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  1. Why is there a squad cap? If you are talking just Spartak, then that seems particularly unfair...especially given that there has been HULK, WITSL, DANNY etc. who have all pissed over any supposed cap Zenit may have had. 91, 91 and 90 respectively when they played. "Zenit is a better team" you may say...but last time I checked...Spartak were leading the league by 10 points. Are you saying that even if Spartak smash Zenit...they will still be limited by a cap while Zenit isn't? That seems a bit unrealistic and unfair. Need I mention that PROMES is also a regular Dutch international now, a dead certain for the Russian League's team of the season...and is also wanted by Liverpool. Perhaps he will get his 90 the day he transfers! I have come to expect such embarrassing behaviour by Soccerwiki.
  2. How about Quincy PROMES?? Second in goal scoring, assist leader in Russian League but he is 89. Alan DZAGOEV only has a handful of appearances, one goal and 4 assists and he is 90! Go figure. Also Adem LJAIJIC is bossing it at Torino this season, 7 goals and 8 assists...yet again, he is 89. To put this into perspective, Alessio CERCI has one sub appearance for Athletico Madrid and he is also 89! It really is AIDs in it's purest form.
  3. Absolute dog s***! I used this against a 4-1-3-2...more possession, more shots on target...but lost 0-2! It was a crucial match! Don't give advice unless it works!
  4. if any of my transfers get reversed...I respond by reporting all the transfers of the manager's that I suspect to have reported me. So far...several have had their transfers reversed too >:P Fight fire with fire. To my mind, many managers just need to mind their own business and focus on their club...instead of reporting other people's transfers.
  5. For some reason I cannot log into Soccermanager on Tor. Does anyone have a solution for this? Would I need to alter Tor's settings?
  6. Day 1 (partII) - Update! 10 minutes later, I received two notifications. Once telling that I was 6th place, the other telling me that I received £17,516,998 in prize money! I am not sure if this is the normal amount for 6th. I would be interested to know what other people got for different positions in different divisions.
  7. Day 1 - Completed my final game of the season 10 minutes ago. I lost the match 2-0 but finished 6th place in Division 1 overall. No notification of any prize money yet and no increase in my balance.
  8. After searching the forum, there seems to be very little help or advice about what happens when a season ends, how much money a manager can expect to receive and when they will receive it. The concept of this post is simple. An easy to follow, step by step break down of what happens after your final game of the season. I will use myself as a source, as my team in an English public game world (with all teams managed by humans) will play its final game of the season on Wednesday 13th July. The team is currently 6th place in Division 1. I will blog every significant 'event' from my final game onwards until the start of the new season. I will include prize money (the amounts) and the days that I received it (for example, day 5). I hope this will help other managers plan (and know what to expect) after their final game. This post is completely informative, so whilst I welcome other comments, please do not use this as a place to vent your dissatisfaction about what SM currently does or doesn't do. I am mainly interested in other posts about what prize monies are awarded for different finishing positions at all levels (divisions 1 through to 4). If you have any insight on this, or know of other posts that cover this post-December 2015, please share it below.
  9. Haha dude get over it. Hating ages you.
  10. As per usual, this is just plain wrong. Check transfermarket: TURAN has only played AM and RW for Barca this season, he has not played CM or RM/LM. Check the facts before making bold incorrect statements,
  11. Haha thanks. Although with regards to the finances, I personally don't have too many I am one of the managers that I am referring to! Through a variety of deals I have a squad packed full of 1x92, 5x91, 10x90, 7x89 and a 6 players between 86-88 (under 24 years old). Many of these players rarely get a game! As you can imagine, I engineered this before the update and whilst my finances were always slightly in the red...the changes have caused my wage bills to skyrocket and I am now -9.7 million, with the debt increasing fast! But why would I settle the debt? What would be the point? I am now left hoping that prize money and chairman investments will help pay my bills, because I certainly will not sell players to clear it if I can avoid doing so. Having said this, I would be all for a forced transfer system when managers got in debt, providing that it was applied equally.
  12. ...I disagree with you on this point. What you are referring to it an inability to abuse the overpowered 3-5-2 formation. That's right. In relation to SM, the 3-5-2 formation should never be referred to without the word ABUSE or ABUSER accompanying it. Too many little girls used...sorry, abused...the 3-5-2, week in, week out. Everyone was abusing don't give me some BS about how you were 'unique' in how you deployed it. I put money on the fact that you used to deploy players out of their factually stated SM/Soccerwiki positions in the 3-5-2. with success. Now you cant. It's your own silly fault if you abused a loophole and flaw in the game engine and it is even more laughable that you were moronic enough to build your team around this loophole...but lets not open this can of worms! Needless to say, the game engine/formation changes were the most important and needed parts of the update.
  13. I am just pointing out that debt makes no difference once you have assembled the overpowered team that you want...and hoarded all the best players. You can just sit pretty. The financial changes have done nothing but solidify the status quo. Taking myself as an example, I would only ever consider selling a player if I could 'wheel and deal' and use the proceeds to buy a player or two players that I considered better...or to be worth the initial sale. For this, I would need to be in the black (or atleast level) for it to be worth it. The changes (and wage bills) have now pushed me so far into the red that I now don't even consider selling any of my players...because the proceeds would only go so far as to clear my debt...and what would be the point in that! The financial changes, which I can only imagine were introduced to encourage more trading and transfer activity, have actually produced the opposite effect. The strongest teams already have enough highly rated players to be suitably satisfied and with no obligation to clear their debts, they can just shut up shop and take the hit to their finances. Their squad strength is solidified. I am not complaining though >:-)
  14. SM thinks that it is funny to push me further and further into debt, because I have all the best players in my team and the wages are too costly. But I have hoarded all the players that I want now...and SM cannot force me to sell players to balance the books. So I am going to happily sink further and further in the red. WHAT IS SM GOING TO DO ABOUT IT!? HA HA >:-)
  15. ...I give you the real reason why Meta thinks that 'ball playing' CBs should not have the DM© ability. It is strange how he refuses to apply this same logic to DI MARIA (and other AM(RCL)/wingers) in relation to the M(RCL) position. To me, this proves that his 'positional play' argument is flawed and that he is happy to apply one rule to one set of players and a completely different rule for others.