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  1. Welcome in John Willis at Freiburg. Good luck! Updated clubs with their Managers on the First Page. Any new managers interested, post here, or contact me in SM. Cheers!
  2. Another Big Signing for Liverpool, as Gareth Bale is headed to Anfield. Going the other way to Turin, to play for Juventus, is Douglas Costa and Ousmane Dembele. We caught up with Gareth for a quick interview with him... So are you excited for this move, heading back to England? GB...It will definitely be easier on me, especially because I get to speak my native tongue again, but the best part now, is that I get to challenge again for trophies. For many years, I was at Manchester United, where Manager Lau Heng was the dominant force in the league. It was exciting times, winning many things with him. Do you think Manager Hines, and his Liverpool squad can challenge again for the Division 1 Title this season? GB...Of course! They won it last season, and were close to winning it in the prior season to that. And I'm pretty sure they won it the year before as well. So, of course. He's a top Manager, who has built up a tremendous squad over the years. I'm very excited to join him on the training pitch to see his ideas on football. And hopefully I can contribute during the matches as well. Will be a lot of fun playing with Lewandowski, Hazard, and De Bruyne up there! Thank you for your time Gareth. Have a safe flight to Liverpool. GB...Cheers and GO REDS! We were also able to catch up with Douglas Costa, before he caught his flight to Turin. He had a very sad and puzzled look on his face. Douglas, what do you have to say about this transfer? DC...Well, um, I'm not very happy wit tis. I was happy in Liverpool. I thought I was there for a long time. (Boarding Call)...Last call for flight 1145 to Turin from Liverpool. DC...I must go. Thanks for your time Douglas. Good luck in Turin! We were also able to catch up with Ousmane, for a quick interview, before he left the training pitch at Melwood for the last time. Ousmane, are you excited for a fresh start playing for Juventus? OD...I just want to get some game time for the first team. Liverpool only had me for a couple seasons, and I was out on loan last season. Manager Hines told me that I was going to be getting first team action this season, and I was excited for that. This really came out of nowhere for me, I must say. So you had no knowledge of Manager Hines, looking to bring in Bale for you? OD...Not really. I knew there were a bunch of bids rejected for me from other clubs, looking to buy me. But, Manager Hines kept telling me that my place is here. I don't really feel back-stabbed about this at all. Just kind of caught me off guard. I will always do my best, wherever I play. Juventus has some top class players, including Douglas Costa, heading over with you. Can you get game time there? OD...This is always up to the manager, and I know Juve just hired a new coach in Jose Mourinho, who has done some good things in this league. I'm excited to see what he has to offer as a coach. If I have to ride the bench for a while, I ride the bench. But when I am called to play, I will give 100%. Thanks for your time, Ousmane. Good luck in Turin! OD...Cheers.
  3. Alright. I'll let you know when there is a club that becomes available for outside managers. Glad you're interested.
  4. 1st Page is updated with Manager's Trophies. The 24th Season of the Brookfield PL is upon us! Any New Managers, come check it out, or post about it here! Good Luck!
  5. 2 New Managers for Atletico Nacional in D5 and FC Basel in D2! Thanks for joining fellas! Hurry up for any new managers thinking about joining. Don't want to miss out on the first points of the season.
  6. New Wage Bills are up for the 6th Season!
  7. Just finished our 5th Season. Get in while you can to start buying players before the 6th Season Starts!
  8. Awesome! I would recommend starting in D4 or D5 to give you plenty of time to build. Also with a club that has a lot of money, as this is a cash only league. Have a look at the rules and make sure you understand them all. Once you do, apply for the club that interests you, and then I'll send you a squad report to help get you going.
  9. You'd prolly want to choose a club in D5 or D4 with the most cash to start your campaign. As this is a cash only league and you want plenty of time to build your club to challenge the big boys in D1 by the time you get there. Do you understand all the rules? Any questions? Would love to see a new forum manager join the league. Sorry for not responding sooner. Don't get on the forum that much nowadays.
  10. Something that should be introduced for Custom GW's to turn on, is when the Chairman sets expectations for the Manager at the beginning of the Season, like making the top half of the table, or making European spots, or for even challenging for the title, and if the Manager doesn't reach those expectations, then they're sacked. Something that could be introduced just for Customs to turn off or on, like other things.
  11. Some New Managers have joined, and are already building their squads! Jess Jobe, takes the helm for the Philadelphia Union in Division 3. Tom Spooner, takes over Toulouse and is going to start his building campaign in Division 4. and, Jon Snow, takes over Nantes in Division 5, where he will start his building process. Exciting times for the Nette Shultz PL! Any new managers, let me know by posting here, or shoot me a PM. Cheers
  12. Any Managers looking for a new challenge check out... Check it out if you are interested in something like this. Could use a few more solid Forum Managers in there!
  13. New Manager, Jon Snow becomes the Main Guy for Sivasspor in Division 4. Good luck building your squad and Wage Bill, till you get to Division 1! Any other New Managers interested, post on here, or shoot me a pm! Cheers.
