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  1. Btw, my suggestion Zappacosta +2 to 90 --> i'd give him a normal +1 but i noticed SM seem to be giving an extra point for players who've featured for their NT, see belotti's +3, andre silva's +5, guerreiro's +2 for examples. Also think Nainggolan and Hamsik +1 to 93 is a 50/50 Jorginho +1 to 91
  2. Underrating Marcos Llorente for me there Rahul, i think he's an 87/88, brilliant performances for Alaves, and statistically also comparable to the best DMs in europe (yep i've been following him a lot lol) Dont get confused with his more hot and cold brother Diego Llorente (a lot of people do confuse them for some reason)
  3. he deserved it last season and didnt rise, hasnt featured enough this season but he's put in a few class performances recently. Outside chance of a +1 for me but unlikely... he should've been 91/92 since last season though.
  4. All of Leipzig's starters will rise just for a balance out of where they are on the league table i think and i dont mind, since I have a lot of them
  5. Great player, fell out with Simeone, still has quality in him no doubt but needs to play
  6. I think playing for the national team will help belotti get the 91 next review
  7. Was wondering if SM would give Ziyech 90 at Ajax, and they did, so I'm happy =)
  8. Since this used to come up with Busquets and his CB position, why does Ramos still have the RB position?
  10. Tell me Escudero gets a +2 tomorrow ;p
  11. I personally don't rate him but about 75% of the barca fans I know do. They still believe he has a place in our midfield in the future. Although, to be fair, I never rated Sergi Roberto and look how he turned out lol. Only players I'm currently excited about are Alena, marlon santos... maybe Lee and a guy a long way away from the first team in Xavi Simons. ALSO ------------------------------------------------------- Illaramendi got a +1 to 90 i'm happy now. Though i still feel camacho deserved it too. Sansone +2 was a nice pleasant surprise for one of my teams. Pato -1 is very harsh imo
  12. Havent watched much of Granada but i've heard Samper hasnt been amazing... and well, neither has Granada in general.
  13. Another point to the elite player thing, Higuain (equaled or broke? cant remember) the serie a scoring record last season. Doesnt rise. He is world class but he doesnt command that elite status for me, so it's justified that he didnt rise.
  14. Mane, Firmino, Lallana +1 Clyne 50/50 +1 dont think Can gets anything