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  1. Sampdoria outclassed Juventus and beat them 2 - 1 in their Division 1 fixture. Messi scored both of the goals for Sampdoria and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance.
  2. Sampdoria beat Cagliari 4 - 3 in a penalty shootout after a 2 - 2 draw in their Italian Championship Cup Quarter Final fixture. Jesus and Smolnikov were amongst the goalscorers. Mister Teufel: "Excellent performance of our back-up players. Especially Puggioni did an amazing performance and was decisive in the shootout. Looking forward to next match"
  3. You bring up some good points. I do agree on the fact that attacking players that have shown be able to play in a wide midfield position (by doing both defensives and supporting/attacking phase) should infact be updated by SM with such position with green dot, if such position hasn't be inserted yet in their positions - example: Reus should be able to play as wide midfielder in 352, as he can do both phases good. But if said player can't defend properly, he just shouldn't get a green dot as wide midfielder - for example Cr7 as DM/LM would make a team very unbalanced defensively. It has to be examinated case by case, according to IRL situations and work-rate of said type of wide players.
  4. This. It was a great move by SM. IRL you don't see usually see attacking wingers as 352 wide players - but rather DM(R/L) and/or M(R/L) that do both defensive and support/attacking phase. And during defensive phase, 352 actually becomes temporarly a 532. In SM 352 was often exploited to put as many attacking top players as possible, which are easier to find compared to good defensive players. I even saw 352 teams in which all the midfielders, even the DM, were attacking midfielders and still performing greatly. Now, if an attacking player displays that he can play in a midfield position and do also a good defensive job, then in that case he should receive that midfield position in addition to the attacking ones he has and thus being able to play as wide winger of 352 - otherwise he shouldn't be able to play and perform great in such position. Cheers to SM for fixing that exploit.
  5. It seems a bit of random factor. You might consider to buy a decent backup (to cover for Kane long absence) and see what happens with Kane next SM season before selling him.
  6. Get/keep Muller.
  7. Sampdoria outclassed AC Milan and beat them 4 - 0 in their Italian Championship Cup Round 3 fixture. Jesé scored a brace and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Süle and Jesus were also amongst the goalscorers. Mister Teufel said: "Great display of strength and concreteness by our backup players. I'm very proud of them, they showed to everyone that you should never underestimate Sampdoria. Looking forward to next match"
  8. 1) I would keep/get Lewandowski and KDB! Lewandowski is arguably a better striker than Suarez and he does have currently a better goal ratio IRL as well (36 gol in 39 matches for Lewandowski, while Suarez has 31 gol in 42 matches... Also Lewandowski scored a lot more gol than Suarez in UCL, 7 vs 3). On the other hand Suarez does play more for the team and does more assists, but not to the point to do such a swap. 2) Depends on your squad needs - go for Ozil if you need a playmaking AMC, while if you prefer versatility then Silva as he can also play CM.
  9. Sampdoria beat AS Livorno 4 - 0 in their Division 1 fixture. Müller was impressive and scored a hat-trick, later being voted Man of the Match for his performance. Rodríguez was also on the scoresheet for his side.
  10. Reus!
  11. Sampdoria Italian Championship (competitive GW) Main squad First XI: Neuer, Carvajal Miranda Godin Rodriguez, Motta Vidal Iniesta, Messi Müller Reus Backup XI: Puggioni Smolnikov Christensen Sule Zhirkov, Tielemans Walace Praet, T.Hazard Jesus Jese Utility players: Nacho, Golovin and Burke Captain: Neuer. Vice-captain: Thomas Müller. I have also a youth team (around 30 players) with raw diamonds like Mere, Pulisic, Torreira, Locatelli, Upamecano and several others . Palmares: 18 Charity Shield Winner 17 Division 1 Winner 17 SMFA Champions Cup Runner-Up 17 Charity Shield Winner 17 SMFA Super Cup Winner 16 Division 1 Winner 16 SMFA Champions Cup Winner 15 Division 1 Runner-Up 15 SMFA Champions Cup Runner-Up 15 SMFA Super Cup Runner-Up 14 Charity Shield Runner-Up 14 Italian Championship Shield Runner-Up 14 Division 1 Runner-Up 14 SMFA Champions Cup Winner 13 Charity Shield Winner 13 Division 1 Winner 12 Charity Shield Winner 12 Italian Championship Cup Winner 12 Division 1 Winner 11 Italian Championship Cup Winner 10 Charity Shield Winner 9 Italian Championship Shield Runner-Up 9 Italian Championship Cup Winner
  12. Cr7 turned 32 recently, which it caused his SM value to drop. Probably it happened the same with some other players: they become older and thus their value decreased.
  13. Sampdoria beat AC Milan 2 - 1 in the final to lift the trophy. Hazard was on the scoresheet for his side. Mister Teufel said: "A great performance of the team to add a well deserved italian super cup to our thropy collection and especially I want to congratulate with Thorgan, he was absolutely brilliant tonight. Campeones!"
  14. Christian Puggioni of Sampdoria is criminally underrated with only 82 of rating! During the absence of Viviano (88 rated), here Puggioni stats in this season. And I should mention that most of those were way more difficult matches compared to Viviano's matches, including a debut in a derby (and Puggioni is a supporter of the team as well, thus making it an even harder debut match): Matches GA Clean sheet Min. Serie A 14 18 4 1.260 Coppa Italia 2 4 1 180 In comparison, here Viviano stats Serie A 11 13 2 990 Coppa Italia 1 - 1 90 Puggioni showed to be a better keeper than Viviano, both in stats as well as in skills. Yet Viviano is rated much higher, which is completely inaccurate. A more proper accurate rating for Puggioni would be at least 86, to put it on par with his prime level reached on SM.
  15. You should write more detailed information about squad (sorted by position), regular main XI, and tactical instructions for a more proper analysis.