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  1. Thanks for the well wishes all. Huddo, shut up in advance
  2. New Baby, New forums, same old Gordo with his bad predictions!! Havent been on the forums much and probably still wont be with all the business of new baby, just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you all know im still here, and managing the clubs. If i get a EVENT of course ill come in to see it etc, but otherwise ill mostly be contributing in game. Predict a 3 goal win away to Huddo AT LEAST.
  3. I have 3 ABD, but my eleven is pretty great so i dont need to sell that many
  4. Hey i dont mind the old snarky banter we get in here, but when it is 3-4 consecutive posts directed to one person it is getting to be too much. Didn't warn you didnt infract you just said calm it down. IF you dont like that, take a long walk off a short... whatever to the next website
  5. Well He gets to stay in Italy and tbf Juventus are are more succesfull team right at this moment so cant blame him. Will make Naingollan a pipe dream now you would think which is sad cause he was one of the potential signings i was most juiced for this EPL season.
  6. Too much trolling Ash, watch the multi posts
  7. He just about was, BUt he doesnt offer mcuh offensively and is older. Monreal is perectly fine, greatr in fact, But rodriguez imo would be a massive signing, he bombs forward much more aggrseively which Arsenal need as our wingers in the 4-2-3-1 do not traditionally play wide. Its like City signing Messi (not to scale) Aguero is a monster but if you could get Messi you would. RR would be a mint signing, only Vardy could prove to be more decisive but like most Arsenal fans i am not sure on him. Definitely optomistic though, my only worry with Vardy is he plays at blistering pace on teh counter at Leicester. dont know how is going to go with his back against 2 CB in Arsenals slow build system.
  8. Personally dont think Candreva is the right move, nor do I see Lukaku back at Chelsea in my mind. If Kante moves id wager on it being PSG. Pjanic makes the most sense for me. Seems reasonable for all parties and a great signing for Chelsea. I think that rumour is the one to watch out of those listed.
  9. Jese and vazquez so similar in so many facets (team, nationality, minutes, stats, position etc) They shoudl have beena djusted equally. I dont see how you can give Vazquez +1 but not Jese, they are basically the same guy in different bodies
  10. Oh lordy 2-6!!!! Thats what you get for tipping yourself! and youve done it again!
  11. A big welcome to Tom Pham. we still have 1 or 2 more availablities if anyone wantsa. 3 games left of the season and then we start anew!
  12. everyone says he is old etc and sure you dont want to build a team around him (thats what martial and rashford are for) But the guy is just a brutally effective football and a bit of a wizard. Worth every penny if you get him. My yardstick is always "how jealous am i that Arsenal arent signing them" Bailly - 5 Auba or Ibra - 10!
  13. the reasons you state for slow and long ball are both sound, but just not as a combination. you want quality over quantity but then play a long ball? either Fast - Direct/Long ball or slow-mixed/short. Good luck