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  1. The Best of Belgian Football

    Was just coming on to ask the same! A Belgian chap that plays in our GW rates him very highly... Would still be nice to get some more thoughts
  2. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Luiz Filipe (DC) he's been in the starting 11 a few times this season..... Also, you sure nothing for Dybala??? He's in incredible form!
  3. Official Manchester United Thread

    Part of me wishes they would just wipe the whole thing out, but as long as it's being managed properly we can't complain. Future looking positive again!
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    @Sir Rahul Thoughts on these players come the winter review? Oblak Kimmich Marquinhos Rugani P Jones Blind Shaw Amavi Oczipka Darmian Pogba Thiago Alcantara Gagliardini Renato Sanches Marcos Llorente Gerson Gnabry Lamela Neymar M. Sanson Dybala Lukaku Mayoral Driussi
  5. Dembele for Martial

    I've advice, if you accept that deal, seek help!
  6. Up and coming players

    I read a scouting report on him a while back. I have him in my squad ages now... He's one of my big big hopes for the future, fantastic to see him get some game time
  7. Anyone able to explain how morale works?

    Maybe, maybe not.... One things for sure, gave Pogba a new contract today and he bagged the only goal in a 1-0 win for me tonight! Happy days!!
  8. Anyone able to explain how morale works?

    Yeah I renewed Pogbas contract and his morale went back up to almost 100% The part I can't figure out is why both players in the same position on the pitch (the 2 in a 4231) play all the time and ones morale is considerably higher than the other, just seems wrong.... Anyhow new contracts all round!!!
  9. Never really paid much attention to morale but had a quick scan of my team today and something really strange. Take 2 players in my team that play EVERY game in their CORRECT position and never subbed. Pogba 78% morale Thiago 94% morale Both playing next to each other week in week out, between league and cup games, lately my team is winning more than it's losing so I could understand morale in general being 'up' But that's a startling difference between 2 of my beat players
  10. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Bit early I know, but gotta do something to pass the time!
  11. The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread

    Any thoughts on these players in the Xmas review Neymar Marquinhos Sanson Ponce E. Ie Bahlouli M. Diakhaby Amavi Boubacar Kamara K. N'Doram Coulibaly (Angers) Souici
  12. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Any thoughts on these players in the Xmas review Kimmich Thiago Gnabry R Sanches Oczipka W Anton Guwara I Konate G Jung Stendara
  13. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Any thoughts on these players in the Xmas review Meret Rugani Gagliardini Dybala Marchizza L Filipe (Lazio) Gerson Grassi Gaudino Verde P Pellegri M Kean
  14. Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread

    Any thoughts on these players in the Xmas review Oblak Guedes Samper M Llorente Vezo D Gonzalez (Malaga) C Alena Enzo Zidane Mayoral
  15. English Premiership Rating Predictions

    Any thoughts on these players in the Xmas review Blind Darmian P. Jones Shaw Fosu-Mensah Pogba Lukaku Lamela (? Keep 91) Loftus-Cheek Nathan Targett