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  1. Thoughts on Frenkie De Jong? Rise to 82/83? Or maybe more? He's been amazing this season.
  2. Ballon d'Or - Top 20 players in the world ratings

    No clue how and why Benzema is in there when he hasn't been world class for about 3 years now... De Gea and Bonucci should have been higher. And of course the 'controversial' opinion that Messi should have been 1
  3. naby keita

  4. Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    How is it "not fair" if he deserves it?
  5. Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Agree 100% Also Fabian Ruiz of Betis was robbed of 85
  6. Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    He should have had a 93 yearrrssss ago. It's a shame because I highly doubt he's going to get a 93 now, not playing as well.
  7. Worldwide Risers

    I was surprised too, but I don't mind as he's a good talent. I think his rise was because of his Uruguay appearances.
  8. English Premiership Rating Predictions

    JMH probably does all the ratings which is why he's so protective over SM
  9. English Premiership Rating Predictions

    All of those guys are better than Otamendi though
  10. English Premiership Rating Predictions

    This is such a joke................
  11. English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Auba should be 93 dude.....no way does he deserve to be 95, so that's a bad example. Ibra even at his old age is better than him. Ozil hasn't been a 94 quality player for about 2 years now, not just talking about this season.
  12. English Premiership Rating Predictions

    The majority of the time SM are quite harsh on old players, I feel like his age is more the reason for his decrease IMO. But if he did decrease because of his injury then you have to ask the question as to how Reus has stayed at 94 for so long. Especially when you consider Juan Bernat got -1 just for being injured for 6 months
  13. English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Was surprised to see Jesus to 91 and Rashford to 90, but I'm not complaining! Hopefully Sterling, Young and Lingard rise tomorrow. Although I have a bad feeling that they want Jesus, Sane and Sterling to all be 91.
  14. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Oops I feel embarrassed now, thankyou haha