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  1. Since the forum is dead this is one of the few rating discussion threads so I dont think all the conversation being incorporated into this thread is a problem. If there is a problem, it would be the group of people who dont contribute at all and ask for opinions on what to do with their 35 player rosters for example lol.
  2. imo keep the duo/trio.
  3. If the review is done after the beginning of October, probably. If not, 78, then an increase to 80 in March/the springtime of 2018. It seems as though in MLS that most starters, regardless of the quality of their team (Elliott and especially Harkes play on struggling teams), are guaranteed a 80+.
  4. imo most likely +2 with an outside chance of a +3.
  5. Christian Ramirez should get at least a +3 to 80, maybe even a 81/82 by next March. not sure about Torres though.
  6. i do not think that Morrow will get a rating increase in the next review but could get a +1 next March in his current form. Roldan, who definitely will rise next MLS review. Likely atm
  7. He should be able to get a 80 at the next MLS review IMO.
  8. Here are some suggestions and their predicted ratings, some are mine, others are from previous posts from arsenalrocs. majority of the players should get their rise by no later than November. Jack Elliott (Philadelphia Union): 70 -> 77, is worth 100k in SM. Nick Lima (San Jose Earthquakes): 70 -> 77, 100k. Julian Gressel (Atlanta United): 70 -> 75/6, 80k. Tyler Adams (New York RB): 70 -> 76, 240k. Kyle Fisher (Montreal Impact): 70 -> 76, 80k. Ian Harkes (DC United): 70 -> 76, 160k. Rasmus Thellufsen (Aalborg): 70 -> 76, 240k. Viktor Tranberg (Nordsjaelland): 70 -> 76/7, 240k. Vladimir Screciu (CS Universitatea Craiova): 70 -> 76, 240k. Anton Walkes (Tottenham on loan at Atlanta United): 70 -> 73-6, 240k. (depends on when MLS get reviewed, the later the higher) If you don't mind 72-73 players, following players may be worth it: (75+ rise) Maximilian Wober (SK Rapid Wein) Dario Maresic (SK Sturm Graz) Kristoffer Zachariassen (Sarpsborg 08) El-Hadji Kane (Sandefjord) Per Steiring (Sogndal) Latif Blessing (Sporting KC) Raheem Edwards (Toronto FC) Ballou Tabla (Montreal Impact) Jordan Jones (Kilmarnock) Greg Taylor (Kilmarnock) Danilo Acosta (Real Salt Lake)
  9. Niakhate + Maehle or Kownacki or Luiz Araujo? thanks in advance
  10. arsenalrocs has a great list: Might face some stiff competition for some of them
  11. I'm "allan zhang", applied
  12. I'm interested, if possible I would prefer Chapecoense (Heerenveen as backup)
  13. Here are some 70 rated players from the MLS that should get good rises: deleted, will resubmit in future. -- on a side note, this forum seems very dead, especially in comparison to 2 years ago.
  14. Re: The Official Financial Fair Play Gameworld Thread Everton 1-0 Barcelona. LOL
  15. Re: English Championship 7046 Discussion Thread We actually did it. Can't believe it. Especially when you realize I accidentally played my youth team full of low-80s, 70s, and even some sub-70 players in the Semi-Final vs Brentford. Add to it a 89th minute winner from Arnautovic in the Final vs Leicester to return to the 3rd Division at the first time of asking.