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  1. Koke or Thiago Alcantara? Both are available in my gameworld. I know very little about them both because I neither watch Atletico nor Bayern. I know this is not the place for such a question question, but since the rest of the forum is pretty much dead I figure I will be able to get more and better opinions in here. Sorry @arsenalrocs if you get annoyed by these questions. If you do, let me know and I will refrain from asking them in the future. Thanks in advance!
  2. Koke or Thiago Alcantara?
  3. Just seem you have Dani Alves to drop in rating and I was wondering if is this from back in October, or if you still think he will drop in rating. I'd be really shocked if he drops in rating. Has been one of the finest RB this season.
  4. True, but doesn't matter. The next league always starts before the previous league is concluded.
  5. I think they will wrap it up tomorrow. They usually take two days to finish reviewing the top team.
  6. what exactly does the number of his assists have to do with his position? He creates chances and spaces...doesn't necessarily means he has to make 30+ assists per season lol You really got to take that walk and chill.
  7. plus 2 for C. Ronaldo?
  8. I take it you have never seen either Dybala or Auba playing; or maybe have never seen both. How in the hell do they "play the same" position or there is a "very little difference" in their position? Auba has played as the lonely center forward in all but two games for Dortmund this season whereas Dybala has played either as a trequartista (attacking midfield) or second striker for the entire season. Not because they both can play in similar positions means they have actually been playing the same position. On SM S. Ramos play as RB as well. Are you going to compare him to Dani Alves? lol Or say they play the same position?
  9. What about Brahim Diaz getting +1 level concern for lacking of playing time, when he is 10th in the pecking order for either of his positions? LMAO I think SM is either trolling us, or this is a bug and they aren't aware of it, or maybe they are just bloody stupid and they genuinely see nothing wrong with it. I would really like to hear what excuse they have for this. This is just plain idiotic. Bunch of idiots running this game.
  10. cheers, mate. Was waiting for summer to see where Lozano ends up. Only have doubts about Bruma since I don't follow Turkish league. I see I will have a tough decision to make in the summer lol But between Bruma and Oyazarbal, who would you rather keep?
  11. is Bruma worth keeping or should I sale? I have Thauvin, Keita Balde, Lozano, and Oyazarbal for the wing positions. Thanks a lot for the previous replies, and thanks in advance for this one
  12. why do you have Under for only +4? I would assume +6 the least since he is a starter for the second best club in the league.
  13. I thought the next league was the Swedish league since they have already started with the bottom teams from the Allvenskan League.
  14. Also there are two clubs available. The league currently has 112 managers, and the 5th season just finished.
  15. BREAKING: Bristol Rovers win the SMFA Shield for the second consecutive time, becoming the first English club to do so. It's their second Cup this season having beaten Arsenal by 3-1 to lift the FA Cup at the Wembley Stadium 2 months ago. The club also announced a 100M pounds profit this season, which is their highest ever profit. The club's manager, DC, reveled that winning the league is their main target next season, and that they will be working hard during the break to build a side capable of doing so. The Pirates finished 2nd this season, 5 points below champions Arsenal.