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  1. Official Manchester United Thread

    Good luck with that, I don’t believe you
  2. Official Manchester United Thread

    Actually obsessed - are you secretly a Chelsea fan?
  3. Official Manchester United Thread

    For a Man Utd ‘fan’ you seem utterly obsessed with Chelsea @TalentSearcher
  4. Official Manchester United Thread

    Couldn’t agree more. What a load of shiit
  5. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    @1000dB why are you bothering to reply to this dickhead? why is anyone posting on this wasteland of a forum? why am I? ... signing out, peace.
  6. Official Manchester United Thread

    Haha this is glorious - having to reference back to 18 years ago. Utd always get an easy draw.
  7. Official Manchester United Thread

    God forbid anything remotely promising is said about something other than Utd, you useless strand of pubic hair.
  8. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    Had a long weekend in Amsterdam. What's up bro?
  9. Official Manchester United Thread

    Not sure what game you were watching? I'm not sure playing well for 12 minutes of a 90 minute (plus stoppage time) constitutes playing well tbh. Pogba was average at best, at best - I am still struggling to see what other people are. Rashford was trying way too hard and failing, he needs to improve on his final ball (crossing & freekicks, corners seem ok). So much potential. Matic has started ok actually, can't ague there. Lukaku is one of those frustrating strikers where he will score a goal but it will take five chances. One goal wins are the (usual if not drawing) Mourinho though, and 3 points are 3 points at the end of the day. I maintain being a big fan of Mkhitaryan, he looked more like himself last night. CB partnership is a concern yes, if only you had 2 £30m CB's, hmm.
  10. Official Manchester United Thread

    That midfield of Real's is next level. Isco is sublime. Hala Madrid!¡
  11. Official Manchester United Thread

    Matic to Utd confirmed. I am not overly fussed whatsoever about losing him as the fee is absolutely brilliant. What I am fussed about is his usefulness at Utd - in the last two years he has genuinely forgotten how to intercept and tackle but its the likes of Mkhi who will benefit from the move. He is there to fill a gap, and whether is good (he isnt that good) or not he'll sit there content at DM. Manchester United slowly turning into Mancheslea United.
  12. Official Manchester United Thread

    He really needs to start converting these chances, not good enough.
  13. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    The Sevilla point is a pretty interesting one.
  14. Official Chelsea FC Thread

    More 'Lindelof' defending haha. Thank god it's only preseason games! Like Conte said, we must avoid a Jose Mourinho season.