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  1. Thought on GUSTAVO CASTRO of deportes temuca? He is a 16y/o defender.
  2. Well I created a bug on the 3rd of this month. They replied today and as a solution asked me a question but then closed the bug. So where do I reply? :-). Something is not right with SM. My guess would be they are either working very hard to improve further behind the scene or they are losing money and are running out of ideas how to keep up at minimal cost.
  3. I think its high time SM introduces CLEAN SHEET stats for GKs and defenders. This will also help managers identifying which defensive pairs are working well. If it means this stat will show in attacking players profile so be it. There's a Goals Scored column for GKs after all.
  4. There's a thread for the GW. Looks good, get your arses in and challenge yourself peeps.
  5. What you are saying only works if you go till the end of the cup/shield tournaments. If a team gets knocked out early that's when the prob lies. For example, I am the manager of WBA. I managed to have a good first 11-13 players. Like, ghoulam+90) is my first choice lb and brunt(87) second choice, who mainly plays domestic cups. It goes without saying I do not manage to go far in those competitions, the farthest I went is QF. So now I don't necessarily need to use brunt as much and he recently developed concern. So what SM is trying to tell me is, every time I should reach the final to avoid concerns. Or I can't even have a 32 y/o rated 87 as backup. May be 80 or less. According to the concerns developed I can only assume I cannot afford more than 15 decent players at best. Hence I repeat my points, a player's AGE should be taken into account while developing concern. And also towards the end of the season, say between match 30-38, the concern level calculator should be vanished or at least lenient.
  6. Alright seems this is it for now. See you old folks in January after Herrera of united wins the b'dor !!!! #whataplayer
  7. I get your points but its a poor argument. I am talking about rudiger as an individual player. What you are doing is comparing him to another and weighing between them. That's no base for argument. And according to your theory, all the 2-4 regular CB's of a team should have same ratings. If Rudiger maintains his form he will rise. But he needs to vastly improve to get into 90s. As for naingolan and khedira, another comparison, the former played at a high level for few years now. Khedira had a full season this term in a long time. He is a good player, no doubt, but as of this moment he is not at the level of naingolan or kante. As for khedira, he doesn't make Juventus better. In fact Juventus as a team makes Khedira and few other players look better ! The way Juventus pursued Cuadrado, one would think he is a world better. But no, he suits the team, the style. Same as khedira.
  8. 1)Rudiger played on the right side of the 3 man defense coz he can. And with 3 cbs u don't need the quickest in the centre. Rudiger was at fault so many time coz his positional sense is poor. If u have followed Roma u will see the links to goals conceded is direct consequence of rudigers positional play. 2) regarding alcantara, Guardiola said he is very important and was rumoured man city target. Ancelotti praised him very highly too. Whereas in Juventus its about Buffon, Bonnucci, chirlliini, dybala, higuain, alves, even injured Marchisio got/gets more air time than khedira. Hence its hard to notice and judge. So I believe his current rating is fair.
  9. I guess by now everybody realises many factors are involved in increasing or decreasing a players rating. Some of the arguments here are weak. 1) a player just doesn't get a rise coz he played X amount of mins. This would mean almost every teams first 11-18 getting pluses! In that argument Leicesters Morgan and huth should get +1 every review. 2) I am not sure how many followed Roma. Look at the no. of goals conceded every time rudiger played. 3) Rudiger is a very good potential player (which most of u agree). So is Ruggani. Both the players hype and potential are at par as of this moment. So the rating reflects. They couldn't decrease rudiger to 88. Ruggani was almost regular at the start before his injury. 4) Buffon deserves a +1. The man is getting talked about getting a B'dor. I can guarantee he will be in top 3 in that list! 5) among many attributes Marketing a player is also involved while doing the ratings. I guess that's why Khedira missed out. No team in irl even talk about buying him. Anyway he hasn't changed for so many yrs is coz he was injured for almost 3 yrs. So he didn't even get a decrease during that time. 6) Finally, every review SM/sw cannot do up and down on a players ratings. They wait to see how the player recovers from poor spell or how much he improves further to merit an increase. Hence Banega staying put as of now. Depay had a good period since his move, does that mean he deserves +1 instantly? Let's wait and see how he continues his form. Which I think is fair. And guys the argument of some guy played so many minutes and should get an increase is a boring and nonsical way of looking at it. Half the playrs in a team in the world plays that many minutes, so increase to all? Come on man
  10. Is anyone privy to when SM gets back from holidays?
  11. Tomorrow's surprise of the day Dzeko doesn't get a +1 but salah gets it ???
  12. Shouldn't d5v1L with a "3" had been better ? U didn't ask me but go with Varane. Marquinhos have a long journey to cement his place in national team. And u can bet RM will win something every season. At least Varane playing for RM have less chances of his rating going down and much better chances of going up than Marquinhos. @Sir RahulRahul is a manu fan. If he had a choice he would have said Chris smalling
  13. You lied to a friend :'(