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  1. Zaza will rise, not sure about Mina but my guess is +1 for both
  2. I'm gonna take a punt as rises hav been generous and I'm leaning to the side of he will
  3. Rahul W's rating predictions

    I hadn't seen Sokratis rise and would have argued otamendi getting a rise but it's clear to see that they're a lot more generous with rises as in the past few years, before the jump from 91-92 was for the start of players becoming elite, now it's like any old player can acquire high ratings
  4. Rahul W's rating predictions

    the duo
  5. Eu nasci em Portugal mano, ahh Micoli and Simao those were the days, I'll never forget when we beat Liverpool 2-1 with two stunners one of most memorable nights watching footy as a kid. Tbh like I said not been paying attention to the league in years, but everybody knows that the Porto owner is the biggest crook in town, what's his name again. Real slippery guy but I'm gonna check out colinho for sure
  6. What are the other rumours? I was shocked to hear Luisao was still starting lol he's been terrible for years. I used to enjoy watching benfica play especially during the Simao sabrosa era but fell out of love with Portuguese football as a whole and the Jesus stint was the cherry on top for me, we bottled too many titles back then, will always back them but don't worry myself anymore with how well/bad they're doing. Ps Nunca gostei do Porto
  7. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Kroos 2nd to only Iniesta? lol Modric and Kroos top 2 in the world no debating. and i'd keep kroos unless you can get a better play than pjanic
  8. Rahul W's rating predictions

    yh hazard rose today, so i expect that bid to be rejected
  9. What's happened to Benfica man, were usually pretty good in Europe, is the team simply not good enough with all the recent sales or just bad management?
  10. Rahul W's rating predictions

    thanks gone for d'ambrosio, max phillip, and hazard
  11. Rahul W's rating predictions

    No, not played enough to get a rise
  12. Rahul W's rating predictions

    does this monolithic have his own thread or will he reply on here? thanks
  13. any rises for bakambu, rodrigo, santi mina, willian jose and sanabria in the upcoming reviews?