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  1. Richarlison looks to have completed his move to Watford.
  2. Paulinho has been added to the database
  3. Anybody know much about Paulinho who scored 2 goals for VDG today? First start of the season to i believe.
  4. How'd you rank; Mane, Firmino, Salah, Eriksen? And which 2 of these 3 would you keep; Rose, Hysaj, Kurzawa (thinking rose and kurzawa, but i've never seen hysaj play). Thanks in advance.
  5. How'd you rank; Danny rose, kurzawa, Hysaj? Thanks.
  6. What sort of rise could we expect to see from Bruno Viana of Olympiakos? Will Restos increase again? Also, some rises should be; Odisseas Vlachodimos +2/3 Efthymios Koulouris +2 Vasilis Barkas +2/3 Thanasis Androutsos + 4/5 Kostas Galanopoulos +4/5 Giorgos Masouras +2-4 (unsure but should rise) Please feel free to comment if you disagree with these predictions(to generous or to harsh), I've gone off their stats/minutes and no nothing about them or the Greek super league. Thanks.
  7. Do you know if Trézéguet is returning to Anderlecht or remaining on loan at REM? If returning to Anderlecht, how much do you think he'll feature?
  8. Any chance of either Manolas or Koulibaly getting a +1 Also, which would you pick long term? Thanks!
  9. How would you rank Sergio Ramos, Bonucci, Hummels, Boateng, Pique Thanks again!
  10. What's the chances of the following getting a +1 Mertens De Vrij Bruno Peres Zielinski Milinkovic-Savic Also, how good are Zielinski and Milinkovic-Savic, heard a few rumours linking the former with a move to liverpool, but i can't say i've ever watched either of them,bar a couple of YT vids. Thanks again!
  11. Belotti or Icardi? Both will get a +1 in this review?
  12. Thanks to you both, yeah he'll definitely play every game, i just wasn't sure if the situation was to far gone, in all my years of playing i've never had someone hit level 4 concern before.
  13. I took over at a team 2 months ago, Donnaruma had a level 3 concern, he's played every single game since i took over, but has now developed a level 4 concern, will he go on to develop a level 5 concern? If so shall i just sell him after the italy update? (Expecting him to get a +1 to 89) The season is turn 38 (1 game left) and he has played 21 matches this season in the league Thanks in advance. (sorry not really the place to ask)
  14. When will the dutch and Portuguese leagues next be reviewed?
  15. Insigne or Mane Also how would you rank Horn, Rulli, Areola, Alisson Currently have Onana in the net, so could do with a step up, but there's not many options, if you can name a better one than the 4 provided i'll see if they're available (currently have a bid in for Moraes but doubt it'll be accepted) Thanks in advance!