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  1. Alves Vana
  2. What about Donis Avdijaj? It sounds like he's done?!
  3. IMO... no!
  4. OH.. nevermind
  5. Who's Mats? Mats Rits?
  6. What about Maximilian Philipp? any good from him?
  7. Ederson definitely!
  8. I guess the next best riser is Vana? (Feirense)
  9. What about Leo Jaba, Leo Pelé and Evander Ferreira?
  10. Lenglet more likely to 87?
  11. Conti and Gagliardini deserve 87 Conti is so good to me!
  12. By asking some ppl from Twitter? LOL! CASE CLOSED!
  13. LOL! I'm French... I know what's French ppl and Marseille fans think of Barton.. They love him because of his personality not because of his skills. What's you know about him it's from british tabloids...
  14. Steven Fletcher and Joey Barton never been key players! What's more.. I'm Marseille fan.. Marseille loves Joey Barton after he insulted Ibrahimovic about his big nose.. Steven Fletcher?? he came because Marseille didnt have a lot attackers and felt to be key player! Fletcher had nothing to remember in Marseille!