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  1. Oh I think Celta Vigo are a good team, & confidence in Spanish football is high at the mo but they have stuttered this season. Lyon have the individual players to pose way more of a threat.
  2. Zlat's all folks...
  3. Congratulations on qualifying for the semi finals of the Europa League, other than maybe Lyon none of the other teams should pose much of a threat... ...but saying that neither should a team whose starting XI and bench combined cost a third of what it cost to sign Pogba. I pray to god Mourinho uses Rashford correctly and develops him properly, he has looked sensational. Might go to the semi when tickets go on sale, me and 7 mates are going to Barcelona-Villareal and a few of them went last night with chat of going to the semis too.
  4. For me it would be 3-4-3: Heaton Alderweireld - Luiz - Keane Mane/Sanchez - Dele - Kante - Alonso Lukaku - Kane - Hazard Actually now I have written it out I'm not sure, Walker deserves to be there, Herrera potentiall but never in a million years is he getting in over Dele & Kante. Mane I find a hard due to injury, when playing, he's devestating, so its a toss up between him & Sanchez. I hate this anyways, season isn't even over yet.
  5. PFA Premier League Team Of The Year: De Gea Walker - Luiz - Cahill - Rose Hazard - Dele - Kante - Mane Kane - Lukaku How Alonso isn't in there over Rose I'm not sure anyone could explain. And there area bout 5/6 keepers that should be ahead of DDG in this team.
  6. Mourinho has unearthed some right gems this season. Bailly, Pogba, Mikhi & Ibra are some discoveries by the man!
  7. People like Der Commander got banned from these forums for trolling less than you do. You are a total ass clown but I salute you in trolling so well. You must be an old forumer, the aforementioned Der Commander, IanMco maybe because, and I mean this in the most sincerest way possible, nobody & I mean nobody can be this stupid on such a consistent level. FYI Mourinho signed Pogba in the summer, he unearthed a gem there, google him if you don't know about that young not established talent (who would have been better off staying at Juve FWIW).
  8. I'm not sure why people even bother with notalentsearcher anymore but Kev has royally ruined him there - what a joy those posts are.
  9. A great tactical display by Utd stiffled us, which is refreshing to see rather than the utter crap Jose has come out with since day 1 of his Utd tenure. Utd get no luck at Old Trafford though do they. A clear handball for the first and then a deflection for the second, the club must be sick of never having decisions go their way at OT ;). Alonso was a massive loss, but I think it was more Conte being caught off guard by Utd setting up the same way in the losses vs us this season. Can't win them all, dust ourselves off and move on.
  10. 24 shots at home with one goal. Goes to show everything isn't stats based (Gueye reference there). No more of those games please lads!
  11. Then sod off from this thread. In fact the last however many posts have been about Utd. Take it to that thread everyone.
  12. Pogba can't help hitting the post, lol. Pogba is a complete midfielder, lol. Getting me tiresome by the post.
  13. If I was Ashton Kucher I'd be married to Mila Kunis...
  14. phaha ok. Should be better at shooting for £90m. Plus if I was Ashton Kucher I'd be married to Mila Kunis.
  15. £32m. Nice to have you posting mate