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  1. What sources give it as a done deal? I've only seen mentions of personal terms agreed and transfer fee still a way apart. Also Milan having agreed personal terms with Morata and looking to do a deal with Madrid. Not that I would call anything i have seen as having come from a source
  2. Scumbag Ramos, unbelievably pathetic.
  3. Pleased Utd went through, although it would have had to have been a shambles of a performance for them not to. Loving Zlatan and hope he comes back from his injury to play next season with United. I think another season for Rashford like this one, in terms of how he is being used, will set him up well to take over from Zlatan as the main threat up top for United. He could probably do it already but I don't think another year like this would hurt his development. I still stand by my opinion of Pogba not being what United were so desperate for in the summer, the money could obviously have been spent better in other areas. He has shown glimpses of brilliance with his passing and picking out players but it has been far to irregular for his price tag.
  4. Hahahahahaha this absolutely destroyed me! How on gods green earth you can call anyone stupid is beyond me. I've known more intelligent donkeys! Alli and Donnarumma aren't established?! Are you having a giraffe! Jesus wept!
  5. Can someone add a player on SW for me? Over 3000 first team minutes. I tried but i am no longer at a high enough level to be able to submit requests, seems a bit ridiculous.
  6. The Bears so I know your pain
  7. Unbelievable!!! What a game. Greatest come back or greatest choke? Either way he has to be the best ever QB!
  8. Can not be titsed to read all the post since last being on but this post sums up the last two pages, cracked me up! True fans actually see flaws in their team, own up to them and want improvement. Not just make excuse after excuse.
  9. Ash watchin the super bowl tonight? Who you got? Who you want to win?
  10. Who was trolling? I was deadly serious if you were referring to me, La Liga is the absolute pits!
  11. Every single La Liga player should get a -1 just for playing in La Liga. The most over hyped, over rated, fan boy driven league in the world. Doctors no longer prescribe Xanax for insomnia, they give away La Liga season review DVD's.
  12. If you re read my post I never said you should buy Kroos! It's an example of a player that might seem unattainable until a large amount of money is added into the equation. Fair enough, I still don't think it is the best buy/option. his game doesn't seem to be best suited to the needs you have described, in the vast majority of big games he has been involved in he hasn't exactly shone either. Hope it works out for United though and I get to eat some humble pie at the end of the season. The Premier League could do with the top teams being some of the most competitive in the world game again.
  13. So an extortionate amount of money comes flooding into the game and it has no effect of transfer values? Behave. Ben is correct, teams are more capable of rising valuations as they have a greater income now thanks to the huge T.V payments. What once might have been a £10 million deal is now a £20-£30 million deal. Have a look at all the deals across the Premier League clubs and you will see that they are more inflated than you would expect, is this by coincidence? Haha. I didn't see any of the game but saw the score line and that he bagged himself a brace, assumed he must have played pretty well. Take it that wasn't the case? My issues with the Pogba deal are not about how much money is being spent, pretty safe to say that Untied could pay 2 or 3 times the value and still be good financially. It is more that I feel it is money being spent on a luxury that is neither of the most important position to address nor the best in that particular position. I know you've come up with the argument of who else is available and Pogba is the best that is available but surely every player has a price. As an example if you went to Real Madrid and offered £150 million for Kroos would they turn it down? Considering they were looking at a decent size clear out until they got the Champions League prize money I'm doubtful. I know I'm an outsider looking in but I would have thought that a player to clean up in front of the back line, play the ball out from just in front of the back and a player that would unnerve the opposition in terms of physicality a la Ince/Keane/Butt is more of a priority than an attacking player. Something you have plenty of. Who do United really have that can play that role at present? Schniederlin, Carrick and Blind? I would say Blind is the best of the lot in that role but he isn't exactly a world beater, certainly not what £100+ million could buy you.
  14. An all round midfielder that is poor defensively?! Not sure how that works LOL I was using examples of how stats can be made to manipulate a debate, unless you really know what you're talking about they are a pointless reference tool. If you don't think that the T.V money has contributed to the rise in prices you are deluded.