of faith as a capable understudy to Oliveira!
  14. Squads getting annouced for the regionals, Luidy is left out of Corinthians roster, for he needs conditioning work. Very impressive in Serie B Palmeiras talent Vitinho gets the nod after impressing in a friendly cameo v Chapecoense, over Hyoran who Palmeiras signed for 7M and refused to loan back to Chapecoense! Now he has no place in the squad!
  15. Young Atleti defender Lucas Hernandez arrested for assaulting his girlfriend :-/