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  1. I'm playing Soccer Manager 2017, I have LINUX, and I have credits that I paid with my credit card, 2018 I CAN NOT PLAY, because there is no way to play it in LINUX, it is very unserious not to support other operating systems, several games games and is the first time I could not play a game anymore, because they eliminated the way to play it from facebook as it was until now.
    I want the refund of my dollars paid if I can not play more!

    prueba 3.png

  2. Hi Alex, any chance anyone can help with the workload on Soccerwiki? nigh on 4000 edits to be approved and i find it seems to be only myself that can speed things along by approving edits. 

    The system gets very sluggish when transfer windows are open, and the continuous cycle of certain SW users trying to chance players from a B side to the main side, as well as position changes - IE Brazil was reviewed only recently yet people are wanting to change player positions already

    needs to be a SW mod board or a way to communicate with contributors. Is there any SW Dev to comment?



    1. -JMH-


      Ok, well logged in today and seems my admin privilege is revoked

      so how is SW to progress? its backlogged and i was more than useful in approving transfer, did over 1000 last week to help clear the backlog and ensure they actual player reviews process could be speeded up?

      what is going on? utterly useless at the moment going backwards

  3. Historic save data.

    Hi, The single player version of Soccer Manager has been running for a number of years and we have always attempted to allow users to continue with their existing games where possible. This has meant we store millions of save games on a server we are looking to remove from use going forward. Due to this, we will be deleting all save games created on SM15, SM16 and SM17 older than v.3.02 with immediate effect. If you have purchased the save slots that held these games your account will see an empty save slot ready for the creation of a new game. Thanks.
  4. Urgent Update.

    Our team have been working hard over the last week to resolve the issues that you were likely experiencing at the start of the week. They have successfully fixed the vast majority of the problems and we hope that you are now experiencing the benefits of the server migration, such as faster navigation and loading times. We are aware of a small number of residual errors occurring less commonly and we are working to identify and fix these remaining issues. We appreciate your patience during this time!
  5. Urgent Update.

    Firstly, we would like to apologise for the disruption to the services you may have experienced over the last week. On Tuesday - April 4th, we had planned downtime on the entire site to allow time to migrate the servers from static, physical servers to Cloud servers. This should have, and will soon, provide increased stability and performance for all users across all platforms. Since completing this many of you have experienced issues when attempting to connect to the site, such as receiving a 502 error page. Or having trouble completing specific actions within both our games (SM17 and Worlds). Due to the dynamic nature of the Cloud services some of the constant processes and pathways have not been generating and running as they are expected to. As the services have scaled up to meet demand this has resulted in the connection and service issues you have experienced. We have our team working to identify and resolve the cause of these problems and we will keep you updated as additional information becomes available. All Gold and VIP members will have the days added to their accounts once the problem is resolved. We thank you for your patience and understanding Sincerest Apologies, The Soccer Manager Team.
  6. Hi, do you know when player ratings will be updated for last couple of days?

    1. SM Dev (Alex)

      SM Dev (Alex)

      The site is currently experiencing a number of issues affecting users access to the games. Updates from soccerwiki will be looked at once some of these access problems have been resolved. 

  7. Mike Nelson

    Hi Mike, Sorry to inform you of this. The 1 - 1 result as shown on the Inbox message, Schedule and Commentary match engine is the correct result and it is a known issue in the 2D match engine that this can occur from time to time. The 2D ME, while fairly stable is classed as in beta. There are a number of know issues on the match engine, this being one. Sorry
  8. Upgrading to Gold Manager

    The shop should pick up the currency based on your location. In the UK it would be GBP. Anywhere else in Europe should see EUR. Rest of the world should see prices in USD. The cost of products remains the same regardless of currency. If you use paypal to purchase the items you want the payments will be automatically converted for you. Just to confirm, since this is the Soccer Manager 2017(Single Player) General Help, and Gold Management is a SM Worlds product is this post misplaced? As being a Gold Manager on SM17 you won't see any benefits.
  9. Database Problem

    Can you post a screenshot of your Data pack selection screen?
  10. Advanced Rules change

    When on the Club Selection screen you should find an option for 'My Game Worlds'. If you are the owner of a game world you will be able to "ADMIN" your gameworld by selecting the available option. If you are having further trouble with this I would recommend reporting bug report via the ingame help.Our support staff will have the necessary information available to them to resolve the issue quickly. Hope this helps!
  11. Error: PACK_FILENAME

    Can you please confirm that the issue did pass and you were able to access the game after a short period of time? As the problem is server based and specific connections to our servers, there is little additional information that could be added that would benefit our support team in helping to resolve the issue. This is likely the reason behind the tickets being closed once solutions for the issue have been given. Soccer Manager's Term and Conditions do state that refunds are not given unless in exceptional circumstances. Simply being unable to access your game due to a connection error does not fit this description. If your issues are greater than this then as long as your bug reports contain a clear report of the issue (What has happened? Where does it occur? Does it happen every time? What steps can be taken to reproduce the problem?) our support staff attempt to reproduce and resolve the issue reported using this information. If no further information is required the ticket will be closed.
  12. Error: PACK_FILENAME

    This is a known issue with the game. It is a temporary issue that occurs when certain data cannot be downloaded from our servers. Simply refreshing the page should work. However if you continue to receive the error please allow a short period of time before trying again. Please let us know if you still cannot access the game.
  13. I got a question???

    3. No idea. The Single Player game is currently supported up to 15 years/seasons. You may be able to reach a little further depending on the amount of activity within the transfer windows for example. We are looking to extend this as we move forward with development.
  14. Is this why the multi player game is finished?

    Please open your profile and view your feed. There is a message regarding the closure of the thread and responses to the queries you put there. I would appreciate it if you view this before continuing to post complaints regarding my actions. Thanks
  15. I got a question???

    Have you reported this issue through the in game bug report system? If not, and you still haven't received the product you purchased, please do. You can find the 'Report Bug' option in the in game options menu.