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  1. Maybe it's a database problem ... what is the most accurate database of players? Which one do you use? Thanks.
  2. Hi all, on http://it.soccerwiki.org I can not recommend editing because I'm not at level 6, but Bacary SAGNA is not a player of Manchester City... is a free agent from 1/07/2017. Someone Admin of this board or user with privileges can modify the error? Thanks.
  3. apofis

    Player concerns

    my players play to 23 games but they always stop to "Level 2: Concerned about his lack of games" .....
  4. apofis

    Too many bugs yet!!!

    E' pieno di bug.... Ma un forum ita dove parlare c'è?? Leggo che lo hanno rimosso, è vero?
  5. apofis

    Where is the italian forum?

    Really?? But lol, have raised a entire community???
  6. apofis

    Player Search BUG

    When i make a researche like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9fo20ihhb5czui7/Untitled-1.jpg?dl=0
  7. apofis

    Hachim Mastour

    Riferimento: Re: Hachim Mastour and Modic e Benedicic which games have been played? Yet there are from July ...