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  1. Thanks to you both, yeah he'll definitely play every game, i just wasn't sure if the situation was to far gone, in all my years of playing i've never had someone hit level 4 concern before.
  2. I took over at a team 2 months ago, Donnaruma had a level 3 concern, he's played every single game since i took over, but has now developed a level 4 concern, will he go on to develop a level 5 concern? If so shall i just sell him after the italy update? (Expecting him to get a +1 to 89) The season is turn 38 (1 game left) and he has played 21 matches this season in the league Thanks in advance. (sorry not really the place to ask)
  3. When will the dutch and Portuguese leagues next be reviewed?
  4. Insigne or Mane Also how would you rank Horn, Rulli, Areola, Alisson Currently have Onana in the net, so could do with a step up, but there's not many options, if you can name a better one than the 4 provided i'll see if they're available (currently have a bid in for Moraes but doubt it'll be accepted) Thanks in advance!
  5. How likely are Jose Gimenez, Azpilicueta, Fabinho to rise, and how would you rank them? Thanks in advance!
  6. To add to this, Lemar was valued at 16mil a couple of weeks ago and has recently gained another 8mil value for nothing... Similar with Vinicius junior, a few days ago was worth 360k? Now worth 1.2mil.
  7. Looks like its going to be a rather harsh french review
  8. Am i giving to much for dele alli = Mere, Moussa Dembele, sabitzer + 5mil Alli would be a starter instead of sabitzer, the other 2 are on the bench Thanks in advance
  9. Any chance of rugani getting a +1 to 89?
  10. Juan Bernat worth keeping hold of or should i sell and get either alex sandro or danny rose?
  11. Had a lot of rises finish their transfer ban, wonder if they're worth keeping hold of; Emerson Santos Siqueira Jailson Baberan Maycon Douglas Augusto Santos Dodo Carvalho Jeferson Matheus Jesus Emanuel Cecchini Vieira Clayson Marcos Acuna Lucas Rodriguez Raphael Veiga Vitor Bueno Roger Guedes Everton Felipe Luiz Araujo Mainly looking for the real talents within the risers, can't say i've ever watched any south american football, so unsure who's worth holding onto, thanks in advance!
  12. Ndidi +2 to 88 likely? Been playing really well for Leicester recently
  13. Ter Stegen or Donnaruma? (both would be my first choice keeper) Money is tight, i can currently afford Donnaruma as he has a lvl 2 concern, but i could sell either goretzka or meyer (neither start) and pick up Ter Stegen. Is Ter Stegen (24mil) that much better than Donnaruma (13mil)? I'm in this for the long term. Thanks in advance
  14. Predictions on the following, short term and long term please; Jorge mere Issa Diop Caleta-Car Anti Coric V.Kovalenko Vlasic Heard good things about Coric, but i can't say i've ever watched any of them play. Thanks in advance
  15. Thoughts on if the following players are worth holding on to; Sandro Ramirez Munir El haddadi Antonio Sanabria Santi Mina Bazoer Iheanacho Also how would you rank; Lacazette, icardi, belotti or lukaku Thanks again in advance!