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  1. Player transfered for the lower bid

    Just happened again... 55M from me rejected. 53M from other team accepted...
  2. Although I can see this is pretty much dead, I'll post this as it's funny So in my save Marco Asensio was at Fiorentina and Bayern bids 48.3 mil. So I instantly bid 49M. My offer got rejected because "he's an important member of the team and will not be sold for any price" and Bayern's offer get's accepted. But wait, it didn't even say it was accepted, it just came a news saying "Bayern signs Asensio". And the price? 48.3M. Awesome
  3. My save vanished.. wth?

    Oh... that sucks... they could at least say "hey, sorry we lost your save, here's the credits you spent with it back.." In terms of money I didn't spend any. The credits I had I got through playing (I guess, I never gave it any attention), but still sucks that they screwed up and didn't even sent an email about it.. Thanks for the info anyway, though
  4. My save vanished.. wth?

    I had a save (the only one) that simply vanished. I spent quite a few credits on it to better facilities and get scout reports... why did it vanish?
  5. I like running up my debt >:-)

    That's another thing. Coming in 2nd is almost as bad as coming in last. Las 2 seasons I spent the whole time in 1st only to drop to 2nd on the last match...
  6. Signing of a player with 2 equal offers

    Good ol' random... *sigh*
  7. So, in my gameworld Renato Sanches just became availabe for signing and me and a rival both offered the maximum allowed. He made an offer, I offered maximum, he canceled his offer and offered maximum aswell. Why oh why did the player sign with him instead of me?
  8. I like running up my debt >:-)

    Is it really my failure that SM doesn't allow me to do anything for the finantial health of my club other than hoarding players? In season 1 I grabbed probably the worst team in portuguese 2nd division and 18 seasons later the first 11 averages 96. The stadium remained with the same 8k seats most of the time until very recently it was pumped up to an amazing 13k seats. And I suppose to compete finantially with teams with 50k and 65k stadiums... They turn a profit even without hoarding players. I'm losing 100M per season... How's this my failure?
  9. It's already the third day that I can't open soccermanager's website. I use Firefox, but even IE can't open it. I live in China, did this game just got banned here? It doesn't make sense, but I see no other explanation. I've been playing for over 5 years without nterruption, and the last 10 months I've been here in China and have had no problems so far. Even lately I've been playing on soccermanager 2015.. It's not that I can't login or something like that, it's the actual website that doesn't open. Please help..
  10. Hello everyone. Here's my team. I wonder what your opinions are on some of the players. http://prntscr.com/5bf85n Do you think the ones underlined may drop in the near future? And how about the ones in a rectangle, do they have a chance to rise? Cheers.
  11. How to make money?

    Re: How to make money? Only thing I can think of is that some things aren't implemented yet. But after several games deleted and new ones started to test things out, it looks like it is possible to recieve offers for your players, they're just stupidly rare, the player cap is not the same for every club, and is virtually not possible to fire players that are not youth. Tried firing a 41 year old GK rated 81 (or something around that) from Chelsea and the board didn't allow that. So, I'm a bit lost. If you know more than me, feel free to help me out, I'm always willing to learn.
  12. How to make money?

    Re: How to make money?
  13. How to make money?

    Re: How to make money? Single player. Isn't this the correct forum for that? If it isn't, sorry, but it was the one that looked the most apropriate.
  14. How to make money?

    Re: How to make money? Wow, no answers and only 39 views.. I had no idea that so few people were trying this game out. I'll keep playing as long as I can save (yesterday I lost a lot of progress because when clicking the save button nothing happened). But it's kind of stupid that I can't buy good players because I can't get money and I can't sign youngsters because 1) I can't sell players, 2) The board doesn't let me fire crappy players I'll never use, and 3) There's a cap on the number of players I can have. Now combine the 3.
  15. How to make money?

    Ok, so I've just completed my first season and I'm starting the second. During the season I sent my 20/20 scout lots of times and there's some youngsters I'd like to sign. But I consistently lose lots of money and can't sim to make much back and I'm constantly at a loss. I've listed several players for sale and loan since the beginning of season 1 but there's absolutely no interest in them. That or selling players is not implemented yet. The only offer I had was to loan a player I hadn't listed. If I don't sell I won't be able to reach the end of the 2nd season in the green (started 1st season at 15 mil and ended bellow 2 mil. 2nd season started at 13 mil because I won league and cup and the board injected 5 mil, but the day after I lost 1.5 mil just like that). I can't even sell to reduce salaries, and the fact that the loaned out players never came back also doesn't help...