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  1. It's normal that Dembele developed concerns in your case, even though due to SM designed the concern system he got concerned way faster than he should have. There are two glaring flaw in the concern system: 1) the "check of %" of matches is retroactive, meaning when a player changes in ratings he will think about having that rating the whole season, which often cause 89+ outfield players and 88+ gk to immediately getting a level 1 concern after rise. While it's totally fair that Dembele as 90 expects around 65% of matches according to help article (regardless of which other players you have), the new % check should be applied only when he got the new rating onwards. That's why the third proposal of OP would be a disaster if implemented, as you would have pretty much a random 20% chance of instantly losing a player in which you want to invest long term - meaning SM would lose even more gold managers. 2) Concerns are way too slow with 5 levels. There should be just 3 levels (concerned, very concerned, transfer requested).
  2. a. Agree. There should be only 3 level: level 1 (concerned), level 2 (very concerned), level 3 (request transfer). A sum up to 5 levels of different concerns should equally cause a request of transfer b. Fully agree with this. Also other clubs should be able to offer to such players a contract in mid+ season, and the player would join the one who did the best offer, like IRL. c. Bad idea, as due to SM flawed system it happens often that as a player rise, he thinks that he had that rating the whole season and instant concern level 1. Which means that with your idea, you would have a 20% random chance of instantly losing a young player that you want to stick with on long term due to a flaw of SM system and therefore it would be a very bad move by SM to implement this. It's plain better to just reduce the concerns levels to 3 and make the concerns work faster.
  3. The first is a winger, the other a central midfielder, so it really boils down to your squad needs as well. Without knowing them, I would say Anderson.
  4. No, as it would encourage player hogging. A better option would be improving the stadium building option, but with some requirements like how your team is performing and by considering the division in which your team plays, to unblock more incomes for your club.
  5. A main team of 25 players of which: 11 top players (your main XI, ideally with a GK 88+ and outfield players 90+), 11 backup players (1 back up GK 87-, outfield players 89- with 3x 89 being versatile and first subs for each main area of the pitch so they don't get concerned) plus 3 extra jolly players (defender, midfielder, striker). This is a great combo: it allows you to have great results and also a concerns free squad at the same time. If a backup outfield player grow to 90+ or the backup GK becomes 88+, at that point either you stick with him being titular long term, or you sell him ASAP to avoid further economical drop and get the max possible. On top of the main team, keep a good youth squad - a reasonable size would be around 25-30 players but you might consider more with a big stadium.
  6. Santos Dodo of Coritiba looks very promising.
  7. Post the whole squad for a more detailed analysis.
  8. Not really. In a competitive GW I won a lot of thropies, including two trebles and estabilished a record of 4 consecutive Champions League finals (of which two winner and two as runner-up) and my squad is composed by a main XI of 90+ players and the rest of the squad are 89- for outfield backup and 87- GK backup. So you don't need 20+ top players to win, even in competitive setups.
  9. Well, you answered your question by yourself with the above statement. Dembele, as a 90 rated outfield player, expect to play 65%, while Vieira Luan as 89 - expects 30-40% of playtime. GK concerns are a bit different, as 88+ gk requires 90%+ of gametime. It doesn't matter their age and the other players in their position, if they consider enough good enough to have their run of games, they will demand it and if you don't give them the needed playtime, over the course of time you will lose them. So either you play them the needed % or you lose them, fair and simple. If you don't plan to give them the needed % of game in the long run, you are better offloading them now, before they lose more and more SM value as they get more concerned.
  10. He joined BVB for 20 mln: he looks an interesting player and should start regularly at least until Reus returns, lot of potential. Get him ASAP.
  11. Sampdoria signed Maximilian Philipp. Mister Teufel said: "We are pleased to have signed Maximilian, he has a lot of potential. Looking forward to see his development in the upcoming years."
  12. The concerns system overall works good, but I would just tweak two things: 1) Applying the new request of % gametime only starting AFTER the rise has happened (so in Dembele case of OP when Dembele hitted 90, he would check the 65% only from that point on at following check of presences for concerns, and not checking the new % based on the whole season when he wasn't 90). After all, when a player just changed his rating, it's reasonable that the player shouldn't expect to have played as much when he still didn't have the new rating. 2) Concerns are way too slow. I would just put 3 levels: concerned, very concerned, request transfer. In case of multiple concerns, the sum up to 5 would cause the request of transfer. This would be great against playerhoggers and it would allow the market to have more available players and more transfer activity.
  13. LOL! XDDD Real Madrid humiliated juve. The win and award is fully deserved and on top of that RM made history. Hala Madrid!
  14. It would be an interesting option, as long as some conditions are needed to unlock the desired feature. For example, increasing capacity or building a new stadium would need that your team is performing greatly over an extended period of time and by evaluating the stadium size compared to the others in your division.
  15. It's simply a bug. To put it clear, let's take the case of Dembele. "Players that would expect to be in your first choice line-up and those rated 90 or higher will expect to play in approximately 65% of the number of Turns". In theory you would expect that Dembele start checking the new request of % from the moment he got 90+. But what actually happens, it is that Dembele started checking, as soon as he hitted 90, if during the whole season did at least 65% of presence when eligible, Since it wasn't the case, he got immediately concerned. Good news is: you can start to play him regularly and his level 1 concern will soon fade, if you plan to stick with him long term. Therefore, every manager should be very wary when in rating changing an outfield player rise to 89+ and 88+ for gk, and be ready to quickly shift the main XI if you want to stick with a talent long term. I reported to SM, but they simply told in case to play regularly the newly unhappy players if you wish to keep them (since they are level 1 of concern, the concern will wash away fast).