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  1. Sampdoria beat Juventus 5 - 4 in a penalty shootout after a 0 - 0 draw in their Italian Championship Shield Round 3 fixture. Mister Teufel said: "Impressive performance of our backup players, it is even more impressive considering that Skriniar received a red card and we played in 10 vs 11 for a part of the second half. I'm very proud of my players, cheers!"
  2. To promote transfermarket interaction between manager. Personally I would reintroduce the option... When you know that you don't want to sell at all a key player, you don't sell him. So putting unavailable clearly state your intentions regarding that player.
  3. It actually depends on your squad. Post it for a better analysis.
  4. Are you sure there are 21 players+ not counting loaned in players? Same for goalkeepers (at least 2 not loaned in)?
  5. Because either the player drops in morale and/or develops concerns. In the longer term, all of them should get concerned if they are 89+ outfield and 88+ gk and you don't play them at least the minimum % required,
  6. Sampdoria adds a second seasonal trophy by winning 3 0 against Besiktas in the european supercup. Carvajal scored the first gol, Muller closed the match with a brace and was later elected MOTM. Campeones!
  7. Sampdoria opens the new season by winning 3 0 the italian supercup against Varese. Messi scored 2 goals, did an assist and was elected MOTM with a 10/10 performance. Pulisic was the other scorer, confirming a period of top form. Campeones!
  8. Sampdoria manages to write history by playing in 10 most of the match and winning Champions League 3 0 against Roma. Muller was MOTM with a gol and 2 assist. Pulisic and Koke were among the scores. Tricampeones!
  9. I would go for Renato Sanchez.
  10. Sampdoria have splashed out and secured the signing of Toni KROOS from Internazionale for 80,682,000 Mister Teufel said: "We are very pleased of having signed Toni Kroos, relatively young and amazing world class player: we will give him the keys of our midfield. Willkommen, Toni!"
  11. Lionel MESSI has been awarded the Player of the Season Award. Mister Teufel said: "We are very delighted of Lionel's performances and we congratulate him for this individual award. We also want to congratulate Bale for having done an amazing season."
  12. Very different styles. If you need a DLP, get Verratti. If you need an attacking midfielder, get Thiago. If you need a ball-winning midfielder, get Kante.
  13. Sampdoria outclassed Sevilla and beat them 2 - 0 in their SMFA Champions Cup Semi Final Leg 2 fixture. Godín scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Pulisic was also on the scoresheet for his side. Sampdoria went through 4 - 0 on aggregate. Mister Teufel said: "I am very proud of my players: this will be our fifth consecutive CL final. We'll do our best to win the Champions and achieve in the process our third triplete.
  14. Inaki for me.