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  1. It looks like Tammy Abraham will join Swansea on loan.
  2. Are you a Sporting Lisbon fan too Rahul?
  3. He won't be going home anyway
  4. Agreed. He still has a couple of years at the very top. Sporting couldn't afford to bring him home anyway.
  5. No they are sources.
  6. Are sources official?
  7. Hey Iook at that, the Utd website is the first place to announce the signing of Lindelof....
  8. Good thing I didn't name you in my calling out post then.. You are quite right that Utd have been linked to a dozen or more players, as have other clubs & rumours are fine, but some like Rahul should know better than to post about it being a done deal, or that he's 'on his way'. I grouped Utd fans together as Utd fans seem to suffer from donedealonitis more than others (not denying that every club has those kind of fans, ITK geezers & inside info fellas etc) - if you don't believe me just check through this thread from June-September of each year. For what it's worth I think letting Ibrahimovic go makes business sense with his wages, and being an ardent Real fan I think Morata will be a great addition to any team in the Prem.
  9. Ronaldinho, Willian, Pedro, Thiago, Baines, Fabregas, Bale, Hummels. Ramos?, Otamendi. Weren't they all 'done deals' & 'on their way' if I remember rightly?
  10. I'm going to be very sceptical on paper talk (for any club) this summer with the amount of utter guff already talked about, be it from people I respect like Rahul, or someone like noTalentSearcher - there isn't anybody I won't moan at. I thought Utd fans would know better as well.
  11. Ah so he's not on his way, officially. The 'agreeing terms with Real' bit will be interesting.
  12. Who knows what we are going to do with him. Conte is the boss though
  13. Official Utd website link?
  14. @Cvilhete TS posts 1 good post in 99 and the rest is utter tripe. Just look at what he's posted about transfers and we aren't even through the first week of June, going to become very tedious, very quickly. Next he'll latch on to Benzema to Utd as he took a picture with SAF after the final.