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  1. Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)

    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) Bigtunna : I am in the same situation. I have both. I am not an expert but i think we should keep ter stegen. he is 78 and right now he is the best goalkepper in borussia and he will play in the next season. He also was in the team of L'Equipe, so he is a player who dont deserve 78 and he has a future. About wollscheid, I dont know because I just bought him because I saw that he would rise 4/5 and I did well.
  2. Re: Players You Thought Would Get A Huge Rise But Didn't........... Ignazio Abate
  3. Re: which a defender with less than 22 years with the potential to get 90? ..., musacchio, rafael, schennikov, santon, mario gaspar
  4. Thiago Silva or Vincent Kompany?

    Re: Thiago Silva or Vincent Kompany? thiago silva off course. better player and may be he goes to Barcelona
  5. jeremy toulalon

    Re: jeremy toulalon No. he isnt going to Malaga. I would not keep him. he won't rise and he can drop in the next changes. I advice you alex song or mascherano to replace him, they play in same positions.
  6. Simon Rolfes

    Re: Simon Rolfes he will definitely stay but i would search a player who can rise like SONG or KHEDIRA to subsistute him.
  7. Neymar or Sanchez??

    Re: Neymar or Sanchez?? Good question. I have sanchez in my team, but i would choose neymar because in a big european club he will rise. maybe in long term he goes to 95 or 96. Alexis sanchez is a fantastic player and in Man united, city or barça, he can rise, but I think he won't be a 96
  8. 5 out of 8?

    Re: 5 out of 8? muller ganso rannochia badstuber m'vila
  9. huntelaar drop or stay??

    Re: huntelaar drop or stay?? I think he will drop too.
  10. moussa sow or soldado?

    Re: moussa sow or soldado? I would buy Moussa Sow. He won the french league and he did a fantastic season.
  11. Balazs Dzudsak

    Re: Balazs Dzudsak He can keep it, but he won't go to 91, i think
  12. Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III)

    Re: Bundesliga Ratings 2010/2011 (III) contento stay?
  13. Jack rodwell

    Re: Jack rodwell so is it better canales for Rodwell, right?
  14. Jack rodwell

    will rodwell stay or can he goes up in the near future?
  15. Benzema or Van Persie?

    Re: Benzema or Van Persie? Van Persie definitely. Althought benzema is younger, Van persie can possible change is rating in the near future to 94 and he is cheaper than benzema