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  1. Rahul W's rating predictions

    Did you just say Jordi Alba to rise to 93?! You know better than to expect Alba to get a 93! ;-D
  2. Up and coming players

    Been waiting for him since the start of season.And here we are, 7 games into the season, 630 minutes and highly visible in one of the worlds top leagues and still isn't added. It's fine though, we have 26yr olds playing for Ebbsfleet utd being added.
  3. Semedo's move to Barca heaps even more embarrassment on Cancelo's 89 rating
  4. The Fluffy Ligue 1 Ratings Thread

    I thought they were done. They've started the English league haven't they??
  5. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    Cheers mate
  6. Bundesliga Ratings Discussion

    What happens to Lahm in the game when he retires in one games time is it?
  7. Would have been harsh if he dropped. Guys a class act. A 93 rated player. Just doesn't get an opportunity to show it enough and when he does, the results usually speak for themselves. It's not like he got a season of consistent games and stunk the place out. Those are the players who should drop
  8. They're watching but good luck getting a response. I imagine they just sit back and laugh their arses off at any and all worries and complaints people have with the game. It's bordering on troll behaviour. Gold running out soon and shant be renewing. It's not the money, the massive jump in price, it's the attitude toward the users and the game by those who run it.
  9. Still haven't fixed the overnight jump in value of newly added players. Incompetence
  10. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Yes. Get Firmino Yes. Get Messi
  11. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Thanks for all responses on Manolas or Koulibaly. Seems Manolas is the overwhelming choice. Watched Napoli last night and wasn't impressed with Kouli either.
  12. Counter formations

    The few worlds i'm in, pretty much everyone is using the 4-3-3 wingers
  13. Counter formations

    Sadly this seems to be the case. There used to be a bunch of formations that people could use, and a lot of conversation on the topics of tactics and the game was just a whole lot more interactive and interesting. Now it's just one formation all across the board. Extremely boring. Losing the will
  14. Serie A Rating Predictions

    Serie A watchers. Who is the better CB. Manolas or Koulibaly?
  15. Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Manolas or Koulibaly?