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  1. And Ter Stegen staying. I mean wow, they really got this la liga review wrong didn't they
  2. Only if he signs for Liverpool or Tottenham, apparently
  3. Russia and Ukraine are due a review. Belgium as well. Holland will probably have one in a couple of months.
  4. Sporting CP (I don't think they've been picked yet?). Let me know if they have and I'll take another look.
  5. The Premiership review was a joke. The Spanish one looks to be just as bad. Not only did the review of the big leagues start too early, it's just been rushed through with quite a few players being missed. Very harsh considering it won't be until end of the year before more changes are made. Sw are incompetent!
  6. Would it somehow be possible to sneak a peek at sw teams or is that kind of information classified as top secret? Who are these super agents? It would help in predicting ratings in future reviews. We know they all must of had Thiago and Coutinho, and they definitely didn't have Rooney
  7. Going by that, half the players in the game rated 90 and higher should be lower then lol. If they want to lower declining players fast then that's fine, but do it to them all. All we ask is consistency and fairness. Sneijder is still 91 and still will be in 6 months from now. He plays in the Turkish league in a team that's been awful this season.
  8. The Prem review has been a joke so far. After Kante only getting 93 instead of 94 I think it's fair to say they won't be generous with Chelsea. Maybe because they were not in champs lge, who knows. +1s for Moses and Alonso, Courtois 50/50 for +1 and Azpilicueta no chance of +1. Hope I am wrong because I'd give the full backs +2s to 91s and the other two an +1 all day long. Oh, and still in total shock at Rooney's decline this season. I mean fair enough, he's not had his best season to date, but -2 today to 90 was just nuts. He's 31 lol, think sw thought he was 34 and packed off to China
  9. The rating system is almost as laughable as the sm match engine and the glitched goalkeeper position.
  10. He most likely will because Real have more or less won the league and in champs lge final.
  11. haha no way man. It's better when it's fast. Think how good it would be if they done a whole league in 3/4 days whether they go fast or slow they still miss players so it doesn't make a difference lol.
  12. He's been given +10 in last 5 months. How fast would you like him to go up? +1 every 3/4 days? How about an +2 for every goal he scores and an +1 for every assist?
  13. Brace yourself, a lot of angry Mbappe fanboys are gonna show up asking why he isn't a 94 after his great half a season let me grab my popcorn lol