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  1. What about Vana Alves? He didn't even play a game for Porto -.- So any thoughts about Caio Secco? I would take him as my 4th goalkepper
  2. Can you name top 3 brazilian youngsters?
  3. Anton Mitryushkin to 85 ?
  4. Alves Vana
  5. What about Donis Avdijaj? It sounds like he's done?!
  6. IMO... no!
  7. OH.. nevermind
  8. Who's Mats? Mats Rits?
  9. What about Maximilian Philipp? any good from him?
  10. Ederson definitely!
  11. I guess the next best riser is Vana? (Feirense)
  12. What about Leo Jaba, Leo Pelé and Evander Ferreira?
  13. Lenglet more likely to 87?
  14. Conti and Gagliardini deserve 87 Conti is so good to me!