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  1. They're watching but good luck getting a response. I imagine they just sit back and laugh their arses off at any and all worries and complaints people have with the game. It's bordering on troll behaviour. Gold running out soon and shant be renewing. It's not the money, the massive jump in price, it's the attitude toward the users and the game by those who run it.
  2. Still haven't fixed the overnight jump in value of newly added players. Incompetence
  3. Yes. Get Firmino Yes. Get Messi
  4. Thanks for all responses on Manolas or Koulibaly. Seems Manolas is the overwhelming choice. Watched Napoli last night and wasn't impressed with Kouli either.
  5. The few worlds i'm in, pretty much everyone is using the 4-3-3 wingers
  6. Sadly this seems to be the case. There used to be a bunch of formations that people could use, and a lot of conversation on the topics of tactics and the game was just a whole lot more interactive and interesting. Now it's just one formation all across the board. Extremely boring. Losing the will
  7. Serie A watchers. Who is the better CB. Manolas or Koulibaly?
  8. Manolas or Koulibaly?
  9. If people want to be rude and be a rear end exit shoot, then be a rear end exit shoot back. Consistently spam their inbox with offers and offer withdrawals for their players. You wouldn't ignore a person in a room, at a gathering or on the street so no idea why people think it's acceptable to carry on that way in sm
  10. Err yeah get James
  11. Carrasco, Berardi, Morata, Brandt, Meyer, Werner
  12. Player A is newly added to the database. Value 360k Within 18-24hrs (usually from midnight onwards) his value will jump to, as an example, 1.4mil Meaning if you've bid on this player when added, your initial bid is no longer enough and you must bid again. You bid again and by then others in the world could have twigged he's been added and you have competition. Whereas if the players value didn't meteorically rise to begin with, the bid would already be accepted. And that's not even taking into account that when people are wise to this scenario, and there's competition for a newly added player on the first day he's added, people can log on in the middle of the night and put in a new bid when his value changes. This means that when you log in the following morning the bids could very likely be accepted and your bid will have been blown out the water by the person who logged on from midnight onwards. This players value issue has been going on for a long long time. You can still bid more randomly on players when using the new UI instead of the old UI aswell
  13. I'd opt for Martinez. Thiago Silva will end up in China sometime
  14. Still haven't fixed the jumping in price of players newly added to the database a day after being added......
  15. Excellent thread