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  1. Kristian A.

    Custom Setup Requires Managers

    ID:274058 People have a look here,it's worth it!!!!!let's try to get this setup again full!!!
  2. Kristian A.

    Matias Antonini

    Matias Antonini(age:18) the Brazilian has 191(cm) height and no 178 as it says in game.
  3. Kristian A.

    Custom Setup Requires Managers

    ID: 274058 7 vacancies in Mcsyauqi's World League 3.0 . Second season just started! Join us !
  4. Kristian A.

    Managers wanted for competitive league 251407

    i have just applied for arsenal fc!
  5. Kristian A.

    English Championship 106 - Discussion Thread

    Happy to complete Tomas Rosicky move to West Bromwich Albion.Wish him the best with us. Kristian A. ,West Bromwich manager
  6. Kristian A.

    Pedro's custom world concept

    I am still interested to manage a team in this gameworld.Is it possible?
  7. Kristian A.

    Come and Join "The Football League Championship"

    I am interested!!!
  8. Hey everyone,i am waiting for a long time now for a new competitive world with full of managers.When will we do something like that again??? I am waiting for that a few weeks now.Could someone tell me or could we organise the opening of something like that? Thank you!!!! Kristian A.
  9. Kristian A.

    Pedro's custom world concept

    Is any free place here for me??? I am interested too
  10. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread Cardiff City - Hull City 0-1 Very important win for my team today..we have very difficult season..can we avoid the relegation?? The scorer of the match was Aneke (he came yesterday on loan from Arsenal).
  11. Re: |English Championship 30000|Discussions/MRs Thread Good luck in your new team Hemant..i wish you the best!!
  12. Kristian A.

    Spanish Championship 26700 Discussion Thread

    Re: Spanish Championship 26700 Discussion Thread What happen with this world? Come on guys..there are a lot of teams to take!!lget them!!
  13. Kristian A.

    Ec 30,000!

    Re: Ec 30,000! I would love to be there too..