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  1. Not gonna lie, never expected to win that game. I thought even a draw would have been tough. Great performance from every player.. Nice to see some pace in the attacks again. I love Ander Herrera.
  2. Borussia Dortmund team bus involved in explosion before Monaco game
  3. So tempted just to rename this thread. Bottled it. Again.
  4. Man United are awful. Not a top 4 side at all. For all the money we've spent we look average at best. I don't know what we are doing in training but if can't be anywhere near what we are doing on the pitch or half the team wouldn't be getting picked. Man City might not train tackling but we don't train shooting. Zlatan has scored loads granted - but he's a liability he gets caught offside and give away fouls far too often and its hurting our attacking play.
  5. You really should watch the Hull penalty, I've seen it a dozen times and I can't see a foul anywhere. The standard of refereeing in England is abysmal, game after game the officials are getting the big decisions wrong, be it penalties, offsides or red cards - Until the officials are held accountable these mistakes are going to continue.
  6. Real Madrid GC122 - Ronaldo, Modric, Benzema, Higuain, De Bruyne, Hummels, Koscielny, Martinez
  7. Haven't posted in months... Moyes is doing his best to ensure he gets an awful reception at OT on Monday. Out of his depth at United and the club had to act to fix it. But he's far too sore to admit that. Some of his quotes are just absurd, complaining about United no longer keeping their traditions while at the same time saying he'd offered £100m for Bale. The man is more delusional than I thought.
  8. I'd like to see the average points one being calculated over much longer than 15 games, say 50 minimum. But as you say its not an important issue.
  9. I'm not sure whats worse: Chelsea's defence or Man Utd's. Any wonder Courtois struggling they are a shambles. 2-0 as I'm typing. Edit - I know its Begovic tonight but the point is that defence is useless.
  10. Think I'll maybe join in from time to time.. I miss the 'tipster' comp.
  11. The Pogba deal is now 'only' £89m.. Some way off the £100m+ being thrown around last week.
  12. £100m is absurd. Prices are crazy.
  13. 10,000 fans welcomed Northern Ireland home. Heroes, the lot of them. Don't see Hodgson getting this kind of welcome.