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  1. SM changed it a while back so when you sold to external for cash they were made available quicker to buy. I am constantly keeping a eye out in all my worlds now.
  2. eh? The Short TB is when you sell to external for cash they are available 7 days later, if you sell to a managed team its a longer TB.
  3. Some top names signed up to this looking good.
  4. Dost is the most inform striker out the the three at the moment.
  5. Bogle was playing Non League last year, has only had 6 months in League Two (which is a poor league) and has played 1 and a half games for his new Club in the Championship. Hence why I said if he continues until the end of the season then a 78/80 wouldn't go a miss, You can't give him a Championship rating after only 113 mins of Football in that league. +8 would be too big of a jump in one hit. Akinde is a good example to use aswell he has also scored 19 League Two goals this season and scored 23 League Two goals last season and 31 goals in the Non League the season before that, yet he is only rated at 73. The difference between the two strikers is minimal and it doesn't represent a 5 point gap in ratings. Akinde was also linked to the Championship in January and I have no doubts that he will follow Bogle there at the end of the season.
  6. I actually think a +5 is spot on. League Two players are rated between 70-75. If he continues scoring goals till the end of the season with Wigan then he will get his rise to 78/80.
  7. New season around the corner can we revive the thread again?
  8. GW ID: 351456
  9. Welcome to the Hofbräuhaus a New German Two Division Game-world. All clubs start with 30m and The world is set as a standard Gameworld meaning no hidden rules. We are already 50% full with some good clubs still free or why not take a challenge in Division 2. Transfer market will open at 5pm UK time tonight.
  10. It's gone. It was deleted in error by a mod when they tried to delete a individual post.
  11. remember you promised me Atletico
  12. would you swap camamjam teams with me? Ive got charlotte indy

  13. Certainly been a reality check for some Manchester United fans in the last week. 3 defeats in a row now. I thought Watford deserved that win today and could easily had more, that Ighalo open goal miss at 0-0. Can't be blaming refereeing decisions for todays defeat that is for sure.
  14. As per page I am in
  15. Well that's a cock up and a half Raz.