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  1. Good luck to Georgie coming up with any such example. As for destroying the gw it was a custom gw created by Georgie with custom rules (cant exceed more than 400m squad value and cannot have more than 30 players). Since he was providing no evidence (tired of saying this!) and thought he will call me what he wants and expect me to tolerate I on purpose exceeded those limits. And this is my in game name Thumbs Up so if anyone reading this believes Georgie and I apply in "your" private gw, feel free to reject! I am not feeding Georgie in his paranoia world. Unless he can come up with real stuff. I have so many managers to back me up but I don't want them to get involved in Georgie's baseless accusation. Wow I am mafia of SM, what am I doing holding a gun at SM creators head to not ban me? Georgie boy u have a sad life, this is just a game! Get real, get a life and get a flappable doll to help you! No more from me and how does one even defend an imaginable accusation?? Hence goergie get EDUCATION !!!!
  2. First of all I am devasted about how Georgie feels about me. Ur feelings meant the world to me. Secondly, u keep going on and on about my other accounts but fail to mention single one of them! Thirdly, sm knows but is not acting on it? I am in a gw where at least 10 managers(accounts) have been banned. @Soccahappy I am neither like u or Georgie the ultimate crap master. I will only answer when he comes up with concrete accusation. I am not feeding his bs like some are here. Finally, yes I destroyed his gw where he accused me in public of being a cheat without any evidence. Just coz he had his few real life frens in that and 2 reputed managers who thought the same, he burst his lungs out. Again I repeat without an iota of evidence. And when few asked to stop pointing fingers without any evidence as there was nothing fishy (basically didn't buy his crap) he and his friends left within few seconds. Y didn't he come up with his evidence then? One of his mate said I am cheat coz I and other 2-3(whatever number he thinks) don't login at the same time. Some accusation that is...NOT. If hundred ppl shouts a lie 1000 times some will believe but that doesn't wrong the right. In Georgie's words sm knows I have been cheating for 8 yrs and they can't do anything! Haven't heard so much crap in my life. As for PMs I play sm only on my phone hence I give my piece of mind through PMs. I can't even see who is online or offline. @Soccahappy feel free to feed him, but he needs to come up with real stuff. Why aren't u asking him about my other accounts? Wasted enough time on his baseless accusation, getting bored now!!! I can only imagine as I destroyed his gw he is gunning to hurt my reputation. Guess what Georgie boy it took me 8 yrs to build it and your 2 weeks preposterous outburst will undo that?? Boy u think very highly of yourself. According to soccahappy, he feels Georgie's outburst is real and asks me if I will defend myself. Mate feel what you want. I have nothing to defend here. Once Georgie posts my "other" accounts everything will be crystal clear. Y do u think he isn't mentioning any??? What is happening is Georgie "thinks" I am a cheat then keeps going on then socca "thinks" Georgie's outburst is "genuine" and questions me. That's a hell lot of thoughts circling.
  3. Just post the accounts u think are mine and here u have experienced forumers/managers that can go deep in to it and find out. Even I can report your account and SM will say lack of evidence. Which means I am wrong. And I am man enough to accept I was wrong and move on than keep dragging it. Its simple post "my" other accounts or just cut the crap!
  4. Anyway I am in the full house ec33333 with many experienced manager more than me. Why not t ask there if Thumbs up is cheating. Anyway it pains me to see this day after such long career in SM. And what's even more bewildering is forumers ain't asking him to provide evidence and a forumer in the calibre soccer happy(?) liking his post. Provide evidence and I shall fight to clear my name. But lets not support a random post of of cheating of a manager of my reputation. That's what pains me and that's just not simply right.
  5. Sorry I don't agree. You just don't call out a person cheat without evidence! That's what I am trying to say. U call me a cheat then surely he can provide the evidence instantly. Joined two of his gws in 2016 and suddenly in 2017 he realised I am cheat? And then fails to provide evidence? How about this my claim is Mr. X is a cheat and I will provide evidence in my sweet time. But hey I declare he is a cheat.
  6. One final thing @georgie34 you thought u will call me a cheat and I will not respond? You think too highly of yourself. Also why not list any dodgy transfer activities of mine? Or as mentioned above list my "other" account, so sm can have a look. I am not defending but talking from experience. When my friends first introduced me to sm and I only had 2 slots. I obviously chose the gws my friends played in. That didn't mean that all 18 or 20 of us were cheats. Ur accusations are very very very vague and very lame too. @georgie34 I am waiting for a concrete answer from you. And its not right that one (in this instance you) can get away by calling someone cheat in a public forum. There's gotta be retrospective punishment for u if u r wrong! That's my request to SM, if they are reading this.
  7. I gave an example I never meant u. Seen u for the first time. And I don't even know ur game name. U read it wrong.
  8. And just to be clear my sm game name is Thumbs Up and my forum name is Middle Finger. My name was middle finger in the game too. But once SM began changing since the tenth anniversary I bombarded them with bugs and they ultimately lost patient and also for obvious reason changed my name. So thumbs up is not the name I chose. So no I don't have two accounts. Just the one. And all he listed is suspicion. I am not anymore going to dignify the accusation with a response. Let SM take the necessary steps.
  9. How am I a cheat? Been playing since 2009 and all of a sudden I decide to cheat in 2017? Having suspicion is different but calling cheat is the most insult in SM. Also if he is suspicious about say account x and I am suspicious too and take his name, that's finger pointing? @Kev. Pls clear my name SM not because I am a long serving manager but just do what's right. Its also not right that anybody who is suspicious can just blatantly call a person cheat. Now I understand the workload SM goes through. Why not ask the @georgie34 guy the accounts I am linked with. It will be easier job for sm
  10. I am interested interested.
  11. This RieceM96's prediction. Left out yesterdays fixtures. 8th March Barcelona vs PSG (0-4) 2-1 Dortmund vs Benfica (0-1) 3-1 14th March Leicester vs Sevilla (1-2) 0-1 Juventus vs Porto (2-0) 3-0 15th March Atletico Mad. vs Leverkusen (4-2) 2-2 Monaco vs Man. City (3-5) 2-3
  12. JUVE boyysss... JUVE booyy...yss, JUVE boys goes marching oooonnn, JUVE boyyy..ysss, again tomorrow JUVE boys will go marching ooonn! (*10)
  13. After putting 3 consecutive victories in the league, Thumbs_Up's JUVENTUS face Manchester United on Sunday. Can JUVENTUS match their record run of 4 consecutive wins? JUVENTUS' last 3 league scores - Juventus 2 - 1 Zenit Chelsea 1 - 2 Juventus Juventus 2 - 1 Manchester City Any prediction ??
  14. Posted just now ยท 7th March Napoli vs Real Madrid (1-3) - 2-2 Arsenal vs Bayern (1-5) - 4-2 8th March Barcelona vs PSG (0-4) - 2-3 Dortmund vs Benfica (0-1) - 3-1(DYS) 14th March Leicester vs Sevilla (1-2) - 0-2 Juventus vs Porto (2-0) - 2-0 (TYS) (FGS HIGUAIN) 15th March Atletico Mad. vs Leverkusen (4-2) - 1-2 Monaco vs Man. City (3-5) - 3-2