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  1. I see that Nandez has signed for Boca.
  2. Sorry to see you go. Good luck in the future and hope you reconsider.
  3. Aye, do it. Once a player gets to level 4 concern it's difficult to keep him.
  4. I'm not sure if he would start for either of those teams.
  5. I reported three transfers between the same clubs where it was clear that there was blatant cheating. As per usual, once one club had signed three best players from other club, they resigned from other club.
  6. Thinking of buying Barkley or Oxlade-Chamberlain. Who would you choose?
  7. I've reported a few deals where it is clear that one person is managing two teams but nothing has been done about it.
  8. Is he at Real Madrid?
  9. Bundesliga has started to be reviewed. Seems ridiculous when there are so many other leagues yet to be done.
  10. Conti (Atalanta) Sanchez (Ajax) Lenglet (Sevilla) Henrichs (Leverkusen) Orban (Leipzig)
  11. How much cash you got?
  12. Tche 83 to 86 today
  13. Veiga of Palmeiras got reviewed today.
  14. I'm assuming Brazilian review isn't finished yet as Vizeu and Bueno haven't got their rises yet. Santos and Flamengo seem to have been missed out though Palmeiras review has begun.
  15. He is quality. A lot will depend on how long he stays at Celtic. If he stays there then I reckon the most he could go up to is 88. If he moves and plays regularly then he has 90+ potential.