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  1. Is that the prem over with?
  2. You do. I think I had a 10 k stadium to start (Whatever Scun thorpe's original stadium was) and now I'm up to about 40k seats. I have been the manger 9 years though Its funny Scun thorpe is auto filtered, I thought I typoed.
  3. The point of scouting is so that you can pick and choose which players to keep who might hit a high rating and which ones to sell when they've reached peak potential to keep your finances in line (or even profit like I do). I player hoard but I do it smartly. I have about 21 top rated players and barely any concerns. I usually win 3 or more trophies a seasons and have never sold a player forcing a transfer from concerns. I take advantage of bad managers who are forced to sell by snapping up talents that are vastly under priced, keeping them happy for 20 turns and selling them on. I've sold Thiago silva this season and Phillip Lahm is retiring soon so now I'm bringing Casmiro and Bellerin into the first team. John stones and Eric Bailly will be sold after their ratings review. You can either moan about the system or be smart and play the system. This a league with 18/20 teams managed and I have £512m in the bank. I promoted Shorpe from Div 4 to Div 1.
  4. You are a player hoarder pure and simple. This is why concerns were developed. Playing in an empty dead game world why would you even need all those players?!
  5. I know I made this thread but you need to be slightly realistic. You can keep about 21 91+ rated players happy in a year and then use good management skills to bring the youngsters in to the team at the right time and sell the top rated oldies that are beginning to drop. You don't NEED more players than that to be competitive. This isn't fifa ultimate team, you're not supposed to be collecting all the best players. Not to mention you must be killing your club with wages. Player hogging only increases the speed in which a game world empties - who wants to play in a empty game. I'm 99% sure its the average rating of your team that counts so smart management can help with concerns anyhow.
  6. Is Thiago silva likely to -1? I'm calculating when to move him on
  7. Interesting question that I don't have the answer to. I was trying to sell Kompany today and couldn't accept a bid of £22m when the player is worth £19m and I have no deals with this manager this season (if any in previous)...
  8. Jon Obi Mikel - 0 appearances, just retired from professional football to China kept a 90 rating. Where's the laughing so much I'm crying emoji?!
  9. Kompany has played 17 games in 2 season according to wiki, anyone who thinks he should keep a 93 is bananas! I was surprised Cazorla kept his rating and Wilshere too actually. On the whole Arsenal are about right. The starting 11 is slightly higher than Spurs starting 11.
  10. Maybe Arsenal tomorrow then? I noticed Cazorla dropped a few £million in worth the last day or two in gameworlds too.
  11. My guesses: Schweiny -5 (ok more seriously definite drop so probably -1 or 2) Rashford +3 or 4? Lingard +1 Bailly +1 Valancia +1 Schendierlin -1 Depay -1 Ashley Young -1 The ones I havent mentioned are first teamers I assume will stay of youth I've missed.
  12. I'm quite an active manager and pay attention to appearances, generally I give 90 rated players at least 20 appearances a season. I use 3 substitutions every match and try to get as far in cups as possible which helps a lot. It doesn't help that Torres is inflexible position wise. A winger who can also play up front would be easier to slot into your team. I guess if you really like Torres that doesn't help.
  13. Well I am a bit of a player hogger but I manage concerns of squads with about 21 90+ rated players pretty well. I've never lost a player to concerns. That's why I think they're ok as they are.
  14. Indeed, a waste of talent butt £60 mill is good for Chelsea.
  15. Bit young to go to a retirement league at 25/26 but hey ho... money over playing at the top level.