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    Always looking for challenges and for players that like to join my gw's and/or gw's i can join ;-)
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    The Netherlands, Amsterdam
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    Audio Engineer
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  1. 87+

    Hey Tranmere. If there's a club vacated i would love to join. I just read the basic setup on page 1 though so i am not sure if in the mean time rules have been changed or added. IGN is onomanunn as well if that makes it easier to find me
  2. PRIZE worlds

    Hey Klorway. I woud like to join the ranks. However i am not a part of one of you Non Prize Worlds yet. What would you recommend me to apply to My rep is 235 so i think i am ok in that department of your requirements
  3. PRIZE worlds

    double post...see underneath for the right post. my apologies!
  4. Back on the block

    I will have a look see now. Thanks
  5. Back on the block

    I reacted in my profile to your reaction there but i will repeat it here as well I would try a 4-2-3-1 or if you are daring a 4-3-3 as deep as possible with two Defensive midfielders having to stop the opposition's Attacking Midfielders from having the space in which they can function. Playing wide with full backs is in order to play across the flanks as obviously this formation will fill the centre over and over. Of course, you could try playing narrowly yourself and matching the opposition shape as well depending on the players you and the opposition have. Of course i would love for other managers to give their insights if they want to
  6. I need help how to beat 4321

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    2. onomanunn


      No worries bro ;) Good luck and you are never disturbing me when i am online. So if you have any questions don't hesitate and ask. However next time just open a new forum thread in the tactics forum. More managers will be able to give their input then. I am by far not a top manager ;) And if you still have questions either add me in game and use the chat or send me a pm here ;) IGN is onomanunn (Daniel Gramberg)

    3. Bigjum71


      thnx man i appreciate it

    4. onomanunn


      No problem at all :) i hope it works out for you!

  7. Back on the block

    Hey everyone reading this. After an almost two year hiatus i am back on the block. Due to illness i wasn't capable to play this game. I noticed that a lot of gameworld's are without many managers. I hope that will turn around soon and i am always on the lookout for a challenge. So hit me up if you would like to invite me to a GW. If you have any questions or remarks just pm me here or if you see me in chat Happy playing to you all and good luck
  8. WC 4300 (ID:20491)

    Current managers from WC 4300 have been informed that Liverpool has appointed a new manager. Liverpool is looking forward to the changes that new manager Daniel Gramberg will make in the squad and to the tactical reformation the squad will go through the coming period. On his first day the new manager made offers on several players and he has shown interest in some players as well. No less then eight players will join the Liverpool squad in the next 24 hours. Manager Gramberg already has stated that more players will be joining during the coming weeks. How this will work out for Liverpool on the long term is a question but Liverpool's Board of Directors expects and has faith that Daniel Gramberg will restore glory to Liverpool. Manchester City's John Stones and Manchester United's Luke Shaw will join Liverpool as two of the more talented defensive players from England. Niklas Stark (Hertha BSC), Ricardo Rodriguez (AC Milan), Raphaël Guerreiro (SC Freiburg) and Frello Jorginho (SSC Napoli) will join the Liverpool defensive forces as well. On the attacking side two players will join Liverpool. Hakim Ziyech (Ajax) and Keita Baldé (AS Monaco) will be added to the squad for more depth and more tactical possibilities. To create some room for the new players in the squad and to make sure all players in the squad will get opportunities to showcase themselves Liverpool has placed 6 players on the transfer list. Adam Bogdan (Goalkeeper), Danny Ward (Goalkeeper), Lloyd Jones (Central Defender), Connor Randall (Central Defender, Right Defender and Defensive Midfielder), Jordan Williams (Central Defender, Defensive Midfielder and Central Midfielder) and Danny Ings (Attacking Midfielder and Forward) have been told they can start looking out for a new club. Yesterday evening manager Gramberg debuted in a Worldcupshield Round 2 match against Internazionale's uLvA eLyaNTi. After a hard fought match 48,814 spectators saw Liverpool beat Internazionale with 1-2 in Stadio Giuseppe Meazza. Four yellow cards (2 on each side) and 1 red card were given by the referee. Internazionale's Hector and Eder both received a yellow card. Liverpool's Wijnaldum and Keïta both received one as well. After which Keïta received an immediate red card as well for elbowing Internazionale's Candreva. Manager Gramberg was happy with the win but also stated a lot of work needs to be done to make sure less opportunities will be given away, more chances will be created and will be benefited from. Next to that although a hard playing tactic isn't wrong players will learn how to play fair and more so how to play creative which in it's turn means he will expect less cards the coming matches from his players. Match Statistics: Possession: Internazionale: 56% and Liverpool: 44% Total Shots: Internazionale: 14 and Liverpool: 11 Shots On Target: Internazionale: 5 and Liverpool: 4 Corners: Internazionale: 6 and Liverpool: 6 Yellow Cards: Internazionale: 2 and Liverpool: 2 Red Cards: Internazionale: 0 and Liverpool 1
  9. As far as i know there's isn't any WC with Dinamo Bucuresti in it. Good luck though
  10. Fluffy's Asylum

    Re: Fluffy's Asylum Seattle Sounders beat Rangers 2 - 1 in their Friendly fixture. Pjanić scored a goal and was later voted Man of the Match for his performance. Gourcuff was also on the scoresheet for his side.
  11. EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏

    Re: EC Anno Domini - the invaded‏ Sorry Ed However i do think you still have a chance..on paper you have the weakest opponents were as Chelsea and my team have a semi final to play in between the two matches. So don't give up yet
  12. Luck of the Irish

    Re: Luck of the Irish UDC is announcing the first 22 players to join the university on either a scholarship or permanent job as a teacher.: CAMP, Lee ROSSBACH, Sondre LORÍA, Marvin O'DEA, Darren (Irish) REINALDO, Manoel SAJIČIĆ, Lazar AJER, Kristoffer PEARCE, Alex (Irish) MATTIONI, Felipe WALLACE, Oliveira ANDREWS, Keith (Irish) LOVRIC, Sandi MASCARELL, Omar GARVAN, Owen (Irish) JAGIELLO, Filip BOUTOBBA, Bilal KENEDY, Robert MALCOM, Filipe MASON, Joe (Irish) TARGAMADZE, David WARD, Jamie (Northern Ireland) NAHUEL, Leiva Because UDC is proud of it's heritage of so many youth players breaking through the last 8 players will be talents from Ireland and/or Northern Ireland.
  13. North American League

    Re: New Custom - NEED IDEAS I think the american one would be great. Two divisions, rating cap each season starting with a cap of 86.
  14. Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge

    Re: Now This Is What I Call A Soccer Challenge
  15. Dutch Championship 648

    Re: Dutch Championship 648 The match ended 3 - 3 between PEC Zwolle and FC Twente in a thrilling Division 1 encounter.Drost, Nijland and Lukoki were amongst the goalscorers. The PEC Zwolle club record for highest scoring league game has been broken. The game against FC Twente finished 3 - 3.