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  1. Or the other way to look at it is.... Our unbeaten run has put us on the brink of the SINGLE objective this season... Champions League qualification, I'm no Jose fan but I have massive sympathy for the man having to dredge through that awful micky mouse competition to eventually reach the promised land. I'm guessing that early on Jose may have realized that this current squad is not able for top 4 and saw the Europa as the only route to getting is back amongst Europe's elite clubs and took the Europa with both hands and ran with it.... Would I have preferred 4th to winning the Europa? Probably because I believe domestic dominance is all important before you can think about making the next step up.... End of the day, league has been an absolute nightmare, no papering over them cracks, but CL qualification IS a successful season for us considering how bad we have been...
  2. Tomorrow you mean? I doubt he will at this point, Liverpool have been reviewed days ago
  3. Hold up! Sturridge is STILL 91!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
  4. Ahhh so he has. This is defo a bug on mobile, it's showing a positional change but not his +1.... Chelsea will be finished off so tomorrow. Actually, why did they start Chelsea and skip Spurs? Why am I even asking... it's SM
  5. I'd say another 2-3 days left in it... they have done Bayern, Monaco over 2 days so I'd Chelsea are started tomorrow I'd say another few from Chelsea a day afterwards
  6. What are the chances of Enzo Perez keeping 91???
  7. Ah hold on.... Look I'm NO Rooney can, I despise the man with a passion.... that being said Can someone explain (IN relation to Rooney -2) the rating review for Kompany (definition of part time footballer, at least Rooney trained and made the bench) Gotze (see above) Thiago Silva (Mr I'm not mentally able to face Barca because we might lose.... seriously) As I said I'm not a Rooney can but none of the above got a -2 it just seems as random as the Irish weather!!!!
  8. Yup... How about a system where you can ask the chairman why he's not paid over a single penny in 10+ seasons through 3 divisions despite the team that must won the league 1 title getting 50 (YES 50) million Now that's worth setting up
  9. Thanks a million mate! Was thinking very similar myself and the temptation to cash in for one more 90 to have an all 90 starting line-up is pretty tempting
  10. I was going to completely disagree with you until I read your last line... Well played!
  11. How could Florenzi possibly rise? He's been out injured for MONTHS!
  12. Hey Rahul.... Any of these players get 90 soon? It would be helpful if you could guess how many reviews before they hit 90, (I'm one player away from an all starting 90) R Sanches Gnabry Milinkovic-Savic Cancelo Shaw Rugani (Also have... Guedes, Gagliardini, M Llorente, Caricol, Fosu-Mensah, M Kean)
  13. Surely 89 though? Regular in the Lazio midfield and Biglia and Parolo are 90s (+)
  14. any chance of Milinkovic-Savic getting 90?