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  1. papers were saying that it was a dead cert... AUB is such a hype/attention whore...appears that it may have been a plant or ploy to drum up big club interest.
  2. Wishful thinking mate. All major outlets are reporting it as 'on the verge'. Sportbild (German paper) broke the story from a source close to Dortmund...and they don't usually miss (broke the DEMBELE transfer). China are going to bid well above the asking price and AUB has posted Instagram 'ready for new adventures'. ...he is going to China. Sucks really bad. Gone from my best player to a useless appendage that no one will want in couple of days time. Shift fast.
  3. You are kidding right? Google search > AUBAMEYANG > last 24 hours The deal is all but complete my friend Gone from one of the worlds the next TEIXEIRA, HULK, PAULINHO ...and good luck trying to get a good trade/price for him now. He has only just got his rise...and his stats are going to plummet now.
  4. He is done for now. A goner. Literally no point in keeping him. News article published about an hour ago saying that AC Milan plan to swoop in. But all the odds are pointing to China and the insider that broke the story is fairly reliable and close to the I hear (broke the DEMBELE rumour). Such a waste. So annoyed.
  5. NOOOOOOOOOO AUB signing for the chinese league, all but sealed Now I have to dump him quick...hopefully on someone that doesn't follow transfer news God dammit...why'd he have to sellout for? Messing with my team, it sucks. His value has plummeted overnight. In one foul swoop, he has gone from my best a problem, a headache, someone I need to get rid of as soon as possible.
  6. DRIUSSI likely to rise? How much?
  7. Sell now he has risen? Or future prospect?
  9. AMINE GOURI (top goal scorer 8 goals, under-17 EUROS 2017) Lyon SOON LUCIANIHO ( Flamengo LONG YACINE ADLI (assist leader 5 assists, under-17 EUROS 2017) PSG SOON CHICO BANZA (top goal scorer 4 goals, Toulon Tournament 2017) SOON BOGDAN LEDNEV (6 goals, UEFA Youth League) Dynamo Kyiv SOON TIMUR ZHAMALETDINOV (6 goals, UEFA Youth League) CSKA Moscow SOON OLIVER FILIP (5 goals, UEFA Youth League) Salzburg SOON SAMUEL ESSENDE (4 goals, UEFA Youth League) PSG SOON DANI GOMEZ (4 goals, UEFA Youth League) Real Madrid SOON MOHAMMAD AWWAD (4 goals, UEFA Youth League) M. Haifa SOON RUBEN COLMENERO (4 goals, UEFA Youth League) Sevilla SOON DENNIS VAN VAERENBERGH (4 goals UEFA Youth League) Club Brugge SOON JONAS WIND (4 goals, UEFA Youth League) Kobenhavn SOON FLORIAN SCHIKOWSKI (4 goals, UEFA Youth League) Monchengladbach SOON NICKLAS ROJKJAER (5 assists, UEFA Youth League) Kobenhavn SOON MOUSSA SYLLA (4 assists, UEFA Youth League) Monaco SOON LOUIS VERSTRAETE ( SOON LILO GUARNERI ( Standard LONG NICOLAS RASKIN ( KAA Gent LONG EVANGELOS PATOULIDIS ( Standard LONG KERES MASANGU ( AS Roma LONG MAXIME DELANGHE ( PSV Eindhoven SOON THEO LEONI ( RSC Anderlecht LONG ALEXANDRO CAVAGNERO ( Standard SOON PIETRO TOMASELLI ( LONG RAYANE BOUNIDA ( LONG KARAMOKO DEMBELE ( BETWEEN SOON AND LONG WOO-YEONG JEONG ( Incheon United Young SOON/LONG ERIC GARCIA ( FC Barcelona LONG
  10. Thanks for highlighting it. One of the best players on the list. 7 goals in the under-17 EUROs only a couple of month's ago. This guy clearly has a very bright future ahead of him at the top. For 120k...managers would be fools not to buy him. Player removals look like as follows...
  11. Fairly straightforward one: PROMES, 89, 25yo, 8mil ... not going to rise this rating review, but may transfer to a big club, in my reserve squad (doesn't really get games anyway) OR T. HERNANDEZ, 86, 19yo 8mil...already at a big club, bright future, could be a 90 one day? Should I keep PROMES or make the trade? Should it be based on IF PROMES transfers to a big club? Let me know.
  12. Semantics and metaphors aside, PROMES really did get shafted, long and hard. Probably the biggest shafting of this years review.
  13. I've heard things described as 'AIDS' many a time, although this is getting off topic.
  14. We've been over this but: 3rd highest goal scorer in league (12) 2nd highest assists in league (9) League winner 2 highest shots per game in league League team of the season Established in the Dutch first team (with 3 goals in 4 World Cup qualifiers) Consistent quality: 2013/14 - 11 goals, 9 assists, 2014/15 - 13 goals, 3 assists, 2015/16 - 18 goals, 4 assists Only 25 Chased by Roma, Spurs and Liverpool Players like DZAGOEV, Alan are permitted 90 in the Russian League over him...despite only getting 3 goals and 4 assists this season. I am struggling to think of any other way of describing SM's mindless decision. HOW IS HE STILL 89!
  15. I was referring to their decision. That is cancer. HERNANDEZ or PROMES?