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  1. Mbappe I am not watching tonights game but he scored again the kid is incredible !! I know he won't but he could quite comfortably be on 91 right now easily and the quality he has shown is equivalent to a 92 pushing 93 for me. I know I said recently that I wouldn't like to see him leave and I don't but if he does and he adapts quickly and remains consistent he really could potentially be 92-3 with the next two ratings not counting this one or he fails life is tough get over it
  2. I was late to the sarcasm and not deleting all that lol Not at all it's literally been speculated since day 1 when he got the job and I read last week this as well and whilst watching part of a CL match the commentary team suggesting he could be sacked if they don't win CL and that it's insane to think they could actually sack him for losing a total of 6 games. (Or whatever the number is) Now this is all speculation and no-one knows for sure especially none of the commentary teams or bad journalists i'm just stating that it has been going around since he arrived and that it's nothing new. They probably are just pointing out that it shouldn't be a surprise should he be sacked if they don't win it as the board have extremely high expectations.
  3. I don't even think that looks bad heck I have a lot more but not even the worst by a stretch in one of the setups i'm in which is full but a lot less active than normal. I do have a question do loans to external only happen in Gold Championship?
  4. I am not really one for players so young moving to one of the top teams so soon and I would love Monaco to keep all the star players but what he's done and can do he's going to do pretty much anywhere as long as he's used properly and not wasted in a system that doesn't fit his style. Obviously very young and will need to adapt to a different style if he goes but I think he's good enough to build a team around and that's why I personally don't want to see him move. For sure though he could take most teams to a new level he's just so dangerous. It was weird watching him at u19 championship or whatever level it was getting outshined by Augustin who I read is possibly on his way to Dortmund. It will never happen but can you imagine Mbappe at Dortmund with Auba and Dembele if i was a defender i would be saying it's okay coach i'm sitting this one out. Or even Atletico again never happen as his love for Real Madrid but he would take Atleti to that next level. Anyway where do we see him going when he goes ? If I was Bayern or Chelsea one of the big clubs who can afford him I would absolutely break the bank to try sign him. Certainly deserving of 90 rating already would seem like a injustice not to give him it from my pov
  5. I'm not looking for a argument on what is the strongest league just your actual opinion ?
  6. Exactly I even think Kante is far more deserving of 94 than Thiago ...
  7. Sell
  8. I don't remember another player off the top of my head who got to 95 who has basically won nothing but i'm sure there are a few.
  9. Pedrinho I noticed was added haven't really had a good look but he's meant to be good.
  10. Seems like people have a different definition of the word world class and Mandzukic could be put in that category but if he is world class then there is 2 maybe 3 tiers still above that so what are they then called.
  11. If Monaco don't win anything does he still deserve 90?
  12. He's been rubbish for years he should drop imo
  13. He should drop he's abysmal he shouldn't be 89 imo
  14. Volland is terrible
  15. I think he deseves if anything at all a +1 no more and whilst he's not exactly playing I think where he ends up next is most important. I read om Transfermarkt Wolfsburg might take him on loan again no idea if true or even if it's a good idea but he'll continue to rise to 86'87 I would think in future as long as he's playing and at a reasonable club but could take time. Personally I am still holding onto him have seen his quality in front of goal at various youth levels. Rahul I fould you on twitter whilst browsing various youth football enthusiast