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  1. I'll take four goals against a dismal West Ham. It could, and probably should have been more, but a great start nonetheless, and to see a good footballing display at OT again is a huge relief in itself. Lukaku was decent, and Pogba brilliantly inconsistent (as is usually the case), but I cannot ask more from Matic. What a performance by him, and to think that Herrera didn't even feature today. If he plays like this every game I don't see many teams breaking down United's midfield this season. Great to see Martial on the scoresheet too, though Rashford should have had one as well. Matic MOTM. Jones, Blind, Mata and Mkhitaryan were excellent as well.
  2. And in Ibrahimovic's defence, at least he tries to provide some kind of outlet when making runs that can possibly be flagged offside. My main criticism of him last year was his wastefulness in front of goal, but when you're the leading goalscorer by quite a margin, beggars can not afford to be choosers.
  3. Look at the run in question. Only a complete fool would go after that. Kroos knows it, the world knows it - Lukaku is a grade-A donkey.
  4. Don't forget the offside run - it is one thing missing easy chances, but it is a totally different thing not knowing one of the fundamental rules of football.
  5. I'm starting to think that the Carlton Palmer comparisons are more of an insult to him than to Pogba. Absolutely horrendous once again, and for anyone wondering what the best midfielders in the world look like, they were all wearing black today. Modric MOTM.
  6. Mixed feelings about TFM going to Palace - on one hand I will be happy to watch him grow under a manager that knows him very well, but on the other hand I feel like this is just another one of Mourinho's plans to get rid of the less-experienced players, only to replace them with overpaid, overhyped morons.
  7. And for a second time this transfer window, United have had their pants pulled down to their ankles. Don't get me wrong, Matic is good, but only on a good day, and 40M for a player who is very much hot and cold is just way too much. Plus he's not particularly young anymore, which makes this "investment" even crazier. Not saying Chelsea will have it any easier with Bakayoko, but at least the latter has time (and room) to improve. It is also gutting to see that this all but confirms Blind's status at United, as he'll most definitely be limited to performances as a full back (and centre back if need be) - a shame really, as I really wanted to see him make that holding midfield position his own. He's basically got the same demeaour as Carrick, and would only become better in that role if tutored in the appropriate way, but it seems like Jose's got different plans. Plus, with Perisic looking unlikely, I'd hazard a guess and say that this was United's last activity in this transfer window. I'd obviously still want to see some players leave (cough Smalling cough, cough Jones cough), though Mourinho has made it clear that he wants to keep the squad as large as possible, which is understandable. Also delighted to hear that he's not planning on loaning anyone out, meaning that [Andreas] Pereira finally gets to show his worth. Definitely expecting big stuff from him, and also from some of the youngsters who have demonstrated some promising stuff in this pre-season tour, i.e. McTominay, Fosu-Mensah, Mitchell, etc. With that in mind, here's my predictions for the line-ups: De Gea/Romero (Pereira) Valencia (Fosu-Mensah/Young**) Bailly (Jones/Smalling/Blind) Lindelof (Rojo*) Darmian/Shaw (Blind) Matic/Carrick Herrera (Pereira/McTominay) Pogba (Fellaini) Mkhitaryan/Mata (Lingard) Rashford/Martial Lukaku (Rashford/Martial/Ibrahimovic***) * I'd expect Rojo to start against most opponents, as he's really turned into a solid centre back under Mourinho. Plus, he has the aggressivity you often need against the top teams (though preferably moderate aggressivity, meaning no two-footers and flying elbows). Lindelof will have time until the new year to prove me wrong though. ** Young will probably be second choice once he comes back from injury, though only time can tell how important Fosu-Mensah becomes in this upcoming season. Judging by what I've seen so far, if you are able to keep Gareth Bale in your back pocket for a solid 45 minutes, you deserve to be in contention for a starting spot in this United team, not to forget the amount of players he kept schtum when playing in good ol' Aloysius' United side. *** Aah, Zlatan... Well if he does stay, which I think he will, the main question is whether or not he'll be ahead of Lukaku in the pecking order. And honestly, I just cannot see Zlatan playing second fiddle to anyone, let alone someone with the same amount of technique he has in his left testicle. A big game player Lukaku will unfortunately never be, as he just lacks the mentality for it, so Zlatan starts if fit. Mourinho has made it clear that the squad will rotate throughout the season, and in all competitions, meaning that even the goalkeeper's spot is not fixed. I find that fair to be honest, especially considering how Romero has been an incredible professional since joining the club. He's a great goalkeeper, and I'd definitely understand the point in choosing him over De Gea for certain games, as he for one has an impeccible aerial presence, which in turn is still De Gea's main weakness. It will definitely be interesting to see how all of this materialises of course, as in theory United once again have one of the strongest teams on paper, though that means little to nothing nowadays.
  8. Lindelof has been absolutely terrible in the games I've followed so far - not an ounce of composure, despite that being one of his fort├ęs. Based on that I'd expect to see Bailly and Jones to be the CB duo for the start of the season. Impressed with [Andreas] Pereira and Fosu-Mensah.
  9. @Jamie3184 I honestly wouldn't rate any Belgian's performance in the national team, as they're quite possibly as dreadful as the English, albeit with a million times more talent and potential.
  10. Still didn't push Everton any further up the table, did it? Goals really mean nothing when the results don't follow - ask any Liverpool fan for confirmation.
  11. Concerning Rooney, he's definitely being used as part of the Lukaku deal, which would make the latter the first 100M deal in net value, excluding agents' fee that is. United getting properly mugged off here.
  12. Lukaku's "Premier League proven" tag can be overthrown by a single fact, being that in his most prolific season to date, his goals had no influence whatsoever on Everton's final position in the league table. Say what you want, but to me that is incredibly worrying, as when you pair that with his remarkably low tally against the so-called "top clubs", it becomes clear that he is another one of those "small team bullies" who does not turn up for the important games. Today's rumours suggest Chelsea weighing up a bid for Morata, which would apparently be around the 70M mark. Still horribly overpriced, but definitely a better option than Lukaku in my opinion, as at least the former knows how to control the ball when put under pressure.
  13. Disasterous. Now watch Chelsea snap up a quality forward for half the price.
  14. Matic links are heating up - getting seriously worried now.
  15. But then again, Matic is apparently being lined up as a 40M target for United, which is also quite frankly absurd.