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  1. vamos criar uma Liga (mundial). Tem interesse em participar? https://chat.whatsapp.com/Kc1MTBmFIug8p6rUkOjpcn Aguardo.

  2. Good to see you back Jack.

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    2. swanseajack


      Cheers. I've taken over Woking in EC33333, and I'll keep my eyes peeled on the other two. 

    3. swanseajack


      Is there any additional rules for the Professional Scouting League that I should know about?

    4. Mr Noisy

      Mr Noisy

      just the rules that are currently in place no buying over 80 and no buying over 25s.

  3. Official Arsenal Thread

    Oh what's that? Arsenal are off to Wembley again
  4. Countries

    I will take Leipzig.
  5. Countries

    I'm in dont mind Germany myself.
  6. Rahul W's rating predictions

    @Sir Rahul whats your thoughts on Sakho keeping his 90 at Palace? I know he has missed some games this season through injury but he made a real impact with them last season.
  7. THE EFL (The English Football League) NO BPL.

    5 hours until bidding opens.
  8. THE EFL (The English Football League) NO BPL.

    still plenty of clubs available.
  9. The English Football League 4 Divisions of 20 teams (Championship,League 1 and 2,Conference and lower) NO BPL TEAMS means more choice Externally 20m starting budget (can be discussed) Challenging league with some of SMs best managers involved Concerns will be on from 1st season SMFA will be turned off meaning I need to trust all managers joining
  10. Worldwide Risers

    SM changed it a while back so when you sold to external for cash they were made available quicker to buy. I am constantly keeping a eye out in all my worlds now.
  11. Worldwide Risers

    eh? The Short TB is when you sell to external for cash they are available 7 days later, if you sell to a managed team its a longer TB.
  12. THE European Championship

    Some top names signed up to this looking good.
  13. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Dost is the most inform striker out the the three at the moment.
  14. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Bogle was playing Non League last year, has only had 6 months in League Two (which is a poor league) and has played 1 and a half games for his new Club in the Championship. Hence why I said if he continues until the end of the season then a 78/80 wouldn't go a miss, You can't give him a Championship rating after only 113 mins of Football in that league. +8 would be too big of a jump in one hit. Akinde is a good example to use aswell he has also scored 19 League Two goals this season and scored 23 League Two goals last season and 31 goals in the Non League the season before that, yet he is only rated at 73. The difference between the two strikers is minimal and it doesn't represent a 5 point gap in ratings. Akinde was also linked to the Championship in January and I have no doubts that he will follow Bogle there at the end of the season.