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  1. Rudiger to get his +1 on the back of the Chelsea move? I suppose the confed cup can't hurt either!
  2. Hazard OR A Herrera, Brandt & Umtiti Hazard OR A Sandro, D Costa & possibly E Mor Hazard OR J Rod & E Dier and 40mil Or keep Hazard
  3. I'm so sorry man, there really is no way to say this without making you look stupid... The reason it looks like a joke is because... brace yourself... It was
  4. More money so he can pay his taxes would be my guess.... Said it before and I'll say it again, anyone who thinks he will ACTUALLY leave needs their head tested, this is a stunt, nothing more. I've already read stories of Madrid paying off the debt, this is nothing more than toys out of the pram again from the drama queen. My only concern is obviously Madrid won't want Morata to leave until this mess is sorted out
  5. Anyone that thinks Ronaldo will ACTUALLY leave needs to take a good long lie down...... There are so many reasons why he won't leave Madrid but I'll give one.... Who in their right mind would pay over 150 mil(if quotes are to be believed for an almost 33 year old, I know football is nuts but it's not gone that nuts yet I hope!) This is exactly what will happen... In a week or two, Ronnie will get a new contract (let a bw honest, this is what he's after) after he get a over his little hissy fit and this tax thing will be paid off or brushed away somehow. If you think about it from the Spanish tax point of view, why would they want Ronaldo to go and pay tax on another country? That a a massive loss to them, a deal will be agreed and he will get a new contract. No way he's leaving Madrid, none.
  6. I don't see Anderson getting the big move at this point.... He's been mentioned a few times before for Juve and Utd etc, but nothing... I think his time has passed Sergej on the other hand is on the rise, he's getting fantastic match reports and a move does look on the cards. Depending on your squad needs but of its player vs player of go for Sergej
  7. You don't need the wage of an 87 backup keeper.... Get someone like Meret... Keepers are NEVER unfit or injured in this game, ever....
  8. Also, my argument was well structured with valid points (some of which you completely ignored in order to validate your argument) so no... it was not a 'poor argument'
  9. 1. Rudiger...... Firstly, no player in the history of the game or any sporthas ever gone without error. As for Rudiger being 'responsible' there are 2 other CBs playing and indeed a goalkeeper (a very poor one imo) so it's a bit much to land the blame on one player.... every defence is a defensive unit and to be fair, Low rates him as he's back in the NT as soon as he was fit again. Both he and Fazio should have got 90, it's that simple. There are premiership CBs that are 90 rated playing for poor teams and Seria A is back on the rise, VVD and Fonte for example, both play for low-mid level teams essentially & Roma are top drawer in Italy. 2. Khedira, you say 'Guardiola said he is very important' which is true, very true.... however same can be said of Khedira. Again, the proof is as soon as he's back from injury HE'S BACK IN THE STARTING LINE UP, AS A REGULAR. That's the very definition of an important player, same with Strootman, he rose.... Why not Sami? Even though I'm a Roma fan I can't understand why Khedira is not at least equal to Nianggolan, both are ESSENTIAL to they way the team plays, but the difference is Juve and Germany are miles better.... No excuse for not rising these players, there are also others such as Salah, Fazio and Paredes... compare the top teams ratings in Germany, Spain, overrated England and Italy... you'll see a world of difference, which is wrong. Italy are on the up without a shadow of a doubt and ratings should reflect this, especially the top brass
  10. April 2012.... thats the last date Khedira has risen.... He's done nothing over the course of the last 5 years to warrant a +1 🤔
  11. I've both Rudiger and Rugani.... Seems to me like the wrong player got the +1 🤣🤣 Nothing for big Sami (even though he plays for better club and country teams than Hamsik and Nag) which can't be down to age considering Button and Bonucci both rose (deservedly, imo) So wrong!
  12. Tbh that's a pretty pathetic attempt when it comes to Roma, they missed Salah and Paredes, 2 of our best players his season... Personally I think Rudiger has been good enough for 90 considering he's come back from injury VERY strong and is back in the NT too... Dzeko > Salah is laughable though
  13. Roma surely aren't done though?
  14. Coman or Gnabry.... Milinkovic-Savic or Parades
  15. Coin toss really