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  1. Game world disabled for maintenance

    What actually happens in these maintenance sessions? I haven't noticed any changes...
  2. Reported Transfer

    Hi all... Recently in my custom GW a player joined, no problems, the GW is filling slowly and becoming more and more competitive, great! Until, this past weekend a brand new account joined and signed a player for max value from the previously mentioned account. Myself and a couple others managers reported this deal and it is currently being investigated. However, as the investigation can't be done overnight, the first manager has already spent his cash on a couple of players including Suarez. I was wondering if after investigation, will the original ridiculous transfer be revered as well as the transfers made after? Seeing as the cheat transfer is the direct reason the following transfers were able to occur? Any advice is appreciated.
  3. Do not like the new interface at all.
  4. Remove from Transfer List?

    RoyalAguila I agree 100%... But how can we raise this with SM? If they even consider our feedback that is...
  5. Remove from Transfer List?

    Yeah that seems to be the only way to stop the bids at least, it's used to have an option to remove from transfer list, I don't want people thinking my player is available... Pretty dumb.
  6. How do you remove a player from the transfer or loan list? I listed a player which I no longer want to sell, I keep receiving offers, how do I take him off the transfer market?
  7. Playing Styles

    Hi all... I've returned to SM after a few years to realise the "play style" section of the tactics is gone? Where has this gone? Being able to select counter-attack or use target-man etc was a huge part of my tactics. When I view a previous match report, these all show, checked as "no", so they are still in the game... But there is no way to adjust these? What is going on? Any help is much appreciated...