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  1. They changed it a while ago so that in a 3-5-2 the two wide positions have to be DM(R/L) or M(R/L) and not attacking wingers (like Bale & Hazard). It was because having 7 attacking players was considered unrealistic as it means playing without any left or right back cover. Something like that anyway.
  2. But if you have more 90+ players than you need then isn't that player hogging?
  3. Any opinions on: Giovanni Simeone Diogo Jota thanks
  4. It's designed to prevent player hogging. Which is what actually kills the fun part of the game.
  5. I think Promes will get 90. Mainly because he is by far the best player in the RPL right now & because Spartak look like they might win it. Another one that Sir Rahul possibly missed is Fedor Smolov (Krasnador). 50/50 of getting to 89.
  6. The lights are on at the office mate, but unfortunately no-one is at home,,,
  7. Every time they do an upgrade it ends up as a downgrade. It's no surprise really..
  8. Thought April Fool's Day was yesterday!! Seems SM are late for everything....
  9. I took over Torquay United in Div 5 with a stadium size of 6500 and I am now in a promotion fight in Division 2 and my stadium is still only 6500. At least I have sell-out crowds now but even with maximum gate receipts I am still running at a loss. To be fair to my Chairman, he has given me a decent cash injection at the end of each season that we got promotion but, of course, I can't rely on getting that every time. I hope that if we get to Division 1 he will finally dip into his wallet and increase the stadium size otherwise I don't know how I will be able to sustain the wage bill that I need in order to compete. With the last cash injection I decided to invest in some potential risers to sell for a profit but it feels like its taking ages for them to get the rise they deserve!
  10. I'm not sure that is the only reason. Steve Cook, Michael Keane, etc., only just got ratings above 85 even though Bournemouth & Burnley were already promoted. Also cannot really justify Lewis Dunk getting to 86 whilst EPL players like Harry McGuire are still sitting on 82. As Sir Rahul says, it's all very inconsistent at times.
  11. Yeah, for me it should be Brazil & Argentina next to wrap up South America and then the Championship to complete all the main Div 2 leagues and then do Russia, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey, etc in time to review the big leagues again at the end of the season. It's probably too logical though so I guess it won't happen that way lol
  12. Looks as if the Championship might be getting some long overdue attention.. Tommy Smith (Huddersfield) 80 => 83 is spot on. +1 for Lewis Dunk was well deserved also but I hope Shane Duffy doesn't get overlooked as he should be 85 also IMO. As they haven't started from the bottom of the division like they normal do then maybe this is only just a quick brush-up.
  13. I think he will stay at 88. With hindsight he should never have lost his 89 in the first place but that's history now. I would love to see him get it back but I just can't see it if Sunderland drop. Plus, no disrespect to Jermain, but it wouldn't be difficult for anyone to look good in that team right now. However, I am sure that he (and Jordan Pickford) will be looking to move in the summer to stay in the premier league. Also sometimes it's very hard for players over 30 to claw back their rating no matter what they do.
  14. Russia usually comes after Portugal and then Ukraine. But who knows..
  15. Hahaha yes, you are quite right. My impatience got the better of me I am afraid I will go back to my dark corner and eat some humble pie!! Botteghin to 88 and Jorgensen gets another bump to 88 also. Pretty happy with this review and looking forward to the next.