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  1. I found a good Italian setup on Italian Championship 1019. I'm just answering to myself, just in case I'm not here all alone
  2. .
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  4. Hi guys! If you are looking for a Portuguese GW, look no more and try 2404 (GW ID 65579). The setup has a set of good managers to challenge, some of them being present for quite a while. Pick a team, take a GW tour and then decide for yourself. Have fun. Cheers!
  5. How's WC10000 these days? Still worth a shot?
  6. I decided to join the setup with Genoa CFC. We are now 10th in Division 2. This is season 18 and 12 turns were completed until now. Still a lot of season to go and we would like to engage the promotion fight. We need to take a look at the market and see how to improve the team in order to accomplish that. Good luck to you all and have fun!
  7. well, this time i had to go deep in the EC threads to find the EC1...
  8. congratulations! good to see some joy around
  9. still a great GW though!
  10. hey guys! long time no see...
  11. Hello, Is there any good competitive and active Standard Italian Championship around? Thanks!
  12. Well, the Cup is long gone... and Ayew is suspended again!!
  13. Wolves performance along the years As you may know, although I'm not new to the GW, I'm new to managing Wolves. Because of that I decided to do a little recap of the League positions along the 15 seasons of the GW. Wolves are now in Division 3, hopefully trying to secure a playoff position and maybe a promotion attempt. Hopefully I said. But this was not always the goal of the team. Wolves started long ago in Division 1, where in the first season reached a mid-table spot. They managed to be there for 6 seasons and the best position ever was a 4th place. Relegation came upon Wolves on season 6, and here started a dark age for them. With 2 straight relegations (seasons 8 and 9), only 4 SM years later they were playing Division 4 football. I've created a graph so I can show better the evolution, but I think my skills are definitely on other areas . It is a bit confusing. Anyway here it is. The fourth tier experience lasted for 2 seasons, as on the second one Wolves were Division 4 champions. After the win came an average season on Division 3 followed by another relegation! Fortunately it was possible to bouce back immediately with another Division 4 Championship title. During last season the promotion could have been a reality. We missed it in the playoffs after the excellent job warren livesey has done. When he left for Man City, a new era started at Wolverhampton. I expect this to be a long term project that takes Wolves to the desired fame and glory. Unfortunately my poor management skills will make that task nearly impossible... At least I'll have some fun in the process. Good luck!!
  14. Good to see the thread moving forward! Never underestimate the power of the dark side of the boo... Congratulations Dom, sleep well while you can! Would someone be so kind and check in the history of the GW what was the League position of Wolves on Season 6. They we relegated in Div1 but I can't see below position 14. Maybe its a bug... Thanks.
  15. now that the forum is on again... i'm going to be banned...