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  1. Soccer manger 2018

    September 25
  2. Off-season issues

    It shows that the game has been updated June 1 but it still say 3.06. I doubt 07 will come out they might just release SM18
  3. Off-season issues

    Guys what version is the game currently in?
  4. Release the players you don't want and sell so too
  5. Lots of errors

    Sorry fellow player. I hope the issue can be fixed, the game is filled with potential
  6. Lots of errors

    I'm playing with version 3.04 and I made the CL semi final but two other teams played instead of me that's the only bug I have experienced
  7. Signing talented player

    Not successful really but better if you keep adding higher rated players you'll be able to sign them what the player is saying at his rating and age your team can't offer him anything. It doesn't work if the computer is signing players young players rated 83 age 19 will sign for a second teir team. It also doesn't work well if you are selling players most time you try to sell a 87-89 rated player teams from the third teir and forth will make bids and if you accept them the player won't say it isn't beneficial to my career even though it is. So you have 89 rated players playing in league 2 in England. Young players with 85-87 rated is more likely to be signed by a top teir team and the rating can even be lower also.
  8. They gave up

    I don't know what to think man plus if they need money the can start selling the game rather than free to play. Honestly the game need improvements
  9. They gave up

    I think the Soccer Manager team has given up on this game. The is a new version out 3.04 and there is nothing new that I see. Players who got a rating and position on Soccerwiki has the same old thing from version 3.03. I am not as disappointed as when they took long to release soccer manager 17 which didn't have the promised updates that were meant to be in soccer manager 2016. I can no longer call this a good game when I see the same stupid transfer taking place. How can Millwall sign a 88 rated 23 year old player?
  10. Tactical assistance soccer manager multiplayer

    This is an issue please post in the appropriate section this is for the single player
  11. Tactical assistance soccer manager multiplayer

    Is this for single player or multiplayer?
  12. Tactical assistance soccer manager multiplayer

    3-5-2 GK:Leno CBs: Ivanovic(Murillo:Go with him hes younger but lower ratted) Kompany, Toprak Wingbacks: RWB: Coleman, LWB: Wendell Midfielders: DM: Bender CM: Calhanoglu CM: Fabregas Strikers: Volland or Gameiro and Batshuayi
  13. data writing failed saving locally

    Are you using version 3.03?
  14. Can't save after January 2018

    Are you playing version 3.03?