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  1. Where's Talentsearcher?? I'm surprised he hasn't come on to praise Chelsea yet since he seems so concerned with all things Chelsea
  2. He thinks we've all got time to put up with his nonsense, guy seems to care about the blues more than us supporters. Kid is literally obsessed with Chelsea
  3. Se Queda
  4. we need to sign players. simple as, we need a winger and some wing backs for sure!
  5. Interested
  6. 5 league titles, 3 league cups, 4 fa cups, 1 Champions league, 1 Europa league money well spent
  7. With all due respect, looks more like an essay rather than a simple question
  8. Fee is actually £58m with add ins that could make it 70, so pretty good in this market, let's just hope he can do the business
  9. Morata deal reported to be done now, thoughts?
  10. 75m + 15m add ons and Rooney
  11. so whats happened with this move then
  12. laca can probably get 93, Lukaku could reach 94 depending on how successful he is at Man U, 95 would be too far for both imo
  13. laca and lukaku for long term clearly because of age, but lewa and pedro plus the money better right now imo
  14. Lewa plus pedro
  15. Chelsea board run by dimwits