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  1. Sell He could get a +1, but can't guarantee. He plays in Europe for Roma. His short-term future obviously depends on whether Roma keep Szcezsny (ignore the spelling) or not. They also have Skorupski on their books, good keeper.
  2. agreed He'll get a +4 to 87 I reckon, and a big value boost.
  3. nah, stay
  4. I'd sell for a good deal Bakayoko, Kessie, Tielemans, Bentancur etc. Nope
  5. I'd keep Mor, Acuna, Mooy, Billing, Smith, Lowe, Schindler, Mee, Stankovic, Hefele. Basically any Huddersfield player.
  6. The hype, only other factor
  7. too big a rise I think, what's your reasoning? Doubt it
  8. 86 for both I think
  9. Worth the shot, but predicting next season's Monaco squad is anyone's guess.
  10. Don't have the time I'm afraid Squad cap is 92 (Hamsik)- surely Mertens will rise though. Diawara and Zielinski should get +1s too imo.
  11. Any idea when they'll review the Middle East leagues? Quite a few high-rated players there that should surely drop.
  12. No way
  13. keep for a while
  14. You can only have three transfers with one club in a season, includes transfers in and transfers out.