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  1. Pedrinho I noticed was added haven't really had a good look but he's meant to be good.
  2. Seems like people have a different definition of the word world class and Mandzukic could be put in that category but if he is world class then there is 2 maybe 3 tiers still above that so what are they then called.
  3. If Monaco don't win anything does he still deserve 90?
  4. He's been rubbish for years he should drop imo
  5. He should drop he's abysmal he shouldn't be 89 imo
  6. Volland is terrible
  7. I think he deseves if anything at all a +1 no more and whilst he's not exactly playing I think where he ends up next is most important. I read om Transfermarkt Wolfsburg might take him on loan again no idea if true or even if it's a good idea but he'll continue to rise to 86'87 I would think in future as long as he's playing and at a reasonable club but could take time. Personally I am still holding onto him have seen his quality in front of goal at various youth levels. Rahul I fould you on twitter whilst browsing various youth football enthusiast
  8. I'd like to see miltiplayer it's the only thing that would get me playing the single player so to speak. Not even sure if you can right now but can you and someone else play single player either on same cpu or no?
  9. I agree , I win league then rebuild or build a team let it get good rating re build in one setup and keep 1 where I have a top team.
  10. I see what you were thinking , i think? Who else is available at RB ? Yes you don't need change really you have the best pretty much.
  11. You think? Lol
  12. You think Griezmann would bag as many as Martial did last season ? I'm not being funny but you'd be as well keeping 80m and playing Martial up top if Zlatan leaves than buying Griezmann. He's a class act but BPL is totally different from La liga i'm sure he'd do excellent but you have Martial and Rashford who could play there. That's not going to happen of course and this is as unlikely but i've always wanted to see H.Kane play for United.
  13. 100% No Normally i'd say 99% just in case I change my mind but 100% no Never ever sell Alaba 93 CB LB & CM I'd want about 5 players minimum & Roberto and Draxler are meh anyway. Even at 5 i'd be like is this still even worth it?
  14. Gabriel JESUS is the real star of the trio both Dembele and Sane are great to and will reach a good rating but Gabriel JESUS will be a real superstar imo.
  15. Celtic Fc Celebrate A Double & Charity Shield! Mission Complete 2008 - 2017 In total 17 Trophies Best Game Word Manager [SHOWS HOW LONG IT TOOK TEBS STILL TOP TEN LOL]