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  1. I have an option to sell Cardinale for Pickford + 2m... Worth considering or not... please??
  2. But statistics are not everything because not all statistics are measured. And statistics can also be misleading (or have you never studied politics?) These player ratings are mainly subjective and based on opinion & not on facts alone. If we want to use stats only then Ricky Miller of Dover Athletic should be rated higher than Harry Kane.
  3. Nice idea. We could even go one further and introduce a button where you can opt to sack your chairman & assistant manager. That's a concept that might work
  4. Make full use of your substitutions (but no later than 60 mins). Playing 'Slow' tempo has a small (but mostly negligible) effect. I have noticed that younger lower rated players get their fitness back quicker. Otherwise use the Monday game to burn off concerns if you have any..
  5. In squad it shows you his current fitness level. In tactics it shows you his expected level of fitness at the time of the next match.
  6. Sorry I don't get your point. Nobody is saying you shouldn't buy good high potential risers. Nobody is saying you can't hoard players (I think the maximum squad cap is 250 players). Nobody is saying it is wrong to build a good team. However, the rules of the game dictate that the higher rated players want to play a high number of games (yeah, I know,,, football players wanting to play football is completely unrealistic..) and when they don't they develop concerns. Even then, just because a player develops concerns does not mean you have to sell him. There are 5 levels of concerns before he slaps in a transfer request. If you fail as a manager to address these concerns then, yes, you will eventually lose that player. But your failure to manage those concerns is whose fault... do you think? Judging by your post it is everyone's but yours. And "spamming down" this forum is the most amusing thing I have read on here for weeks. The people that make the rules for this game deserted the forum a long time ago.
  7. Thanks for the reply Yeah, it always makes me laugh how they censor the word S***thorpe. Ridiculous really. Wonder why they don't do the same with Arsenal?
  8. Just out of interest did you get a stadium upgrade when you got to Div1? I manage a Div 5 club that are now in Div 2 but still have the same size stadium...
  9. Player concerns aren't a punishment. It's part of the game to make it more complex and challenging. If you don't want to lose Sterling then play him. It's quite simple really, no Maths degree required or else I would be screwed myself. SM make it quite clear that players rated 90 and above expect to play first team football. If you want to bleat about concerns then moan about something worthwhile, like the bug that gives players concerns even though they only just had a rating increase.
  10. Why does everyone think that Eden Hazard should get a +1?? If you look at the Premier League Player Stats website then for top ten most goals, most assists, most passes and most minutes he doesn't appear in any of them. For sure he has played better than last season but,,,er,,,, he is 95 rated.. isn't he meant to play rather well at that rating or am I being a little over-expectant?? If Hazard gets a +1 then 100% I too want a job like his.
  11. Not sure where you got that impression from but never mind.. I DO agree with SM that Lewandowski should be rated above Auba however, so, if Auba has to have a rise, then it's fair that Lewandowski gets one too. I don't have either in my team so, to be honest, I'm not really that bothered anyway
  12. Aaaaaaand,,,,,, Lewandowski also gets a rise to keep the balance and a deserved +1 above Auba. Poland are more of a Power-apartment than a powerhouse like Gabon but I think SM put things right with giving the Uber-Pole a rise also
  13. Plus don't forget that Aub is captain and regular starter for his national team,,,,, that powerhouse of a team and future world champions... Gabon
  14. Nadiem Amiri to 87 do you think? Or his last +3 was enough for the time being?
  15. Since his move to Everton Schneiderlin has played in every game except 4 so I think he is playing enough. If he gets a -1 it will be because SM consider his 91 too high for the Everton squad. @MagnusCarlsen It would be a bit harsh to drop a player for not getting enough game time with a club he no longer plays for