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  1. Quite possibly the greatest quote ever, what a ledge
  2. Marquinhos, auriel, Roberto
  3. interesting read
  4. He's staying at Madrid, stop getting your hopes up
  5. if there are videos available then that too, stats only tells half the story for me
  6. Béllôti and morata? Lol no way you'll get Morata for sure
  7. toprak or garay?
  8. best player in his positon, should be 93
  9. carvajal easily bro
  10. £30m for pickford lool too much in epl, its getting ridiculous
  11. Lukaku is a good player for sure but Costa when he wants to play is miles better but I also agree that it's time for him to go, causing more harm than good. But the asking price for Lukaku is too much £60m is most I'd take him for, but we don't seem to be doing anything at the moment pretty frustrating
  12. I agree, just annoyed that it's being handled this way, puts us in a tough spot in terms of negotiations that's why I'm annoyed. But it's no coincidence that he says he doesn't fancy a move to China just days before it's announced there's a rule change doesn't take a genius to figure that one out lol he was just trying to save face, if they come in he'll definitely go, he's been talking about Atleti for ages aswell I'm under no illusion who's the bad guy in all of this, Costa clearly trying to play victim here but he's been the cause of his own problems got no one to blame but himself. Anyhoo we'll see how it ends up