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  1. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    100% the duo, take a look at how Xavi decreased in rating and thats probably how Iniesta will go in the next couple of year, sad but true.
  2. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I've seen a few names dotted about on different posts, but who will be the best money makers in this next round of risers? Maybe buying for a few hundred thousand and then selling for 1 or 2 mil profit? Thanks in advance
  3. Worldwide Risers

    He got a goal aswell
  4. Transfers

    it cant be to do with the average rating of the team, I've just signed De Gea for my Basel side in a competitive gameworld and the highest player I have is Kurzawa at 90. It does have something to do with some sort of rating but it isnt the average i dont think
  5. Worldwide Risers

    Honestly I don't know much about them, Allisson is Romas and Brazil's (i think) No.1, I rate Forster highly but I dont think he'll rise anymore, Butland is a good young goalkeeper but he will need a rise and he could hit 90/91, if he moves. I'd go for Allison out of all of them
  6. Worldwide Risers

    Donnarumma Areola Horn Allisson Lopez Forster Butland Rulli
  7. Thats exactly what the game has become over the past few year, I wouldn''t expect a dev to reply to you either, I think they've given up
  8. New players added

    Yeah but when I was bidding yesterday, it only allowed me to bid 499k, on all of my teams, now I've logged on today, I realised a manager outbid me in a few gameworlds up to 1.1 mil. And I knew I'd bid the maximum my chairman would allow me, so where the bids hadnt been accepted I've withdrew and re-made the bid and it allowed me to bid an extra 700k. Not sure if you get what I mean but I do
  9. New players added

    I went on yesterday and bid for the players, some of them for example, the kid from chelsea, the max you could bid for him was 599k (i think) and I've logged back on this morning and realised that some people that have logged on after midnight have been able to bid 1,199mil for him? How does this work? Even I can withdraw my bids from the ones that havent been accepted and make a new bid of up to 1.1 mil so the value of some of the players has changed within 24 hours, I've never known that before. Good trick to note for the future
  10. Worldwide Risers

    Hazard or Dybala? Is this as obvious as it seems with the rating gap between the two? Been offered a straight swap Edit: I have Dybala
  11. New players added

    Yeah thanks mate, I'm just reading the link posted above about the next gen players, thats why I deleted my comments because I just didn't take any notice of the previous posts haha, its an interesting read!
  12. New players added

    Edit: Nvm
  13. Player moderators

    'Sm cant or won't': It's not that they can't, its they WON'T take action against the cheats. The cheats pay money for clubs and gold membership so they don't care in my opinion. The fact that you've had to post tells you everything thats wrong with SM. They don't care about people cheating and ruining worlds/clubs. They never do anything about it. There arent any moderators on the forums anymore, or if there are they never reply so whats the point. Give it a year or two the game probably wont be here because they've just given up on it
  14. SMFA Cup & Shield Qualification?

    The SMFA cup is the Champions league and the Shield is the Europa league. You should see your league table in sections, so if you manager in England for example, in a standard english championship the top 4 teams qualify for the SMFA cup, and the next 6 qualify for the Shield. In a Gold Championship the top 4 qualify for the cup, and the next 2 teams qualify for the shield. As for fitness, in non gold championships fitness isnt affected, or injured ( I dont think) if someone could confirm this 100%? But in Gold Championships I know every game fitness and injuries are taken into account (apart from friendlies)
  15. Rahul W's rating predictions

    On what basis are people predicting a rise for Zagadou? Not sure how many games he's played this season but I've seen him twice, the super cup against Bayern, which was the worst performance I've ever seen, he looked completely lost, positioning was all over and couldnt pass or keep the ball, and last week against Spurs when he came on as a substitute, he was a little better on the ball but defending was abysmal. Still time to improve obviously but if it went off his performances so far he wouldn't be getting a rise I dont think