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  1. Thank you for your well constructed, enlightened and informative contribution. Even though 89 is the cap for the RPL I thought that Promes might get a +1 to reflect that he has been one of the leagues best players for a couple of seasons now. Especially as Dzagoev is also rated 90 and when Smolov got his rise I was even more convinced it might happen but clearly not. I don't think we can call this the rating travesty of the season though lol!
  2. I agree but I doubt if Kutepov's +2 had any influence from Golovin's rating. If it did then capping a player's rating to justify another player's (incorrect) rating is not the way to go in my opinion. I am not really that surprised that Kutepov only got a +2. He tailed off towards the end of the season and, as I said earlier, he is not that great and has already been overtaken by newcomer Georgi Dzhikia in both the National Team and Spartak's team.
  3. No rise for Promes, just a position change Kutepov with just a +2 (will make about 800k profit after all that waiting) Biggest joke is Kanunnikov from Rubin gets to 87 with a team that struggled to finish in the bottom half of the league. Meanwhile Alexandr Golovin plays every game for CSKA, every game in Champions league, regular for NT and gets to 85. I can't quite get my head around that..... it's not as if Golovin has only just broken onto the scene. He did exactly the same last season too.
  4. One of the best players on the planet but has only 2 clubs to go to? Makes about as much sense as the rest of your nonsense.
  5. That is golden coming from you! What are you an expert in European tax rates as well now? Highest tax rate in Spain was reduced from 47% to 45% last year. Look it up and feel free to apologise whenever you like.
  6. It's possible I suppose. But when you think Golovin only rose to 85 for all his achievements and Eza is now only 3 ratings behind it doesn't make much sense to me. Oh well....
  7. Okay, a +4 then... meh,,, a bit generous though in my opinion but, nonetheless, I was still out with my prediction.
  8. Actually I am right Top tax rate in Portugal is 46.5%. Top tax rate in Spain is 45%. I know because I was Messi's tax advisor 👍
  9. Tax rate is higher in Portugal too
  10. +5 nailed on and endorsed by Mr Putin himself
  11. Thanks for your reply mate! Agreed. But I think what the other guys were complaining about were the people that just expect others to tell them which players to keep/buy/sell and what deals to do without even taking a modicum of effort to do the job themselves. Promes I think has a great chance to get 90. By far the best player in the Russian league. In any case I would hold on to him as he is being linked with several other clubs too (Tottenham for example) and I am pretty sure he will make a move this summer. Ezatolahi may get a modest rise if anything. Hyped as being the next Azmoun but so far has not lived up to expectations. Made a few appearances for Rostov before being loaned out to Anzhi, where he mostly started on the bench. I would say a +2 to 80 wouldn't be out of the question this next review but he will have to step up a notch or two to get any further (in my opinion).
  12. Thorgan, What is your opinion on Carlos Strandberg of Brugge? He was on loan to Westerloo during last season and they had a pretty bad season I think. But do you think Strandberg will break into the FC Brugge side next season? Thanks
  13. Apart from Golovin the other Russian players were from the FNL. I'm not sure if it means they are setting up to start the RPL but possibly I suppose. Balaj has a good chance of getting +1 so you could wait for a bit and get a few more bucks for him. Andrey Semenov, also from Terek, should see a bump to 86 too.
  14. I too was surprised he only got a +2. I was expecting a rise to 86 or 87 even. He is pretty much on a par with Roman Zobnin, who recently got to 87, so Golovin got short-changed in my opinion. The only reason I can think of is that CSKA finished as Runners-up last season, when they were expected to win it again. It would be a pretty lame reason considering some of the other rises but it's all I can think of. Incidentally, Roman Zobnin picked up a long term injury during Russia's friendly against Hungary, which means he will be out of action for a minimum of 6 months. Some of you may recall I mentioned on one of the threads recently about Spartak's new defender, Georgi Dzhikiya. Well he has just been called up for Russia's Confederation Cup squad and hoping to make his debut. He could be one to watch in the future.
  15. Well, since you ask.. First of all I wouldn't bother having two top class Goalkeepers in the same squad. GKs never get injured, suspended or unfit so there is no need. If you read the article about concerns in the help section you will see that your highest rated GK and any other GK rated 88 and above wants 90% game time. So it's very unlikely that you will be able to keep De Gea & Donnarumma both happy. You would have been better off having a back-up like Mitryushkin, Guruceaga or Lafont,,, someone who isn't going to expect any game time but will still rise & make a profit. I don't know about the situation with De Gea. If he played every game since you signed him then he shouldn't have got concerns at all. However the answer for Donnarumma's concerns is staring you straight in the face. He wants 90% game time and yet you (by your own admission) gave him 20 starts and 20 sub appearances, which is only 75% (30 x 100 /40 = 75). So you can't really blame SM for your inability to comprehend maths. Concerns is a feature introduced by SM to make the game more difficult, more realistic and therefore more challenging in order to keep it interesting. They haven't singled you out for special treatment, the same rules apply to us all. If you are that strongly against this feature why don't you join/create a custom GW where you can simply switch concerns off and sign every top player that you want?