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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Why Khammas, 19 years old, that get a raise of 7 to 77 is only value in 400k? When people with same age and worse rating have a higher value or same coditions are value in doble? No sense For exemple: Declan Rice, 19yo, 77 -> 700k Robert Gumny, 19yo, 77 -> 800k Dimitris Nikolaou, 19yo, 76 -> 700k Myziane Maolida, 19yo, 76 ->1.6M
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    What about Maffeo?
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Of course he stays... He's going well positioned for the 6th Ballon D'or (in last 5 years won 4) since the time to climb from 98 to 99 was an injustice, it does not make sense to descend
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I have the follow players... De Gea (Start 11) Mile Svilar Daniel Carvajal (Start 11) Joshua Kimmich Marcelo (Start 11) David Alaba Sérgio Ramos (Start 11) Jerome Boateng (Start 11) Samuel Umtiti Raphael Varane Toni Kroos (Start 11) Kevin De Bruyne (Start 11) Paul Pogba Isco Lionel Messi (Start 11) Marco Asensio Cristiano Ronaldo (Start 11) Neymar (Start 11) Gareth Bale Eden Hazard Luis Suarez (Start 11) Gabriel Jesus There's anything else to improve? Where and with who? PS Im 5 times england's champion in a row and 560M for players
  5. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Good joke? See Benfica vs. Man Utd, Atletico, Sporting vs. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico and Juventus
  6. Rahul W's rating predictions

    U say that... But the 3 clubs can play face to face with any top team of your "top" leagues
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    In Portugal u players reach the 90 too
  8. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Kimpembe I look for a left back 90 that will come up, for sure, in next revision... Can be a right back too, i put Hysaj on left
  9. Rahul W's rating predictions

    For sure? U know more LB that can rise 89->90 or, for preference, 90->91?
  10. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I just saw it later... thx One more thing, should i trade Dost for Balotelli? or anyother stricker 89/90 that its very probable that gonna rise to 90/91...
  11. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Thx And if i sell Bakayoko and buy Allan (Napoli)?
  12. Underworld (GW ID: 361635)

    I made my aply

    I made my apply for Danubio
  14. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Tell me what u think... I will buy Milinkovic-Savic instead of Florenzi, Zielinski and Can Sell Max Philipp and buy José Callejon Sell Max Meyer and buy Angel Correa Sell De Sciglio and buy Hysaj Sell Coates and buy [in this positio i have 3 coices tell who u think is better and have more probability to rise (in Rahul prediction the 3 will rise) buy José Gimenez, De Vrij or Romagnoli] If u know any player who is a better to buy tell me pls
  15. Can, Zielinski or Florenzi

    Who should i buy: Emre Can, Piotr Zielinski or Florenzi? My question is because if Can and Zielinski can rise to 91 in next update and if Florenzi can go to 92...