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  1. Sorry, my fault.... I have Duarte
  2. Ruben Duarte + 2mil for Januzaj?
  3. Really??? I would have said Vigo were the best opposition left on the comp for us... Lest not forget what Athletic Club did to us in said competition few seasons back, and they were supposidly a walk over at the time as well! Anyhow, all in all.... Pretty decent weekend for us!!!
  4. Oblak Meret Cancelo Fosu-Mensah Joao Pedro (Palmerias) Shaw Amavi Caricol Marquinhos M Diakhaby Rugani Rudiger Thiago Gagliardini M Llorente Khedira R Sanches Gerson Kimmich Milinkovic-Savic Samper Dybala Guedes Neymar Hazard Gnabry Cabellos M Kean Ponce Alena Nathan L Felipe Scholl Ruiz Martinez Muric Verde Bahlouli Zidane Vezo Faes Grassi Kamara Nili Arana Basacokoglu Souici Zimmermann Pellegri EsitiEsiti Thoughts on those Rahul for the upcoming review?
  5. Exactly... people tend to place people that work hard (extremely hard in Kante's case) with those with God given WORLD CLASS ability... 2 totally different types of players, mandzukic is without doubt a workhorse and I don't mean that in a derogatory way, but world class? No
  6. If any Juve attacker deserves 93 is Dybala, he's clearly in the world class bracket and his rating should reflect so... Mandzukic is little more than (a very good) workhorse of a player, i mean that in a good way
  7. As Mr T said in Rocky III..... 'My Prediction' 'PAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIN'
  8. Depending on your squad depth (handy backup players) id say safe enough to let go. Mangala especially seems terribly error prone
  9. Its hard to say as different players just don't take to the EPL, Di Maria for example... I think Griezmann would be a success at Utd bit i don't see him playing the same role he has at Atletico... Anyhow, this coming window, i really just don't see Jose going for a striker (assuming Zlatan signs on) On another point, first window in a long time im more excited about seeing players LEAVE than who we bring in 😂😂
  10. See this is the thing! Everyone keeps banging on about a striker.... I don't see it happening, at least not an out and out striker. In a 4231 or 443 you basically only have one striker... That's Zlatan If he stays (i think he will) he's in supreme condition and with Rashford as backup (for at least next season anyway) with Zlatan playing the majority of the time.... I could see the value in getting Griezmann as he can play in behind or anywhere in a 3 behind Zlatan but singing an out and out striker... Not this window, Zlatan doesn't like to share!!
  11. Sidibe for me, the Pole looks lost at PSG
  12. Pundits on MOTD said pretty much what i said, he had no reason at all to go to ground he was making the 50-50 challenge... Only reason he did it was to hurt the other player. Normally i would hold Nev's opinion in high regard but he's wrong in this one. Disgraceful tackle
  13. Verratti & Lafont for me
  14. Your joking right? Had it not been for Herrera's own efferot to move his leg as he seen it coming youd be looking at a Seamus Coleman mark2 right now That was a disgusting cowardly tackle IMO