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  1. Hi! There is a mute button in the app, just tap the top left menu and a speaker icon appears. Tap this to mute/unmute all in-game sound Thanks for playing :-)
  2. Re: version 0.39 Hi Martin, We have been working on this and believe we now have a fix which will be in place in the next build (v0.40) - apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting the problem Jim
  3. Re: Version 0.21
  4. Re: Version 0.21 Really sorry about that, we are still working on some bugs with Save/Load game. For bugs like this, if you could please use the Report Bug functionality in the game that would be really helpful - it automatically saves a copy of your game for us to inspect here Cheers!
  5. Re: Version 0.21 This one's really frustrating us here, as none of the devs are able to reproduce it on our machines here. Are you able to give a bit more info on what you were doing at the time to help us out please? (Just placed a bid, just finished a match, how many matches you had played up to that point etc?) And also which browser you are using, and which club you are playing as! Cheers Jim
  6. We have released Version: 0.21. What's new in this version? Club economy has been improved The match engine has been improved Unmanaged clubs may bid for players you are interested in Lots of bugs have been fixed! Save / Load game has been sped up Transfer deals collapse when you don't have the required funds Players are now only suspended for one match when they receive two yellow cards in a match Team selection for unmanaged teams has been improved Injury messages now show the correct date that a player will be available And far too many more to mention (thank you for your bug reports!) Continue to have a play in this version, provide feedback and also flag up bugs. As always if you do find a problem please let us know what you were doing in the game at that time, which club you are playing as, and which browser you are using! Also please feel free to use the "Report Bug" functionality inside the game
  7. Re: SM sorting out player pictures Thanks for the heads up on this thread We recently discovered a couple of bugs in the upload and crop features which was causing some "rubbish" to be uploaded (duplicate pictures / incorrectly cropped regions etc). These have now been fixed so the quality of uploaded images should slowly but surely improve. This part caught my eye and I thought I should mention - SM do not accept or reject any images on Soccer Wiki. The images are accepted and rejected by the community, using the Voting system.
  8. Re: Soccer Wiki Hi! To add a new player to Soccer Wiki you need to register an account there and login, then hover over "Database" in the top menu, click on "Add", then "Add Player Data" and follow the prompts from there Hope that helps!
  9. Re: Holidays, please help