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  1. LOL, Calabria played 4 games this season, has been injured since, +3 for what? 280 minutes? Not going to happen, i would be surprised if he even rises.
  2. He doesn't now, but did at the time he got his 93, Thiago spent lots of time injured in the last few seasons, except this last one. He will rise to 92 probably, 93 is too much for now. James will probably move, as does Isco, they are both class and are clearly not in the plans of Zidane.
  3. Still, he doesn't deserve to be above Griezmann or Bale for example, they jump the gun there.
  4. Mourinho calling Schweinsteiger to join the squad looks like he's grooming a scapegoat for the worst results to come.
  5. Most likely, he has continuously performed very well since his last rise.
  6. I would hold on that 92 for at least the end of the season, he hasn't done or won anything worth of a rise since May.
  7. Mistakes happen in almost every game, no conspiracy there. He should stop whining and do some manager work instead. His wannabe mind games worked 10 years ago, doesn't work now.
  8. Gnabry will get +3 to 85 at least. After those terrific Olympic games he arrived at Bremen and has established himself as one of their key players already this season with 3 goals and 1 assist in 7 games. He won't stay at that club for long.
  9. Back? Back to what? The guy reached to 95 in a season that he will probably not repeat. He's not even playing in CL, and i doubt that we will play there soon.
  10. Bale hasn't been sidelined like Reus has. Bale has trophies and NT competitions, while Reus has failed to participate in them.
  11. If Fabinho deserves the 90, so does Bernardo Silva. Gotze and Hazard should definitely drop, maybe James too. Reus maybe, let's see how he does after he comes back. Renato Sanches could rise too, with more game time and the Golden Boy award. Anyway, it's a very good thread, but i would wait until the end of November to be more precise.
  12. Alaba is a beast, but i don't think he will rise unless Bayern wins the CL again. Lahm and Martinez are more than safe.
  13. Vidal only missed a Bundesliga game, Kimmich only didn't play in a game this season. Anyway, it's pointless to argue, lets see in a few months who is right.
  14. Now you say this? I saw this a miles away, sending Schweinie to the reserves team and keeping Fellaini, Blind was a big red flag. As was signing just 3 or 4 players, when you clearly needed a whole new team. Even Conte is doing better with the team that Mourinho almost got relegated. Mourinho lost it's touch, unfortunately he's now only a toxic little arrogant prick has-been.
  15. Do you even have any knowledge about Bayern team? He basically has the same game time as Vidal for example, there is a lot of rotation on that team, there are very few that have more game time than him. Besides, you do know that there are more competitions than Bundesliga, in which Bayern participates, right?