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  1. No decisions have gone against, just poor management.
  2. I feel bad, you sound clueless and still have hopes.
  3. There should be an Amber Alert for Pogba, apparently he has gone missing, lol.
  4. Griezmann. Younger and more potential in my opinion.
  5. Just make a custom game world where you can only buy U-21 players and under a certain rating.
  6. dm

    Definitely get him if you can.
  7. If anyone is up for any deals, send me a PM. Lamela(91) & William Carvalho(90) can leave for a good price.
  8. 87+

    I've applied for Liverpool de Montevideo if that's alright.
  9. 87+

    I've applied for Liverpool de Montevideo if that's alright.
  10. I'll go for Ricardo Rodriguez.
  11. He's alright I guess.
  12. Golden boy Christian Pulisic joins us. Beware!
  13. Up to 30k coins in Ultimate team. Been doing squad building which isn't that bad. Can't wait til the 27th. Not sure what team I'll build in the meantime.
  14. Enyeama(89) ? - Bartra(88) - Balanta(86) - Ismailly(85) Lemina(86) Antonio(87) - Paredes(86) - Laxalt(86) - Suso(86) Castro(89) Got a Serie A trio in the midfield with Antonio & Suso on the wings. Castro looks to be our main striker, definitely underrated. Just need a right back and we are set