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  1. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Allan of Napoli to get a rise?
  2. Firmino to +1 to 93?
  3. WHY ON EARTH ???

    To stop player hoggers making their entire squad unavailable so you can't even approach another manager with an offer. Instead you would have to message them which is slow and boring, if they even bother to reply! Best thing they ever did in my opinion.
  4. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Spot on! Player increases are based on playing time in the league, major competitions and international representation...all need to be consistent over a period of time. Overall performance (goals, assists, squad contribution) and most of all how well the team gets on in league and competitions.
  5. Serie A Rating Predictions

    The Premiership was as much as a shambles
  6. Serie A Rating Predictions

    I wonder if the SM team got lost whilst being naughty and running through a field of wheat!
  7. Serie A Rating Predictions

    90 seems to be the new 89 to prevent teams from "player hogging" as most clubs can't loan out 90 rated players. Looks like the only way SM are controlling it and allow others to have good squads.
  8. As the title suggests, should I swap my Aguero + Tolisso for Bernardo Silva + Mendy?
  9. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Do you think De Sciglio will get to 90 this review?
  10. Serie A Rating Predictions

  11. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Sometimes.... But they haven't finished Roma yet.
  12. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Thoughts on Ghoulam getting a rise to 91?
  13. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Lol! I've seen Dybala play thanks!....not debating that he isn't good, he's class! Just my opinion that 93 is currently too high for him at the moment. Don't SM do player reviews based on minutes played and "stats"....pretty sure they do ?and thats what i'm basing the comparison on, not who can take on the most defenders.
  14. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Dybala currently as good as Harry Kane! ? SM fan boys getting behind that rating increase! 92 would have been acceptable for now.