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  1. Thank you both for the tip...clearly both know your stuff. Next you think he will eventually be a world beater..89/90/91...or should I look to sell him and make my profit at the earliest opportunity? I know Barca are interested IRL.
  2. Check SM...KOVACIC has already got his +1 rise to 91. Came in today. Don't get me wrong, he is good. But I was surprised by this. Of all the players on my team, KOVACIC was last on my expectations for a rise. He is a squad player for Madrid and barely starts in their big games. I am struggling to think of many bench players that would get/have got a +1 increase as he has. Don't get me wrong. I am pleased...I will just be a bit disappointed if the likes of NAINNGOLAN, SALAH and GIMENEZ do not get a rise also.
  3. Chelsea youngsters are always worth a shout...but I would wait until the under-17 EUROS stars are added. Anyone know when this will be? Seems to be taking ages...and it isn't like they are unknowns. Their 'profiles' and the hype surrounding them is unlikely to be any bigger this year than it is right now...but SM doesn't seem to be adding them.
  4. How many world cups has ROONEY won? When did he last play a champions league match? 91 would be saying that he is as good as MANE, SALAH, CALLEJON, MOURA ... no chance
  5. Rated the same as LEMAR, DEMBELE, WERNER ...going by this, ROONEY should arguably be lower.
  6. Probably will in the next couple of months. He has been dog s*** this season. I thought they might keep him Roma with TOTTI. One of the old guard who won't make the first XI, but has the quality to come of the bench and influence a game when needed. ROONEY has been that dreadful, that I barely see him making the bench next season.
  7. I think Ezequiel BARCO 82 is due for another rise soon...or a transfer to a big club, or both. 18 years old, 4 goals and an assist, 81.9% pass completion, almost a guaranteed starter for Independiente now.
  8. WEAH didn't have the likes of DIOUF, SOW, GUEYE, KOUILIBALY in his national squad...MANE did. Admittedly I have just learnt that MANE got two goals in the AFC which is respectable, I thought he hadn't scored. However, I should note that SALAH was playing with Egypt, arguably a worst team...and he managed 2 goals and 2 assists...although SALAH has undeniably had a better season than MANE and is more deserving of an increase.
  9. I bet INESTA's pass completion stats have always been high over his career. This season alone it was 88.7% in La Liga. These statistics demonstrate his quality...and compensate for his lack of goals/assists. As with SUAREZ...his ridiculously high goal tally would denote his quality...even if his pass completion stats left something to be desired. In both examples, there is an area where they have been exceptional and unrivalled. There are many that have argued that stats are 'rubbish' and that you can tell someone is world class just by 'eyeballing' them. You are not the first and you will not be the last. IMO...anyone can claim that any player is world class using this subjective method. Stats are cold hard facts, objective and indisputable.
  10. COUTINHO ... 27 appearances EPL MANE ... 26 appearances EPL Doesn't appear to be a lot in it...and for MANE's month out at the ACN...he didn't appear to achieve very much on the international stage.
  11. I don't know how you worked that one out: COUTINHO ... 12 goals, 7 assists (plus 3 Copa America goals and 1 in the league cup), 83.6% successful pass completion and 7 'man of the match' MANE ... 13 goals, 5 assists, 77.5% successful pass completion and 2 'man of the match' Are you basing that statement solely on the fact that MANE got 1 more EPL goal than COUTINHO? I think that the stats speak for themselves.
  12. Soccerwiki do produce a list of daily additions to their database. This may make checking for new players easier and could be of some use to you guys. I have bookmarked the page:
  13. I knew that AUB deserved his 95. Anyone out there still think that BENZEMA is better? Anyone who saw the Leverkusen game will see my hesitation in swapping CHICHARITO for FEKIR. ...a goal, an assist and hit the post.
  14. switch between 4-2-3-1 and 4-1-3-2
  15. Amine Gouiri Jann-Fiete Arp Jadon Sancho Yacine Adli previously mentioned, if you want hidden gems that will be dead cheap and dead young...but are prepared the wait a few weeks (they have not yet been created in game, but soon will be). They are the three top scorers and assist leader from the under-17 Euros, final was yesterday I believe.