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  1. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Will Frank Kessie of Milan get a rise this review? I am trying to get a deal done for Naby Keita and the manager wants Kessie in exchange. Your opinions will be appreciated.
  2. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Dalbert or Andy Robertson?
  3. Serie A Rating Predictions

    DONSAH of Bologna will not rise anymore? His hype has cooled down and even SM decreased his value.
  4. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Yes but out of my budget.
  5. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Yes but out of my budget.
  6. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Barella is taken so its between SENSI, BASELLI and FERRI of Lyon
  7. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Guys, haven't watched a single serie A match this season so I need your expert help. I need a cdm and is thinking of going for BASELLI of Torino. I thought he will get his move this summer but he didn't. Will he rise this review? Also how good is SENSI of sassuolo?
  8. The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread

    Will Ismaila Sarr and Jordi Mboula get rises this review?
  9. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Couple of questions - 1) With Valdez retiring and his value being 1.3m how much compensation will SM/my chairman give me?(I have valdes in a div3 team, if it matters) 2) I only have 2m atm and am looking for a player or two within that who will rise by 3+ this review. Can someone give me few names please. As many names as possible as its a full house gw and most players seems taken. Thank you in advance.
  10. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Thank you! Do you know if the major 5 European leagues review starts in Nov or Dec? And which order is it France, Germany, Spain, England and the Italy?
  11. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    What are the early indications of these players rising in this coming review? - Sabitzer (Leipzig) Forsberg (as above) Toprak (Dortmund) Dragovic (Leverkusen)
  12. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Cheers soccahappy. Mesina's rating and value are the same as Andy Robertson of LFC. So a direct swap on the card :-). But its difficult to play with players who I have no idea about.
  13. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Can anybody tell me about these players from Bologna pls - Verdi, krejci and masina(LB). Recently I took bologna in a franchise gw and would like to know their prospects in the future and should I sell them or not?
  14. Worldwide Risers

    Thought on GUSTAVO CASTRO of deportes temuca? He is a 16y/o defender.
  15. Introduce CLEAN SHEET (CS) stats

    Well I created a bug on the 3rd of this month. They replied today and as a solution asked me a question but then closed the bug. So where do I reply? :-). Something is not right with SM. My guess would be they are either working very hard to improve further behind the scene or they are losing money and are running out of ideas how to keep up at minimal cost.