  14. Just started a new season! Now's the time to get in with a club in a lower division to start building up your wage bill before you get to Division 1!
  15. Welcome to the Zilker Premier League A custom that is based around your wage bill. ID: 275042 Simple Rules No Squad Cap Buying from Unmanaged = Yes All Cash Transfers Very Rich Economy 5 Divisions with 10 Clubs in Each. 3 Promoted/3 Relegated, with a playoff for that 3rd spot in promotion. Start with 300 Mil. Login every 10 Days Advanced Rules 1. Your first wage bill, when you enter the league, is set at 500,000. This is your Total Wages + Loaned Out Player's Wages, on your squad page. Make sure you're looking at your Full Team. A loaned player's contract is the whole contract. If you take on any loans, you pay for their whole contract too, so make sure you calculate this. When you enter the league, if your Wage Bill is over 500,000, then you must sell players first, to get under the 500,000 Cap. 2. Do not, I repeat, do not go over your wage bill, when PURCHASING PLAYERS. Make sure you have all your calculations down. If you do go over your wage bill, the player(s), that put you over, are suspended, and cannot play at all. When their Transfer Ban is up, those player(s) are immediately transfer listed, and sold. Pay attention to Player's Ratings, and their Contracts and what they should be for each rating, before purchasing the player. If your Chairman and a Player, sign a new contract, without your permission as the Manager, which happens a lot in SM, and this puts you over your wage bill, this will not be considered as breaking this rule. You must though, have owned this player, before his Rating went up, because after Ratings Change, this is usually when, what I just said before, happens. You shouldn't get punished for Ratings Changes, but, again, you must have owned this player, before his change. After each season though, you must offer out New Contracts to your players, if they haven't signed one yet, after their ratings upgrade. Then calculate all this with your new wage bill. (Summary) You can sit on players ratings upgrades, and not offer the contract out yourself, but come next season, every player should have their full contract on your team, so you'll have to adjust accordingly. Any questions about breaking the Rule on Going Over Your Wage Bill, just ask. I'm usually considerate, and understanding. Just trying to keep this fair for everyone. 3. A. If you Win a division, you will add on 250,000 to your wage bill. For example, if you start with 500,000, and add 250,000, you'll then have a 750,000 wage bill. Pretty simple B. If you get 2nd place, you will add on 150,000 to your wage bill. C. If you get 3rd place, the other promoted team, you will add on 125,000 to your wage bill. D. If you get 4th place, you will add on 100,000 to your wage bill. E. If you get 5th place, you will add on 80,000 to your wage bill. F. If you get 6th place, you will add on 65,000 to your wage bill. G. If you get 7th place, you will add on 50,000 to your wage bill. H. If you get 8th place, with relegation, you must sell your Most Valued Player, and lose 50,000 off your wage bill. I. If you get 9th place, with relegation, you must sell your Most Valued Player, plus your 3rd, and lose 75,000 off your wage bill. J. If you get 10th place, with relegation, you must sell your Most Valued Player, plus your 2nd and 3rd, and lose 100,000 off your wage bill. K. Win League Cup, add on 50,000 to your wage bill. For the Champs Cup and Shield, since many don't have Gold Memberships, and is only for Division 1 Teams, I don't think it's fair to have any rules for these tournaments. Same goes for the Community Shield. Just some extra bragging rights if you win. New Wage Bills, begin at the start of the next season. No premature buying. 4. If a Manager Quits a club, then their Wage Bill resets back down to 500,000. So, incoming, new managers, that may want to join, if the league does eventually get full, you'll have to sell players probably to get under the wage bill. I believe that's fair, and goes along with rule number 1. 5. I hope you understand all of this, and consider joining something that could be special. There will be a password for the league to enter, when you apply for your club. Send it to me in a PM. The password is Brookfield. I also hope that this league creates somewhat a realistic transfer market, with big name players, moving around a bit more. But, this league will give you a lot of freedom, to do what you want with your wage bill, as long as you stay under it. Divisions don't really matter, but you probably want to choose wisely where you start. Other than that, hope you have a look, and are interested in joining. Send me a message if you have any questions. Thanks for reading. Current Wage Bills and Clubs with Managers. Division 1 Feyenoord = 1,650,000, Managed by Jeff Smith Fulham = 1,550,000, Managed by Jess Jobe River Plate = 1,475,000, Managed by . wickd . Middlesbrough = 1,300,000, Managed by Steve Hughes Celtic = 1,290,000, Managed by Michael Hudson Standard Liege = 1,180,000, Managed by Jason Hines RSC Anderlecht = 1,125,000, Managed by Whisperr Donn Division 2 Vasco da Gama = 1,350,000, Managed by KJ KJ RB Salzburg = 815,000, Managed by White Hawk FC Basel = 500,000, Managed by Franklyn Sabatini Division 3 Sivasspor = 750,000, Managed by Jon Snow Freiburg = 500,000, Managed by John Willis Division 5 Atletico Nacional = 500,000, Managed by Jordan Vogt