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  1. A mixture of stats and hype, mixed in with respect to their team, league and country. Its a bit of ablend of all things, and once you have played a while and seen a few ratings cycles you start to get an innate feel for it
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Kolasinac has 0 chance of a 91
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    1) said probably 2) Never said he could not get 94 at Pool (in fact in a prior post i used RVO and Suarez as examples of a premium striker getting a rating better than their club deserves), said i didnt think he would jump +2. Your Aubameyang example only serves to strenghten my argument, as youll find he got only +1s.
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I think Liverpools team coefficient will hold back Salah from a 94 directly. If he were in a cloe run thing or the likely winner sure, but pool *probably* cant quite get him the +2 vault. Kane will get 94 though imo, but he will be stuck there for a long while. Rahuls Aresnal reviews: the only team i am ever qualified to rank these days. Bellerin wont get 91, Koscielny wont drop unless they come down harder on Arsenal for 6th/no CL than I expect. Monreal so deserves a 91, but Arsenal cant get it for him this time around. I actually dont think we will see a single change from Arsenals +90s in this review, except maybe Cech dropping, and the only person in miracle distance of a rise is maybe Mustafi but id give him like 15% on a good day. I hope the drop Welbeck lol Holding and Maitland niles are spot on for me, and nelson, willock Nketiah are in the right zones too.
  5. Custom Setup Requires Managers

    Have a team available in my EPL GW, caretaker manager on it at the moment. Juventus featuring Cech Fernandinho Otamendi Dier Danilo Kolasinac overall a good competitive team to be picked up Pm me ingame so i can let the caretaker quit clucas1 rules can be found here
  6. Cam's Premier League World

    Have a team available, caretaker manager on it at the moment. Juventus featuring Cech Fernandinho Otamendi Dier Danilo Kolasinac overall a good competitive team to be picked up Pm me ingame so i can let the caretaker quit clucas1
  7. Rahul W's rating predictions

    for me Verrati - Koke - Thiago but they are all good. Poor old Mesut who i bloody love, is not going a speck over 94 at Arsenal, who he just signed the rest of his prime years with. Edit - Honestly i think Mesut will dodge the drop this season, but he is even a chance at 93. If he can keep nothcing up 15-20 assits a season he will be okay, but the way Arsenal are going....
  8. Rahul W's rating predictions

    It all depends on Arsenal or a move down the track. He is actually very very good, and atm we at Arsenal are making him look second rate. His off the ball work is good, as is his tackling, recovery and heading. His downside is he is too keen to get involved in attacks and an get caught out big time on a counter. I think at Arsenal he can get a 92, if Arsenal bounce back next season and get CL spots, but thats his ceiling. The only way for him to crack that would be to go to a top Euro club (bayern, City, Juve, PSG, Barca or Real) As or Kane v Dybala. both have bags of upside in different ways. Although Argy are curently not their best as JMH says, Argie > England pretty much always and forever lol. Dybala has the better club prospect in terms of a 'SM rating coefficeint' so that will help him, if we take out any moving of clubs from either of them Juve > Spurs. That said, Kanes EPL status will help him, as thaty league is rated stronger than any other outside of the Euro titans in other leagues. It also always seems tog et more attention as its the most popular league. Spurs are on the up (and as a Gooner you have no idea how much i dont wanna type that) and looks like they can cement another year of CL. they can surely have a 94 striker if they are prolific enough (Suarez livepool, RVP Arsenal are a couple of EPL strikers who were on fire in middling euro powers). Personally, if i were pickingright now, id take Kane and I hate that so and so. Dybala may well go further, might be even the better player, so who knows and you cant lose on this one, I dont watch Dybala more than 1-2 times a year o im not qualified on who id actually buy if i was a real life scout buit based on 11 years of watcing SM do ratings, id lean Kane for now.
  9. 87+

    Also M. Bruno has 94 goals and 77 assists which should be good for the list looking at page 1. bit outta date, and this isnte end of season but who knows when ill bother looking next.
  10. 87+

    Akpa Akpro has 373 appearances for Doncaster after being transferred today, if that is record worthy i am not sure
  11. New players added

    answering an earlier question, the value of a player on SM is no longer purely age/rating but now factors in position a littel, but more importantly there is some other kind of talent metric. im not sure where this data is puleld from to determine it, but you will see young 89/90 rated players have 4M value differences if they are on the hype train Werner is 4M more than Sane for example. They have altered the position (doubtful) or the data that decides how much talent/desire there is for the player and it has raised his base value. has happened to me a few times going early on a player.
  12. Official Manchester United Thread

    yes, Stoke arent Pulis' Stoke anymore, but 7 goals is seven goals. Yes its only 3 points, 2 more than you gained at Anfield though and if you just watch them compared to the second best in the league this season (You guys imo) they are just on another planet atm. Id be more worried about that 2 point gap than i would Chelsea beneath me as a United fan
  13. Official Manchester United Thread

    Chelsea might have dropped some really easy points, but surely you are looking the wrong way? if you look up, you will see the PL leaders who just absolutely tore apart stoke like they were the local u/19 div 2 side. Id be more worried about them
  14. Worldwide Risers

    Gyrano Kerk. +1 Jan 2016. Played 1129 minutes fr 4 goals with Utrechcht and 1020 mins wuth 8 for Utrech 2 in 16/17 alone sicne that, and lined up again for Utrecth in opening game. Get him.