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  2. Look this insane case, Dembele rise level concern 2 after 1 month after 9/14 matches in first team
  3. Unbelieveble! DEMBELE LEVEL 2 CONCERN AFTER ONLY 1 MONTH!!!!! 9 MATCHES played in First Team on 14!!! Please, give a look 12 MAY: Dembele 88 > 90 : RISE Level 1 Concern 23 JUNE: Dembele 90 > 90 : RISE Level 2 Concern In all this time Dembele has played: 1) League Match: First Team 2) Shield Match: First Team 3) League Match: First Team 4) League Match: First Team 5) League Match: injured 6) League Match: Sub 7) Shield Match: First Team 8) League Match: Sub 9) League Match: Sub 10) League Match: Sub 11) League Match: First Team 12) Shield Match: Sub 13) League Match: First Team 14) League Match: First Team 15) League Match: First Team 15 Matches: 9 First team, 5 Sub, 1 injured In this role I have: MESSI 99 NEYMAR 96 BALE 95 CAZORLA 91 EDER 90 MOSES 90 JESUS NAVAS 90, >> 89 after 4) League Match Module 433w No doubt, something's wrong. SOLUTIONS: A - I need to sell BALE 95 for give more chance to Dembele 90. B - I need to make some deal with other player with same problem to exchange ours players and exchange and exchange and exchange (fair deal but immoral) for bypass the concern problem C - I need to sell DEMBELE 90, only 19 years old, losing a great talent In real world, this is illogic. 9 first team matches and 5 subs matches on a big team with Messi Neymar Bale. I'm very disappointed. And look my first post: Dembele RISE unfair to level 1 concern after the review. SM staff is without shame. AND YOU KNOW THE LEVEL CONCERN for EDER or MOSES? Level concern 0 Eder 0 on 15 matches Moses 3 first team, 4 subs, on 15 matches THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!! SM STAFF GO TO PLAY ON BEACH AGAIN
  4. We have an heedless staff
  5. End of Serie A reviews: slowly and confused. Thank you SM.
  6. Buffon +1? Legendary goalkeeper, but this rise is insane Bonucci +1 it's fair Higuain stay?! I said SM need to ask help to some users for make a better work.
  7. Paredes stay 88? LOL SM staff follow only Premiership, great competence
  8. Take a look
  9. Hope they come back burned
  10. Holiday... normal business farm has always men at works and they go on holiday in the middle of the big review? What lack of care, competence, professional work I saw with italian review. Good holiday, SM Staff.
  11. Sorry, you need two teams for compete a single trophy and also the championship. When saturday I play Championship, Messi goes to 70-75 fitness. When monday I play Cup, Messi's fitness is only 86-91 and need to rest another day for reach 94-99. You can't play the Cup with Messi. Instead Messi you can use Dembele but, HEY, next match Messi's back and Dembele goes out and you have a level concern. Round and round This is the reason why I don't care to play the Cup with my regular team. In the real world you can't play saturday, monday, wednesday ans again saturday Sm Staff again don't think well. Monkeys on the tree.
  12. Yes, but Dembele skip to level 1 concern the day when he had a rise to 90. SM Staff must be resolve this ing bug
  13. No problem, but also rewiews must be more fast I have Messi, Neymar, Bale, Cazorla, Nasri in that role Why Dembele or Luan wanna play instead of that monsters? They are too young for to go in regular team, if we see age, real experience, international fame. IMHO Dembele rating is low respect Draxler, Moura or Joao Mario. The unfair reviews penalizes this investment
  14. They joking us